Kron Moore is an American actress who is in the limelight after appearing as Victoria Franklin in the TV series Oval. Besides this, she is also a model. Her full name is Latrice K-Ron Haines.

Moore was born in Detroit in the year 1975 and celebrates her birthday every year on the 15th of April. She was interested in the entertainment business from a young age and she pursued her interest and is now one of the most well-known actresses in the United States.

Net Worth

Kron Moore is speculated to have a net worth of $1 Million based on her professional life. She is a successful actress who has played in numerous movies and TV series.

Moore has recurring roles as Victoria Franklin and Bridget Chapel in the TV series Oval and in DC movies. Besides that, she has also made an appearance in projects like The Outsourced, Mosquito-man, Too close to home, and many more.

With all this huge fortune, Moore is living a comfortable and happy life in Atlanta.

Relationship Status

Kron Moore is currently in a marital relationship with David Myres Moores. The couple tied the knot in a holy ceremony on the 7th of July,2004 in the Hope United Methodist Church located in Southfield, Michigan.

kron Moore and her co star from the TV series Oval
Kron Moore and her co-star from the TV series Oval.
Source: Metro UK

It is still unclear when and how the couple met initially as they are very private about their dating life. She is very happy and comfortable with her husband and has not made any headlines with their disputes. Apparently, she does not have any children so far.

Besides this, Moore is not known to have been engaged in any sort of relationship with other people.

Educational Background

Stargirl actress Moore is a well-education person and has a good academic grade. She graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. However, she did not make her career in that field.

While studying the Broadcast Arts video program at Specs Howard school, Moore was always top of the class.

Family Background

Moore is the daughter of Tony Moore and Marine Moore. She has not talked much about her parents but it is a sure thing that she loves them from the bottom of her heart. Unfortunately, she lost her father a few years back and is very close to her mother.

She keeps on posting about her mother on her Instagram. Furthermore, Moore has not talked about having a sibling. Many people assume actress Kenya Moore and Kron are related but they have no any blood ties.

Is Krone Moore Transgender?

Moore has not been born any children even though she has been married for almost two decades. This has raised the question of her sexuality and her gender. Many people believe she is transgender.

However, it is not true and Moore is an American Woman and has not done any surgical procedure to change her gender.

Fans think Erica Dixon and Kron Moore look alike

Fans of Erica Dixon, an actress from Love and HipHop noticed what Moore and Erica look like. Many people have noted that the two look similar after the premiere of Oval.

Erica Dixon looking like Kron Moore
Erica Dixon looks like Kron Moore.
Source: Showbiz cheat sheet

People have written about it on Twitter. The two celebrities have not given any reaction to this. In addition to this, Erica has twin children.

Started Her Career As A Musician

Although, Kron used to take part in the school plays she later pursued her career as a Musician. She performed in numerous R&B and soul bands before a solo career.

However, she did not receive any fame through her music career and it was not successful. Her debut album in 2002 was not commercially successful.

As An Actress

As Kron Moore was not successful in her musical career, she decided to go for a career change and started her acting career. She received some active advice from The Highland Park actress Rhonda Freya English.

Her debut acting role was Seraphic Being in the short InZero released in 2006. Following that, she has played in numerous TV series and Movies such as The Outsourced, Mosquito-man, Too close to home, and so on. Throughout her career, she has 23 credits as an actress on her IMDb profile.

Moore is famous for her appearance in Oval and Stargirl.

Kron Moore As Victoria Franklin In The Tyler Perry’s TV Series Oval

Kron has worked with Tyler Perry on numerous projects. She has also played the role of Victoria Franklin in his TV series Oval. The series is about American politics and shows the life of the family living in the White House.

PART ONE: Kron Moore from “Tyler Perry’s The Oval”.

Moore was portrayed as the first lady of the United States. She is very smart and deceiving. Her husband is in the power because of her.

However, Kron has revealed that she is nothing like the character she plays in her real life.

Ten Things Kron Moore Can’t Live Without

American actress, Kron has recently revealed ten things that she can’t live without. Most of them are wearing items.

She loves wearing converse All-star sneakers and if she could she would have them in every shade. Furthermore, Kron added a Detangler comb, lip ointment, skin caring cream, Degree deodorant, and Colgate to the list.

Besides this, Moore has The Four Agreements, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Cherry Garcia, and McBride Sisters Black Girl Magic California Riesling is also on the list.

Moore Appeared In The Spongebob Movie

The Spongebob movie: Spongebob out of the water, is a comedy live-action movie released in 2015. Kron was also a cast member of the movie.

She played the role of a woman on the sidewalk. The movie was a wide success and collected more than $324 Million at the worldwide box office collection.

Loves Gardening

Kron believes in eating healthy and organic vegetables. On top of that, she loves gardening and growing them. Therefore, she has maintained a mini garden in her home which grows vegetables.

She has displayed the products from her garden on Instagram. It includes capsicum, Watermelon, okra, and Serrano peppers.

Owns A Dog

Moore is a dog lover and has displayed her love and affection toward them on her Instagram. In addition to this, she owns a dog.

kron and dog
Kron Moore and her dog Nefertiti.
Source: Facebook Kron Moore

Her dog is furry greyish black in color and is named Nefertiti. She spent quality time with her dog.

Kron Moore Physical Apperance And Measurements

Stargirl actress, Moore is a gorgeous woman who stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 7 inches which is equivalent to 168 cm. She has maintained her weight around 61 kg i.e 134 lbs.

Kron Moore with her lean body
Kron Moore with her lean body.
Source: Twitter @KronMoore

She has dark brown eyes and natural black hair. Kron likes to keep her body and mind fit and therefore, she practices Yoga.

Social Media Presence

Kron is quite active on social media having thousands of followers. She has activated her accounts on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Her Instagram username is @Kronemoore which has more than 99k followers. She has shared multiple images from her professional and personal life. One can look easily assume her lifestyle from her Instagram posts.

Similarly, Moore joined Twitter on January 2017 and has amassed more than 5k followers so far. She has posted more than 1k tweets on various discussions and topics under the username @KronMoore. She has 80k followers on her Facebook account.

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