Lily Cowles is an acting professional based in the United States who is in the spotlight because of her exceptional performance in the drama series Roswell, New Mexico as Isobel Evans. Despite being a newcomer in the entertainment world, she has raised herself as one of the most talented actresses.||

Cowles is also recognized as the daughter of the critically acclaimed actress Christine Baranski who is the recipient of the prime-time Emmy Awards of 1995.

Net Worth

Lily Cowles is speculated to have been a rich person owning a net worth amounting to around $4 Million. She has amassed this sum from her acting career.

She has appeared in more than 9 movies as well as TV series. She also has a recurring role in the drama series Roswell New Mexico. Besides, her other projects include Jones vs The World, Stages of Android, and True Story.

Cowles also earned substantial income by giving life to the video game Call of Duty: Black ops cold water’s character Helen Park.

Earlier Life

Cowles was born on the 7th of September, 1978 in rural Connecticut, where she grew up alongside her sibling. As per her birth information, she holds the zodiac sign, Virgo.

Lily Cowles with her father
Lily Cowles with her father.
Source: Instagram @Lilycowles

As a celebrity daughter, Cowles received a good upbringing and did not struggle much while growing up. She had made up her mind to become an actress like her mother and thus, as soon as she graduated from Princeton University, Cowles moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

Relationship Status

Lily Cowles even though reaching a suitable age where most people would settle down being married, has not yet involved herself in a relationship. Apparently, she loves to be in her own company and is not yet ready to share her personal space with another person.

Lily Cowless character Isobel Evans with her husband Noah Bracken 1
Lily Cowles’s character Isobel Evans with her husband Noah Bracken.
Source: TV Fanatic

Although she is single in her real life, she has been involved in relationships in reel life. In Roswell New Mexico, Isobel Evans’s character played by her has been married to Noah Bracken. Furthermore, she has also dated Kyle Valenti.

Family Background

Cowles was from one of the recognized families in the united states. Her mother Christine Baranski is a well-known actress who has made her appearance in famous TV series like Big Bang Theory.

Likewise, her father Matthew Cowles is an American actor and playwright. She lost her father to congestive heart failure in 2014. Cowles also has a sister named Isabel Cowles.

Mother – Christine Baranski

Lily’s mother, Christine Baransky is a Primetime award-winning actress whose acting in The Good Wife is praised by all. She started her acting career as a theatre artist. She appeared in numerous plays like Broadway, Swenny Tod, and so on and has won a few awards.

Lily Cowless mother Christaine Baranski
Lily Cowles’s mother Christine Baranski.
Source: Wikipedia

Following that, she started to appear in films. Some of her pictures are of Chicago, Mamma Mia, and so on. She also made a contribution to television and has earned quite fame from it. Some of her credits include Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, Welcome to Newyork, etc.

Talking about her personal information, Bransky was born on the 2nd of May 1952 as the daughter of Virginia and  Lucien Baranski. She was raised alongside her elder brother Michael J. Baranski.

Baranski received her high school education from Villa Maria Academy and later graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Juilliard School which is located in New York.

Father – Matthew Cowles

Lily’s father, Matthew Cowles is also a member of the entertainment industry. He is an actor and playwright based in America. His interest to become an actor was discovered from a young age as he was heavily influenced by his father Chandler Cowles, who was an actor and theatre producer.

Lily Cowless father Matthew Cowles.
Lily Cowles’s father Matthew Cowles.
Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Like his wife, he was raised a catholic. He loved to ride a motorcycle and go on a long drives.

Talking about his professional life, Matthew started his professional life by appearing in the sitcom Broadway. Some of his credits are Shutter Island, Law & Order, New World Order, and so on.

Throughout his career, he has had 54 credits as an actor on his IMDb profile.

Sibling – Isabel Cowles

Lily Cowles’ older sister is called Isabel. Lily chose to work in the entertainment industry, but Isabel decided against it. She focused instead on the legal profession. Isabel was accepted to the New York bar after graduating from law school.

Lily Cowless older sister Isabel Cowles Murphy
Lily Cowles’s older sister Isabel Cowles Murphy.
Source: substack

Later, she started working for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office. Ironically, her time working for the D.A. coincided with her mother’s appearances on The Good Wife.

Cowles has worked a little in the acting field. Her IMDb website states that she had a few brief cameos in TV shows and films. Her debut as a performer was in the 1993 television series Lovejoy, and her most recent role came in the 2004 film Stand Up.

As Isobel Evans In The Drama Series Roswell New Mexico

Cowles received a lot of attention after she made her appearance as Isobel Evans in the series Roswell New Mexico. In the series, she is an alien but is living her life concealing the fact.

She possesses the power of Mental manipulation, telekinesis, and psychic communication. She got married to Noah Brecken.

Rosa shows Isabel her memory | Roswell New Mexico | 2×11 (HD).

Cowles was a big fan of the original Roswell and grew up reading it. She was so excited when she got to play the role of Isobel in the series. Also, Cowles is close to all her co-worker from Roswell New Mexico.

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Was A Silver Medalist In the 2016 American Grappling Championship

American Grappling championship is held annually to make Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners compete and grow their skills. Apparently, Cowles also practised Brazilian jiu-jitsu and has competed in the 2016 Grappling championship.

Lily Cowles securing second place in 2016 American GrapplinCompetition
Lily Cowles secured second place in the 2016 American GrapplinCompetition.
Source: Instagram @lilycowles

She won second place and a silver medal in that game. She has practised jiu-jitsu at white tiger schools.

Professional Career

Lily Cowles started her professional career as an additional crew. She appeared as an assistant to Jonah Hill in the production of True story which came out in 2015.

Following that, next year she got a role in the TV series Braindead. She has appeared in many other movies and TV series like Jones vs The World, Stages of Android, and so on, however, she got popular for portraying Isobel in Roswell New Mexico.

In addition to this, she has also provided charm and voice to the character Helen Park from the video game Call of Duty: Black ops cold war.

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Loves To Play The Role Of Alien

In addition to her role in Roswell, New Mexico, Lily has played aliens in numerous performances. She portrayed a character that belonged to an alien family on the television series Braindead.

She doesn’t mind that these otherworldly roles are starting to become her thing. According to Lily in an interview, She is beginning to wonder whether she is being typecast as aliens. Although Cowles is not happy with that but making career in playing alien sounds nice to her.

Lily Cowles’s Height And Physical Appearance

Cowles stands tall with heights of 5 ft and 6 inches which is equivalent to 168 cm. Likewise, she has a slim body type and has maintained a weight of around 65 kg i.e 143 lbs. Her waist and hip measurements are 26 and 33 respectively and the size 4 dress fits her.

Lily Cowles in CW network 1
Lily Cowles in CW network.
Source: celebMafia

The American actress has light brown hair and beautiful dark brown eyes. She has inherited her beauty from her mother. Cowles has a distinctive large mole on her face, beside her nose.

Social Media Presence

The Roswell New Mexico actress Cowles is quite active on social media. However, she is only available on Instagram and she has not activated her account on major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Cowles has kept her Instagram profile username as @lilycowles where she has successfully amassed more than 57k. She has posted pictures relating to her personal as well as professional life.

Although she does not have an official Twitter account there is a fan page dedicating her name that has the username @classycowles.

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