Lauri Hendler is an actress who is popular for portraying the character of Julie Kanisky in the TV Series Gimme A Break. Besides, she has also made appearances in hit movies and TV series like Young Sheldon, Three’s company, and so on.

Hendler was born on the 22nd of April, 1965, and was raised by her parents in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Which is located in the United States. As per modern astrologers, her zodiac sign is Taurus.

She has not disclosed her family background and educational life but there are many more interesting facts relating to her life which are mentioned below.

Is Lauri Hendler Living A Rich Lifestyle?

Lauri Hendler possesses a net worth of approximately $2 Million which she has collected from multiple sources. This huge amount is the result of the dedication and hard work that she put into her professional life.

Her main source of income is her acting career. As a veteran actor, she earns in the range of $60k per annum. Her movies and TV series include The Diary of the future president, The Goldberg, Young Sheldon, American Housewifes, Shameless, and so on.

Also, Lauri has earned some amounts by providing her voice in games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Saint Rows Video game series. In addition to this, She has also been involved in the SAG team, National Geographic, and so on.

Hendler’s husband, Steve Rieze on the other hand is a professional commercial property dealer and makes a decent amount. With all this amount the couple is spending a happy and comfortable life in Los Angelos.

Relationship Status – Who Is The Husband Of Lauri Hendler?

Lauri Hendler has been in a marital relationship with Steve Reize since the 16th of December 1990. The wedding anniversary was attended by their close friends and family in a private location.

Lauri Hendler with her husband Steve Rieze.
Lauri Hendler with her husband Steve Rieze.
Source: Instagram @laurihendler

They have been successful in maintaining a low profile as a couple and have not made any headlines with their disputes.

The love birds go to visit different places together like concerts, hiking, dinner, etc. Although Lauri and Steve have been married since 1990 they do not have any children together.

Started Working Professionally From A Very Young Age

Hendler started working from a very young age. She modeled at the age of just an eight-month for baby products. While growing up, she developed an interest in acting and tried to get an acting job.

The Gimme a Break actress shot her first commercial at the age of eight and experienced dramatic acting n The Streets of San Francisco when she was just nine.

Husband – Steve Reize

Lauri’s husband, Steve Reize is a professional commercial property manager who is good in his business. He is pretty active on Twitter and alongside his wife, he takes responsibility as a citizen seriously. He votes and encourages other people to vote as well.

Lauri Hendlers husband Steve Reize.
Lauri Hendler’s husband Steve Reize.
Source: Twitter @Sreizes

His Twitter id is @Sreizes and has joined it in October 2012. Steve is interested in geology and plays the violin in his free time.

Family Background

Hendler was raised in a Jewish family and she grew up learning the culture and its limitation. She has not talked about her family much or revealed their identity but she has shared the picture of her parents and grandparents on her Instagram.

Lauri Hendler grandparents on the beach.
Lauri Hendler’s grandparents on the beach.
Source: Instagram @laurihendler

In 2020, she posted an old picture of her grandparents on the beach with a caption that says Ummm, that’s my #grandparents! 

Although Hendler has not disclosed her early life with her parents, it is safe to assume that they made sure that she grew up in a good environment and always supported her dreams.

Lauri Was Upset And Worried When She Got Dismissed From Gimme A Break

Lauri although was doing a great job in the show Gimme a Break was dismissed for the 1986-1987 season alongside her friend Kari Michaelson, who portrayed the oldest daughter Katie, and Lara Jill Miller.

Although Kari was relieved when she heard it, Lauri was upset and worried. Her first reaction was But I just bought a house.

Associated With National Geographic

Hendler also works with National Geographic. She has shared her pictures on Instagram where she is posing with the National Geographic logo.

Lauri Hendler psoing in National Geographic logo.
Lauri Hendler psoing in National Geographic logo.
Source: Instagram @laurihendler

Also, she mockingly thanked National Geographic for providing the best date for the event which was a toy monkey.

Is Supervaxxed And Does Blood Donating

Lauri feels proud and brags about being a guinea pig for science. She has approved herself to be used for experimenting with vaccines for covid. During her time of twenty-five months, she has been shot with 5 vaccine doses.

In addition to this, Lauri is also into donating blood now. She is doing everything to help science and people.

Goes On Concerts

Lauri appears to be a music lover as she occasionally goes to musical concerts with her loved ones. Mostly she enjoys listening to Mozart

Lauri Hendler in concert with her husband.
Lauri Hendler in concert with her husband.
Source: Instagram @laurihendler

After covid vaccination, she went to the concert on the occasion of the 4th of July with her husband following all the safety measures.

As An Actress

Lauri Hendler first got her onscreen debut role in the TV series Chips as Robin which was broadcasted in 1978/ Following that, the same year she appeared in the TV series Lou Grant and Three’s company.

Throughout her career, Hendler has had 48 credits as an actress on her IMDb profile which is for The Diary of the future president, The Goldberg, Young Sheldon, American Housewifes, Shameless, and so on.

Got Recognition After Appearing As Julie Kanisky In The Series Gimme A Break

Although Lauri has become a part of many movies and TV shows, She is known for her performance as the middle daughter of the Kanisky family in the TV series Gimme a Break.


Gimme a Break is a comedy series that depicts the story of Nell who helps her dying friend police chief, Carl by becoming a caretaker and guardian to his three daughters and later a son.

Does Home Gardening

Lauri believes in eating healthy, organic products and for that reason, she grows vegetables and fruit in her home garden. Her home garden includes veggies and fruits like Lemon, Tomato, Capsicums, and many more.

Her love for gardening has made this easier for her. As per Lauri, it is always fun to spend time gardening and waiting for harvest.

Hendler Is An Aesthetic Person

The Charmed actress, Hendler finds beauty in all places and admires the thing as they are. She is an aesthetic person who has an eye for unique and beautiful things whether they are items, animals, and nature.

She goes on hiking with her husband and enjoys nature. She does not only enjoy it herself but she captures them and shares them on her Instagram so that her close ones could also see them.

Lauri has posted pictures of different animals, flowers, birds, and architects which she finds attractive.

Loves Baking

Hendler is fond of being in a kitchen and loves to cook delicious foods. However, her favorite thing to do in the kitchen is to bake items.

Lauri Hendler showing her baked bread.
Lauri Hendler showing her baked bread.
Source: Instagram @laurihendler

Lauri has shared many baked products on her Instagram which look absolutely delicious. Whenever she gets free time, she is baking.

She has also humorously written a caption Never bake anything bigger than your head after posting a big bread.

Social Media Presence

The Young Sheldon actress, Hendler is quite active on social media and has activated accounts on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Her Instagram id is @laurihendler and she has amassed more than 1k followers. She constantly posts on her Instagram account and has more than 600 posts at the time of writing.

Likewise, Lauri is seen tweeting and retweeting on various topics and discussions under the username @laurihendler. She has around 600 followers on this platform. Her Facebook account has followers around 1k.

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