Kelly Perine is an American actor who has played the role of Thad in the TV series Ned and Stacey. His other notable presence includes Family Reunion, Knight Squad, Ghostbuster: Station 6, and so on.

Perine was introduced to the world on the 23rd of March, 1969. According to astrologers, his zodiac sign is Aries. He spent most of his childhood in Pennsylvania, the United States of America. Coming from an economically stable family, he had a good upbringing. However, while growing up he was bullied for his body weight.

Net Worth

Kelly Perine is estimated to have a net worth of $1.4 Million which he has accumulated during his long professional career.

He has contributed as an actor, producer, director, and so on. He has been involved in successful projects like Knight squad, School of Rocks, Is You Is, Moonlighting, and so on.

The average income of an actor, producer, and director, is $50k, $70k, and $69k respectively. So as a veteran personality, Kelly may earn more than that.

Kelly is living a comfortable and lavish lifestyle in Los Angelos with all this huge fortune, which can be seen on his Instagram feed.

Family Background

Perine has been secretive about his family details and has not shared much information with the public. He has kept his identity of his parents behind the curtains as well as not saying anything which clarifies whether he has siblings or not.

Kelly Perine and his mother.JPG
Kelly Perine and his mother celebrate Christmas together
source: Instagram @kellyperine

However, it is known that Perine’s father is a Penn State University professor and his mother is a chemical engineer by profession. Coming from an academic parent, it is clear where he got the motivation to study.

Educational Background

Perine studied at a local school while growing up in Pennsylvania and later attended classes at Lake Field Academy located in Chicago, Illinois. During his time at Lake Field, he studied stage acting. While in school, he actively takes participation in plays and theatres.

Further, the Family Reunion actor moved to  Pomona College in Claremont, California to receive his Bachelor’s degree in Film studies. After that, Perine graduated with a Master’s degree in drama from the University of California, Irvine.

Relationship Status

Kelly Perine is not involved romantically with anyone currently and is enjoying a single life. Rather than being in a relationship, he wants to focus on contributing to the entertainment industry more and is immersed in the different ideas for it.

Until now Perine has not introduced anyone who can be labeled as his better half or girlfriend. Apparently, he has not found someone who he can spend his life with.

His singleness has also raised questions about his sexuality.

Participated In Mountain Valley Spring Company Marathon In 2015

In 2015, Perine participated in a marathon that was hosted by Mountain valley spring company alongside other notable characters. There he also encourage many kids that were participating in the marathon.

Kelly Perine participated in the marathon.JPG
Kelly Perine in the Mountain valley spring company marathon
source: Instagram @kellyperine

According to his profile, he has participated in more than 18 marathons and the best time till now is 4 hr and 33 minutes.

He believes there are no worst in the marathon as those who try and finishes up are ahead of those who did not try to reach the end.

Kelly Perine Movies And TV Shows

At the age of 21, Kelly began his professional career by making an appearance in the TV series 21 Jump Street. He made his acting debut in the 1996 film The Sunchaser. Kelly hasn’t looked back since and has since been in several successful films and television shows.

Some of these include Ned and Stacey, Misery Loves Company, Bram Stoker’s Legend of the Mummy, Night Stand, The Parent ‘Hood, Convincing Clooney, Speed Dating, and Misery Loves Company.

He has worked as a producer on a number of short films, including A Perfect Day, The Perfect Specimen, Neosho Falls and Bite. He has directed films including Is You Is, Downward Hiro, and Adventures of Johnny Tao: Rock Around the Dragon.

Throughout his career, Perine has had 123 credits as an actor, 14 credits as a producer, 7 credits as a writer, and 2 credits as a director. It can be concluded that Kelly is a multi-talented person.

Perine Is An Animal Lover

Perine loves animals and has a strong connection with them. He has taken part in awareness programs for animal conservation.

Kelly Perine and his dog lounging.JPG
Kelly Perine and his dog Penny lounging
source: Instagram @kellyperine

He also owns a dog which he named Penny. It is an American Staffordshire Terrier dog in a light black color. As per him, his dog also likes the music from Birthdaysuite.

Perine and Penny have a lot of bonding together and are like partners. They share a lot of beautiful moments together.

He also prepared food for his dog in the pandemic lockdown and has said that his dog eats better food than him.

Interested In Sports And Supports Los Angelos Dodgers

The Is You Is director Perine is a huge supporter of the baseball team from Los Angelos the Dodgers. He has been cheering up for every single of their game and had a strong faith in them.

He was very happy when Dodgers ended their decade-long championship drought. Kelly had posted about this on his Instagram.

Also, he loves football and supports the Penn State team.

Supports Biden

Perine is a supporter of President Joe Biden and has himself termed a Biden warrior. He had strongly opposed the Trump government and administration. He has written blogs and also posted them on his Instagram account.

Kelly Perine showing his opposition on Trump Administration
Kelly Perine shows his opposition to Trump Administration
source: Instagram @kellyperine

Perine said Trump has been a covid-19 infected and had not shared the information with anyone and further spread it.


Kelly has been contributing to the entertainment industry for a long period of time. He has played the role of actor, producer, director, and writer.

Acknowledging his hard work and exceptional performance, Kelly has been entitled to 15 awards up to now and has 13 nominations.

Some of his titles include Golden Time Award, Grand Jury Award, IIFC Award, Festival Price Award, and so on.

How Tall is Kelly Perine?

Perine is in his early fifties but still looks younger than his real age. It is the result of his maintenance of appearance. He has a beautiful pair of natural black eyes and prefers to keep his black-colored hair short.

Similarly, the Perfect Day actor Perine is 5 ft and 6 inches tall which is equivalent to 167 cm. He maintains a weight of around 72 kg. He has a regular and decent body type.

Social Media Presence

Kelly is quite active on social media and keeps on posting content on his social media accounts. He has activated his account on all the major social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

He goes by the username @kellyperine on Instagram where he has accumulated more than 11k followers. He mostly posts about his professional life and his opinion and views with a little of personal life moments.

Likewise, Kelly has shared his opinions about politics and other things on Twitter under the account name @kellyperine. He has amassed more than 1k followers on Twitter.

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