A tragic event for the family of American actor, voice actor, and musician Josh Gad occurred when the body of his nephew Marco was found dead after he had passed away in his sleep at the age of 20. As of now, there has been no official announcement on the cause of death.

American actor Josh Gad
Josh Gad’s late nephew Marco’s childhood photos Image Source: Josh’s Instagram@joshgad

In the wee hours of the night, when Josh was having trouble finding the words to convey how he was feeling, he went to his official Twitter account and tweeted:

“As my family and I deal with the unspeakable loss today, I am also trying to balance that with the sadness of today’s events. In times of need, it’s nice to have someone to lean on when feeling down. I will be all the above to every woman in fear today.”

In addition, Josh requested that his audience “send positive energy and love” to the bereaved family to “help me remember him now and celebrate a life that was only just beginning” while “his parents struggle to handle this unbearable sorrow.”

Josh Gad late nephew photos
Josh Gad’s late nephew Marco Image Source: Josh’s Insatgram@joshgad

Likewise, Gad, who is married and shares two daughters, Ava Tanya Gad and Isabella Eva Gad, with his wife, Ida Darvish, spoke highly of his nephew, calling him a “brilliant, creative, and loving soul.”

The Beauty and the Beast star said his nephew “fought to make the world a better place and stood on the side of rustic and light for those who need it the most.” Gad concluded by saying, “His life may be gone, but I hope and pray his memory will endure.”

His post on Twitter and other social media platforms featured many photographs of Marco throughout his life, from when he was a little boy to when he was an adult, as well as photos of Marco with other family members.

Josh Gad has worked in several movies and television series
American actor, director and singer Josh Gad Image Source: Pinterest

Following the tragic news release, many fans and celebrity friends took to social media to offer condolences and support to the actor Josh and his family.

LeVar Burton expressed his condolences in a letter, saying, “So sorry for your loss, brother.” Sending love

Actor Bradley Whitford responded, saying, “Love, love, and more love to all of you, Josh.” We pray that the remembrance of him will be a benefit.

David Lang, a producer for many sports, wrote, “Stay strong, bro.” love and best wishes to you all.

Similarly, Gad wrote a response to the sympathy he received from his followers on Twitter and social media platforms on Sunday, several days after he first mentioned that he had lost someone close to him. In the post, he thanked everyone for the kind words and stated that the support from fans and well-wishers has been invaluable.

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