Karina Pochettino is an Argentinian woman who is popularly known for being the wife of famous Football Coach and manager Mauricio Pochettino.

She is a Pharmacist by profession and has been married to Mauricio Pochettino for twenty-eight years. Mauricio her husband is currently the manager of the French club Paris Saint-German.

Early Life And Education

Pochettino was born in the year 1973, though her exact date of birth still remains undisclosed. Although we do know that she was born in Buenos Aries, Argentina, and looking at her physical attributes she might be of the age of something around her late 30s to early 40s.

Kike previously stated there isn’t much information regarding her in the media due to her low profile life. She was born and raised in the capital of Argentina Buenos Aries. She comes from a good family and had a good upbringing although the exact details regarding her family and early life are still unclear.

She is a well-educated woman who had got a degree in Pharmacy from the City’s National University and used to work as a pharmacist at some point but she later called it a quit.

Relationship Status

Karina Pochettino is currently married to a Former football player and current manager of the French club Paris Saint-German Mauricio Pochettino. They were dating for three years before finally exchanging the vows in the year 1994.

The couple first met each other in the year 1991 at a nightclub called Arrow in Buenos Aries. Mauricio at that time was playing for Newell’s Old Boys club while Karina was a pharmacist at the same time. It was love at first sight moment and the pair started dating, they have continued their love affair for now nearly a three-decade.

Who Is Karina’s Husband Mauricio Pochettino?

Mauricio Pochettino was born on the 2nd of March 1972 in Murphy, Argentina is a former pro footballer having played for Newell’s Old Boys, Espanyol, and Argentina national team, and currently is the manager of the popular French Club Paris Saint-German. Pochettinpo was born into a family of farm laborers Amalia and Hector Pochettino. From his early days, he was so much into football, and from a young age, he started playing at various junior-level clubs as a Center Back.

He started his pro career as a player in the year 1989 when he played for Newell’s Old Boys in the Primeira Division. He helped Newell’s to win the league in his first season. After some successful seasons with the club, he decided to move to Europe to play in the top division leagues.

In 1994 he decided to join the Catalan club Espanyol and played in the Spanish top division La Liga. His first season at the club was also the club’s first season in the top division after being relegated. He was a Star and hero for the club as he helped the club win its first major trophy after 60 years winning the Copa Del Rey in the season 1999/00. He wanted to stay in the club for more years but due to financial reasons, he had to leave the club and sign for Paris Saint-German as a player.

After that, he did ok as a player, and after the move to praise he moved to another club Bordeaux shortly before returning to Espanyol in 2004 and helped his club win the Copa Del Rey for the second time in the 2005/06 season.

He then retired and went to study sports management to become a manager. He returned to football as Southhampton a Premier League team, following that he managed another Premier League Club Tottenham where he was praised and counted as one of the best managers in the world after reaching the final of the European pinnacle club competition champions league. After being sacked in the 19/20 season by Tottenham, he joined the french giant Paris Saint german where currently he has won his first-ever trophy as a manager. Currently, he is still working in pairs.

Do Mauricio and Karina have Children?

The Pochettino couple has been by each other side for now nearly three decades. She has given birth to two children named Sebastian Pochettino and Maurizio Pochettino. Both of her children have followed in their father’s footsteps and are involved in football.

Karina Pochettino with her husband and three sons along with a dog.
Karina Pochettino with her family. Source: Instagram @pochettino

Her elder son Sebastian was born in the year 1996 and currently, he is a fitness coach following his father in the French club Paris Saint-German. Her younger son Maurizio is a professional football player who plays for the English club Watford.

What’s Mrs. Pochettino’s Career?

The wife of Mauricio Pochetino has studied pharmacy and is a pharmacist as a profession but she has called it a quit very early in her life, as she has supported her husband’s career more than her own. She has acted as his agent and counselor time and again after leaving her pharmacist job.

Mrs. Pochettino is the wife of a famous ex-footballer and one of the most demanded managers in the world. Along with that she currently lives in Paris, so there she is always destined to be the face of brands and endorse various brands which she has been doing currently.

Physical Appearance

Karina is a beautiful woman with a well-maintained body. She is of decent height as is 5 feet 5 inches and has a body weight of around 60kgs.

Karina Pochettino wearing a black dress and attending an award function.
Karina Pochettino attending an awards show. Source:@DotLocal.org

She is an attractive-looking woman with golden blonde hair and a pair of beautiful brown eyes. Her body measurement is undisclosed as she has a slim body figure.


Mrs. Pochettino being by the side of her husband has made a good amount of money for herself. From brand endorsement to signing various other deals she has made a fortune for herself. According to various reliable sources, it is estimated that her current networth is around $1 million.

Her husband however has made some good money, as the saying goes “There is always more money in football” he has earned a ridiculous amount of money from being a manager and player. His current managerial salary at Paris Saint-German is 1.1 million euros per month gross. His estimated net worth currently, is around 12 million euros.

Rumors About Mrs. Pochettino

Karina Pochettino has been a private lady who has decided to stay away from media attention and likes to keep a low profile. There have been no rumors regarding her in the media so far.

Meanwhile, her husband has a rumor going on about his future in his current club Paris Saint-German. The rumor is that he will be sacked by the club as the club is not happy with his performance despite winning the French League Ligue 1.

Controversies regarding Karina Pochettino

Karina Pochettino has been a private and low-key person who has necessarily avoided the drama that goes around the football world. She has been able to keep herself away from controversies and she doesn’t seem to be a person who wants to get involved in them.

In football, controversy can come in heat of the moment, and when there is a big player involved media do like to exaggerate. Mauricio in Psg faced the same when it was reported that there is a huge controversy among players of Paris Saint-German who were said to be unhappy with Mauricio and wanted to get rid of him. Many reported it of being true however that was dismissed by players and Mauricio himself.

Social Media

Mrs. Pochettino as previously mentioned in the article is a low-key profile person who doesn’t like to necessarily engage with people or the media. So she avoids it all and isn’t active on any kind of social media platform.

Her husband however is active on Instagram with the username @pochettino and has a verified profile with total followers of 673k as of May 2022. He posts pictures usually of his team and also posts stuff related to his family.

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