Kimmi Grant is an African-American personality who is in the limelight because of her appearance in the unscripted reality show Love & Marriage: Huntsville alongside her husband Maurice Scott. Besides, she is also a registered nurse.

Grant was born on the 5th of February, 1989, in the United States of America. There is no precise information relating to her family background and early life, however, there are many interesting facts and features relating to her life. So, let’s dive deeper into it.

Net Worth – The Richness Of Kimmi Grant

Kimmi Grant is estimated to have a net worth of $10 Million in her possession. She has accumulated this huge sum from many sources.

Grant’s primary source of income is her nursing career. She served as a nurse and now is serving as a director of clinical operations at Spectrum Home Health Agency based in Kansas City.

Furthermore. Kimmi appeared in the three seasons of OWN’s reality TV show Love & Marriage: Huntsville. In addition to this, she is also involved in the real estate business.

Married To Maurice Scott

Love and Marriage: Huntsville actress Kimmi Grant is married to the co-star of the TV reality show Maurice Scott and now she introduces herself as Kimmi Grant Scott. Prior to marrying Scott, she was a single mother.

Kimmi Grant and her husband Maurice Scott
Kimmi Grant and her husband Maurice Scott.
Source: Essence Magazine

Kimmi and Maurice knew each other for a long period prior to their marriage. They gradually caught feeling for each other and tied the knot in the first season of the reality show on an all-white yacht in Miami i.e on 25th August 2015.

The loving duo is yet to introduce their baby together but they are busy parenting the children from their previous relationships. She has also been to her husband’s graduation day.

Besides this, Grant was previously in a relationship and shared a son Jailyn together with her former partner.

Educational Background

Grant is a registered nurse and graduated from the University of Alabama located in Huntsville. She completed her Bachelor of science in nursing and Master of science in nursing from the same university.

She has not discussed her early education but it is safe to assume that her early education might have been received from a local school in her hometown.

Family Background

Grant is from a typical African- American family which consists of her parents and sibling. She prefers to keep information about her family behind the curtains and therefore not much is known about them.

However, it is known that she grew up with her sibling Nicole Grant Holmes. She has a private Instagram account under the username @victorygrant26.

Husband -Maurice Scott

Kimmi’s husband, Maurice Scott is a TV personality like his wife and is the owner of Credit 1 USA, a credit repair company he founded after graduating from Alabama A&M University. 

Kimmi Grants husband Maurice Scott 1
Kimmi Grant’s husband Maurice Scott.
Source: Medium

Besides, he is a law graduate associated with Huntsville-based United Legal Team, LLC partner and also has been involved in the real estate business.

His career life also includes working in Pontiac, Michigan, as a co-chief executive officer for SOE Construction. 

Maurice participated as a partner of Kimmi in the OWN TV reality show Love and Marriage: Huntsville for three seasons. It is known that he was married previously and has three children  Maurice Jr. Tatyana, and D’Shalya.

Kimmi Grant Scott Shared The Problem Between The Couple

In an interview, Kimmi revealed that she and her husband are completely different. Their thinking does not align in the same direction.

She is more of a meticulous person whereas her husband is of laidback nature which is the problem that exists between the couple.

However, they work through this calmly and have not let it affect their marital life.

Rose To Fame After Appearing In OWN’s TV Reality Show Love & Marriage: Huntsville

Kimmi Grant and her husband gained notoriety from their appearance in the Oprah Winfrey Network TV reality show Love & Marriage: Huntsville. There were a lot of contestants beside them.

Grant and Scott married on an all-white yatch in the first season and also faced some difficulties with Maurice’s former wife. In the second season.

In the second season, Grant is working as a registered nurse and has a disagreement with her husband about her son Jailyn relating to the next step of his life.

The third season had the same cast as the first two seasons. Grant and Scott seem to be having trouble raising a teenager this season.

Working As A Registered Nurse In A Pandemic

Kimmi is a registered nurse and was a frontline worker during the covid-19 pandemic. She has shared that the pandemic has really messed up her routine and has affected her life.

Grant has also talked about why she thinks things are not going to be the same as before the pandemic. She is currently serving as a Director of clinical operations at Spectrum Home Health Agency based in Kansas City.

Is Fighting Breast Cancer

Kimmi is fighting breast cancer and has confirmed that she has an aggressive form of it. However, she has not let it affect her way of her living.

Kimmi Scott’s Health Crisis REVEALED.

Furthermore, she has also raised awareness about it and is helping to raise funds with events like Bowling for Boobies. The raised amount will be donated to a similar organization that helps people diagnosed with it.

Has Launched A Non-profit Organization

Grant alongside her husband Scott has launched their non-profit organization with the title Mphacit. It is built with the mission to help the creating lasting relationship and global initiatives to foster entrepreneurship and empowerment.

The organization has helped many individuals with the necessary skills, guides, and links which has boosted their careers.

Kimmi Grant Is Involved In The Real Estate Business

Grant is also in the real estate business like her husband. She is a real estate broker who is doing well in the business.

Kimmi’s first time being featured on house hunters.

She also worked with the House Hunters when they landed at Rocket city for their show. Kimmi was really excited about it and shared her experience with it.

Loves Cooking

One can see how much Kimmi loves cooking once her Instagram profile is visited. She has displayed the delicious foods that she cooked on her Instagram.

She can cook non-veg as well as veg food equally delicious. She has shared the image of Grilled lamb lollipops, lettuce veggies, and so on.

Owns A Pet Dog

Kimmi owns a pet dog which is named Zeus. It is an Old English Bulldog which is in dark grey color. She loves her dog so much and spent quality time with it.

Screenshot from 2022 11 15 14 16 09
Kimmi Grant’s dog.
Source: Instagram @kimmi_kls

There are a lot of images of Grant with her pet dog on her Instagram.

Social Media Presence

Love & Marriage: Huntsville actress Kimmi is active on social media. She has activated accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram, and Facebook.

She is available on Instagram under the username @kimmi_kls which has more than 193k followers. There are glimpses of her personal life as well as her professional life on her Instagram. Furthermore, she has also posted awareness posts regarding health.

Likewise, Grant also keeps posting different topics on her Facebook account.

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