Liliana Gandolfini aka Liliana Ruth Gandolfini is the youngest child of the late American actor and producer James Gandolfini and the former actress and model Deborah Lin Gandolfini. Her father is best known for his role as Tony soprano, the Italian-American Mafia boss in the crime drama television series The Sopranos, for which he became the recipient of three Emmy Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a Golden Globe Awards.

While the youngest Gandolfini was still a baby her father aka the legendary actor James died of a heart attack at the age of 51 on June 19, 2013, while he was on a vacation in Rome and took his last breath. She’s rarely seen in public despite being a celebrity’s daughter. Keep scrolling to learn about Liliana Gandolfini’s recent update, age, parents & family life, Net worth, and her recent facts.

The early life of the young Liliana

Being the youngest of the Gandolfini couple, Liliana was born on October 10, 2012. her birth name is Liliana Ruth Gandolfini. Her birth sign is libra. The world heard the news about the birth of Liliana in Los Angeles on Wednesday when the couple announced that they were happy and thrilled with the birth of their healthy baby girl.

young Liliana with her mother Deborah lin
Young Liliana with her mother

The ten-year-old possesses mixed ethnicity because of her parent’s multiple heritages. Her father is Italian-American whereas her mother is of Chinese descent. Since her father’s untimely passing, her mother Deborah has kept herself and her daughter out of the public eye. They rarely make public appearances, and generally keep a low profile. They were most recently seen in public in June 2020. According to The Daily Mail, the pair have moved from New York City and now live in Los Angeles. Little other than this is known.

Family Background of Gandolfini

Liliana is the youngest daughter of The Sopranos actor James Gandolfini. She was born during James’ second marriage to Deborah Lin. James was first married to producer Marcy Wudarski. The duo got married in 1999 and got divorced after three years in 2002. They have a son named Michael Gandolfini, born on May 10, 1999.

Liliana’s half-brother Michael is also an actor. He appeared as Tony Soprano, played initially by his late father in the television series The Sopranos, in The Many Saints of Newark.

Lin and Gandolfini were first spotted together in public in March 2007. They got engaged sometime in 2007 and exchanged wedding vows in August 2008. And their daughter was born in 2012 but shortly after James got a heart attack which caused him to lose his life and devasted Deborah. Not much is known about the family in recent years.

Who is Liliana Gandolfini’s mother Deborah Lin?

Deborah Lin is an American former model and actress. She hails from Honolulu, Hawaii, where her wedding took place. A native of Honolulu, Lin found some success as a model. In 1993, she appeared in her first and only acting role in an episode of Showtime’s erotic drama series ‘Red Shoe Diaries’.

Deborah lin wearing a plain white shirt
Liliana’s mother Deborah lin

The pair dated for two years and engaged during their vacation in the Bahamas in January 2008. Prior to that, James was briefly engaged to Lora Somoza in 2004 but their relationship ended in February 2005. At Central Union Church, she and James tied the wedding knot on August 30, 2008. She was the second and last wife of late actor James Gandolfini.

 Gandolfini passed away in June 2013, after suffering from a heart attack while he was in Rome. Since his death, Lin has chosen to lead a very private life.

The sibling of Liliana, Michael Gandolfini

It is known that Michael Gandolfini is the stepbrother of Liliana Gandolfini. The young actor who continued to walk in the path of his father is said to be very successful and famous. The 23-year-old recently had his first big acting role in the new movie The Many Saints of Newark – a prequel to the hit HBO crime drama The Sopranos. Michael performs his late dad James’s signature role, as the young Tony Soprano – a disillusioned New Jersey mobster with complicated family life.

James Gandolfini with his son Michael Gandolfini
Liliana’s father and her brother @Mgandolfini

It was an emotional time for Michael and a big opportunity. Taking on his father’s iconic character was a tremendous task, and the young actor auditioned hard to be given a chance at the part, and expressed his gratitude to the movie’s producers for allowing him to “say hello and goodbye again” to his dad.

Where is the daughter of James Gandolfini right now?

Liliana is in her middle childhood and is probably pursuing her school education now so, she is staying away from the spotlight.

However, she was spotted with her mother on the 7th anniversary of her father’s death in June 2020. She was seen in Los Angeles picking up fast food with her mother and a man who appears to be Deborah’s partner. The kid reportedly resides with her mother in Los Angeles now and no other information about her personal life has been disclosed.

Net Worth of the young Gandolfini

Liliana was left in a comfortable position by her father, James, who bequeathed her a considerable portion of his estate. It was reported that while James was still alive he had about $70 million net worth.

The papers said that 20% of his fortune was to be left to his daughter, Liliana Ruth Gandolfini. In addition to this, ‘a testamentary trust was to be established to hold a house and land located in Italy’, with Liliana and her brother given a 50% stake each when they both turn 25. They will also state that it was dad James’s “hope and desire that they will continue to own said property and keep it in our family for as long as possible.” The location of the house and land is unknown.

Liliana’s appearance in the public

Liliana occasionally makes public appearances. She sometimes attends events related to her father’s work and receives lots of praise for attending. Back in 2019, Liliana was photographed at Sopranos Con and delighted fans. On the event’s Instagram page, organizers said: ‘Words cannot express how humbled we are to have the support of the Gandolfini family.’

Liliana Gandolfini is wearing a printed cloth in the event
Liliana at the Sopranos Con @sopranoscon

What does the future of Liliana hold?

As the family has been quite private about their life that so little is known about Liliana that it is difficult to say what is on the cards for her future. With her mother keeping her safe and away from press intrusion, and a good inheritance, it seems there are lots to look forward to after a difficult start caused by her father’s early death.

Just like her elder brother Michael, it’s possible that little Liliana may follow in her famous father’s footsteps and enter the acting world at some point. She’ll undoubtedly have a lot of support, and be able to learn so much from her brother and mother about the tough but exciting world of performing on screen.

While she can still enter the modeling world like her mother whatever her future is it is sure that the young Gandolfini will be loved by many people. Perhaps we will see and hear a lot more from the young Gandolfini as she grows up.

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