Kendall Toole is a mental health activist and Peloton instructor who started giving health advice with the aim to make society full of healthy people both mentally and physically. She has a dynamic athletic background and has been involved in the athletic field of domain.

Toole has battled with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder since the age of 10. However, she has overcome this problem now and is working as a fitness instructor. Continue reading this article to know how she overcame her OCD as well as depression and other interesting facts relating to her life.

Net Worth

Kendall Toole is estimated to have a net worth of $2.34 Million. She has accumulated a huge fortune from her professional career.

Toole’s primary income source is her mental health advocacy. She has been giving health advice to people who are seeking her help. Furthermore, she provides online counseling and speaks in shows about it.

Likewise, she is one of the most followed instructors of Peleton. Kendall amassed quite a fortune from her job as a fitness instructor.

Furthermore, she has also endorsed different brands like X2 performance, Aloha, etc, and has added a substantial amount to her bank account. She has joined X2 performance as a shareholder. She has also launched Good kind pure. Sunglass company Revo also has collaborated with Toole.

Kendall also has briefly worked as an actress and some of her credits are Arcadia, Frat House Musical, Little Canyon, and so on.

With this huge fortune, Kendall is living a healthy and comfortable life in New York, United States of America.

Relationship Status

Kendall Toole is in a relationship and she has announced this recently. She and Joseph Nicolas are together since 2020 but have kept it a secret.

kendall Toole and Joseph nicholas
Kendall Toole and Joseph Nicholas.
Source: Tumpik

Toole announced her relationship with Joseph with her followers on the 4th of September, 2022. Although she is a private person she finds it difficult to keep this incredible guy a secret.

Kendall and Joseph first met on their vacation in El Salvador. During the pandemic, they communicated via video call.

Early Life

Toole was born on the 28th of January 1993 in Houston, Texas. While growing up she was a good student and an accomplished athlete in the eye of everyone. She graduated from the University of Southern California and was a film student.

However, she was dealing with great pain and depression. Kendall was battling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder from the age of 10.

Even her parents and her closest friend were unaware of that as she was an expert in hiding the pain that she was suffering.

Kendall Toole Shared About Her Depression And Suicidal Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, Toole started dealing with Obsessive Compulsive Disease at the age of 10. On top of that, she was suffering from depression and anxiety attacks. Frequently she used to thoughts that if she did not do something, some terrible things might happen, and so on.

Peloton Instructor Kendall Toole Opens Up About Mental Health.

However, her parents and friends were unaware of this news as she was a master at hiding her problems. In their eyes, Toole was always an accomplished student, athlete, and cheerful cheerleader.

One night Kendall thought of ending her life but how her family would react to her suicidal news flashed before her eyes and she did not do it. She called her mother sobbingly to pick her up.

Kendall Toole’s Father’s Mantra That Helped Toole To Get Out Of Her Depression

Toole suffered from anxiety and depression which started to give her suicidal thoughts. Later she started seeing a Therapist who diagnosed her with depression and anxiety.

But it was her father’s Mantra which has helped her to get out of this suffering. Now, she always uses this at the end of her Peloton class. It goes like I know this is knocking you down, but we will not let this knock us out.

Toole has also shared this with her father Rick. She thanks him a lot and has said if it was not for him, she would probably have lost herself earlier.

Kendall Suggests People Do Not Hide Their Mental Problem

Kendall once tried hiding her mental problem. She used to act like she was cool and had everything under her control. However, it did not end well.

Therefore, she has suggested everyone not hide their problems no matter how rich and successful they are. Kendall tells everyone to be more open about it and seek help in time.

Career At Peloton

Kendall worked at a local fitness studio as an instructor. Impressed by her work, Peloton messaged her to join their organization and she started her Peloton career from that moment.

How Peloton Fitness Instructor Tackles Mental Health Online.

Toole was teaching at Peloton when she was a student at the University of Southern California. She taught cycling, and strength-increasing sessions while she was employed by Peloton.

She was famous for her high-octane exercises and was one of the most followed by Peloton instructors. She also built a mental health community in Peloton at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Kendall has always preferred to live a healthy life but does not believe in the concept of clean eating and dirty eating. According to her, there is nothing wrong with eating mozzarella sticks if you enjoy it.

However, her diet mostly contains plant-based items and in addition to that, she promotes products of plant-based protein company Aloha on her social media accounts.

Toole loves cooking and often cooks on her own. She has shared the delicious food that she has prepared on her Instagram.

Although she eats everything now there was a time when Kendall’s body would react badly to dairy products and gluten. At this time, she fell in love with cooking seafood and Japanese food.

Kendall eats five times a day. Her breakfast usually contains a smoothie or orange juice For breakfast, she goes with orange juice or smoothie alongside a banana, coconut water, frozen pineapple, and greens, and if she has enough time she prepares eggs, sausages, or other protein.

For a mid-morning snack, she usually has Aloha or X2 performance protein drinks with Protein bars. She eats chicken nuggets at lunch and some light snacks like hummus or pita for snacking.

At dinner, Toole gets to play in the kitchen and prepares whatever she feels like eating.

Kendall Toole Explored Different Domains Of Fitness

Kendall Toole joined a tech startup company after her graduation. While working on it, she found out that she was not made for work in this type of environment.

Kendall Toole boxing 1
Kendall Toole is boxing lover.
Source: Facebook Kendall Toole – Peloton

Following that, she started her career in Boxing, gymnastics, and dance. She has explored every sports domain that can be connected with exercise. She considers boxing more than just a sport as it felt like therapy to her.

Currently, she is a mental health activist and physical fitness trainer. Toole shares her experience with others and tries to shift society’s thoughts about mental health.

Toole Had Crush On Jim Morrisson From The ’60s Rock Band The Door

Toole had posted a picture of herself from her less-than-glory days when she wore pop punk and emo-themed T-shirts. She also revealed her crush on Jim Morrisson from the 60’s Rock Band The Door.

She also wanted to dye her hair black, however, she did not do it as her mother was opposed to it and now she is glad that her mother stopped her.

Love For Things That Starts With M

Kendall has once captioned that she loves most of the things that start with M. For example music, movement, movies, meditation, and so on.

During her free time, She often plays her Ukulele. She has also shared a four-minute video clip of her playing Billie Eilish’s No Time to Die.

Dog Lover

The mental health advocate, Toole is a dog lover and has owned a beautiful black dog. She considers her pet as her closest companion to her and enjoys spending time with it. Her dog’s name is Bowie.

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Kendall Toole with her pet dog.
Source: Instagram @fitxkendall

She has shared how Bowie has made her life beautifully chaotic and exciting. Her Instagram wall contains a lot of pictures of them together. She has also revealed that her dog loves rock music and staring at a mirror.

Kendall has created an Instagram account for her Cavapoo dog which goes by the username @bowie_theCavapoo. It has more than 2.9k followers.

Physical Measurement And Appearance

The fitness instructor, Kendall stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 5 inches which is equivalent to 165 cm. She has a lean body type and a small weight. She is yet to reveal her weight and other body stats.

Kendall Toole flaunting her fit body
Kendall Toole flaunting her fit body,
Source: Insider

Talking about her appearance, Toole is a beautiful woman with deep brown eyes and light brown hair. Her sense of fashion and makeup further enhances her beauty.

Her beauty secret is her morning skincare routine. Part of that involves using gua sha, which she keeps in the fridge and cleans off her face with vitamin C oil and antibacterial.

Social Media Presence

The fitness instructor, Kendall is quite active on social media. She has activated accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and has a great number of followers on them.

She has shared a glimpse of her private and professional life on social media. Her Instagram id is @fitxkendall which has more than 768k followers and more than 1k posts so far.

Likewise, Toole joined Twitter in September 2019 and has amassed more than 35k followers. She has tweeted more than 400 tweets under the username @fitxkendall. Similarly, her Facebook account has 75k followers.

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