Leslie Birkland is an American actress who has gained fame because of her appearance in the TV series Big Rich Texas. Besides acting, she also has made a career in the fashion industry.

Birkland is currently residing in Dallas, Texas. She has not talked about her early life in public yet. Apparently, she prefers to keep that information away from the public.

However, there are many more interesting facts relating to her life. So, let’s dive deeper into her life.

Net Worth

Leslie Birkland is one of the wealthiest pageant coaches with an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million. She has accumulated this huge amount from her different professional careers.

Leslie Birklands house 1
Leslie Birkland’s house.
Source: RadarOnline

She started working professionally as a model and has a successful career in it. She has posed for many magazines and photographers. Likewise, Birkland is also a real estate investor and keeps on buying property.

Birkland has houses in Southern California, Florida Keys, and Dallas. However, she preferred to live in Dallas. Similarly, she works as a pageant coach and is a counselor in her free time.

Leslie has dated some of the wealthiest people like Rip Mason who is a billionaire, and Richard Sherman who is the original co-founder of Papa John’s pizza.

Birkland Has A PhD

Birkland has not said anything about her educational background except for the fact that she has a Ph.D. She earned her Ph.D. in Natural Health as well as Holistic Counseling. 

Leslie Birkland got her PhD.
Leslie Birkland got her PhD.
Source: Instagram @lesliebirkland

Other than this, Information relating to her educational background is not disclosed. She might have gone to a local school for her primary education like most people.

Relationship Status – Engaged With Richard Sherman

Leslie Birkland is currently in a relationship with pizza mogul Richard Sherman. Sherman is one of the co-founders of Papa John’s Pizza.

Leslie Birkland and Richard Sherman 1
Leslie Birkland and Richard Sherman.
Source: RadarOnline

Leslie and Richard first met at the Starbucks coffee shop and started their dating life. After a year of dating, the couple decided to take the relationship to the next level.

Richard proposed to her with a 3-carat stunning diamond ring. The loving duo is engaged and is living a happy life together.

Was Previously Engaged To Billionaire Rip Mason

Before she started seeing Richard, Birkland had a connection with Rip Mason. Before becoming engaged, they had been dating for two years. She pulled off the wedding even though the pair had intended to get hitched in Hawaii during the summer.

Although their reason for splitting up hasn’t been officially confirmed, there is a story that Rip wanted Birkland to quit Big Rich Texas and move in with him after they got hitched. The wedding was canceled by Leslie since she wasn’t prepared for this.

However, the former love birds have remained in touch and are good friends that are supportive of each other.

Family Background

Birkland was raised in the United States alongside her sister Lindsey by her parents. She loves her family so much and has shared pictures of them on her Instagram.

Leslie Birkland and her mother.
Leslie Birkland and her mother.
Source: Instagram @lesliebirkland

Her step-father was a patient with Dementia which made her worried. She has explained about her father in her book.

Birkland’s sister Lindsey is very supportive of her. They two have shared some beautiful as well as harsh memories together.

Blessed With Children And Grand Children

Birkland is blessed with three children about whom she has not talked much publicly. Her two sons are Tyler Birkland and Spencer Birkland.

Leslie Birkland on a hunt with her granddaughter.
Leslie Birkland on a hunt with her granddaughter.
Source: Instagram @lesliebirkland

Tyler is available on Twitter under the username @tylerbirkland1. Her middle son Spencer is married to a girl name Illana and gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

Birkland loves her granddaughter so much and always shares pictures of her. She spends quality time with her granddaughter.

Has A God Daughter Kalyn

Leslie is a godmother of Kalyn whom she has helped to raise. She is acting as her guardian now and provides the basics for her.

Leslie Birkland and her god daughter Kayln. 1
Leslie Birkland and her goddaughter Kayln.
Source: Pinterest

Leslie thinks Kalyn’s real mother Carrie is a comedy character and always seeks sympathy. She has not let kalyn go to school. However, Birkland has sent her to school and she has done really well.

According to Birkland, Kalyn was never told that she is smart and therefore, she always thinks she is dumb. She likes pastry and designing and might choose a career in making pastry or fashion designing

Leslie Birkland Was Paralyzed

In January 2018 Leslie found herself partially paralyzed. Her body did not respond from the waist below. Upon reaching to hospital, the doctor told her that her sudden paralysis was because of the Toxic Mold Exposure.

Her son greatly supported her during this phase. She gradually recovered and regained her healthy body back.

Wrote A Book Alongside Her Sister

Birkland has authored a book of title Daughters of Dementia which is about her step-father declining to Dementia. Her sister Lindsey Denhof has assisted her sister in writing this book.

Book written by Leslie Birkland. 1
A book was written by Leslie Birkland.
Source: Amazon

The sister has shared their experience and their viewpoint about their father’s illness. The book has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 and is being sold for $19.39 paperback on Amazon.

In an interview, Leslie said that her mother did not approve of her writing about her stepfather. She thought they were just revealing his condition for criticism. Birkland has not used a fake name for her stepfather in her first draft.

On the other hand, Leslie believed that writing this book has worked as therapy for her sister. Relieving all those pains and memories.

Birkland’s Sister Is A Painter

Birkland’s sister, Leslie Denhof is currently residing in southern California doing her artwork. She loves painting and she paints primarily in acrylics.

While using colors she tends to use more bright colors and pop-leaning techniques. Her works mostly include symbolism and wordplay.

Leslie Birkland And Connie Dieb Are Cousins By Marriage

Birkland and Connie who both appeared in the show Big Rich Texas are cousins. Although they were not on good terms during the show they are actually related.

Leslie Birkland and her cousin Connie. 1
Leslie Birkland and her cousin Connie.
Source: Reality Lick

Leslie in the show said that she forgives Connie for screaming and all because she needs help. However, Connie denied it.

Reasons To Live In Dallas- Pageant, And Investing

Birkland is currently investing in real estate and working as a pageant trainer. She is doing good business from it. As an investor, Birkland owns multiple houses.

Likewise, the People of Texas are more welcoming of pageants compared to other places. She loves being a pageant couch, hosting, and being on seminars.

As the property has a good price and People are more welcoming of the Pageant, Birkland has decided to stay in Dallas. In addition to this, the other reason is that her best friend named Hedi also resides there.

As A Counsellor

Leslie is a licensed life coach who helps people in her free time. Dr. Leslie Birkland has a Ph.D. in holistic counseling and natural health.

She is an American Association of Drugless Practitioners Board-Certified Member. She began counseling clients in 2014. Dr. Birkland’s goal is to help people discover their joy. Her strategy is centered on the client’s comfort level.

Interested In Horse Riding

Apparently, Leslie is fond of horse riding as she has posted on her Instagram. She is often seen with a brown horse.

Leslie Birkland is interested in horse riding.
Leslie Birkland is interested in horse riding.
Source: Instagram @lesliebirkland

According to Leslie, horse therapy is good for the mind and body. It would also be safe to assume that she has great knowledge of horses.

Animal Lover -Owns A Dog

Like most celebrities, Birkland is a dog lover and owns a dog. She loves her pet dog which is her companion and her family member for more than 18 years now.

Leslie Birkland with her pet dog.
Leslie Birkland with her pet dog.
Source: Instagram @lesliebirkland

The Millionaire Matchmaker actress has named her pet dog Jack which is white in color. She is seen petting Jack quite often.

Leslie has also shared pictures of herself with other animals like horses, dolphins, cats, and so on.

Leslie Birkland Physical Measurements And Appearance

Leslie is a member of the glamorous world and therefore she always maintains her physical appearance. She looks much younger than she really ages. She has blonde hair and mesmerizing hazel eyes.

Birkland stands tall with a calculated height of 5 ft and 8 inches tall which is equivalent to 175 cm. Likewise, she has maintained a slim body with a decent weight.

To keep her body in a good shape, Leslie works out at home as well as hits the gym sometimes.

Social Media Presence

Birkland is socially active and has activated her accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. She keeps on updating about her life on this platform.

She is available on Instagram under the username @lesliebirkland and has amassed more than 11k followers. Birkland has shared a glimpse of her professional and personal life.

Likewise, Birkland’s Facebook account has more than 16k followers. She keeps sharing posts on her Facebook accounts quite often.

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