Jonathan Hanby is well-known on social media for creating funny prank videos, challenges, and various entertaining content. He’s gained popularity through his engaging posts on Instagram and TikTok.

Johnny Hanby’s Wiki/ Bio

Johnny Hanby was born on May 6, 1989, in the USA. He is currently 34 years old as of 2023. The media sensation was born to his mother Giselle Hanby however details regarding his father are yet to be revealed.

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Johnny Hanby with his brother Kristen Hanby. Image Source: Instagram

Moreover, the social media star has three siblings: an older sister named Natalie Hanby, a younger sister named Bryony Hanby, and a younger brother named Kristen Hanby. Kristen is also a famous social media influencer, singer, and YouTuber. The Hanby siblings are really close, and they often show up in each other’s social media posts.

Is Johnny Hanby Married? Who Is His Wife?

People have wondered about Johnny’s love life, and the answer is clear: the charming personage married to Emma Kellet. Many of his female fans may be heartbroken by the fact that he is a married man.

However, the media star and her wife Kellet like to keep their personal life private, so not many details about their relationship are known. They probably got married before 2010, but the exact date isn’t known. Also, have a closure at Rachel Catudal‘s love life.

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Johnny Hanby exchanged the vows with Emma Kellet. Image Source: Instagram

Even though the celebrity duo keeps things private, it’s clear they’re very much in love because they often post pictures of each other on their Instagram accounts.

Father Of Two Sons

Well, Hanby and his beau Emma are experiencing the joys of being parents as they raise two adorable sons. One of their sons, Harrison Joe, was born on April 8, 2021.

While the name of the lovely pair’s other son isn’t readily available through a quick internet search, he frequently appears on Jonathan and Emma’s Instagram account.

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Johnny Hanby with his sons. Image Source: Instagram

In addition, the celebrity wife is a devoted mother to both of her children, and her love for them is evident on her Instagram page. She shares numerous pictures of her little ones, reflecting her deep affection for them. See another star spouse, María Bernarda Giménez.

Is A Tiktok Star

The 34-year-old Hanby is a TikTok star known for his funny videos, challenges, and pranks. He started on TikTok in January 2020 and quickly gained over 130,000 followers. He used his platform to show off his comedy skills and connect with his fans, even sharing his love for fishing.

Moreover, the household name’s content is loved by his fans, and he’s known for collaborating with other social media stars like Topher, Peet Montzingo, Ashley Soto, and Kingzippy. He’s also used TikTok to promote his music, including the hit single “Up and Down” available on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Besides his career, Hanby shares moments from his family life on Instagram, where he posts selfies, fishing adventures, and family photos. His brother, Kristen, is also a social media sensation, and they often team up for videos.

Is A Musician And Fisher

Apart from his social media work, Jonathan has also tried his hand at making music. He’s put out a few songs, like “Up” and “Down,” which did really well. His brother, Kristen, is also a musician, and they often work together on music projects. You can listen to Jonathan’s songs on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

To add more, Hanby is also quite skilled at fishing and has had success in that field as well.

Other Social Media Platforms

The American personality Hanby is most popular on Instagram, where he has more than 112 thousand followers with the username @jonathan_hanby89. He shares personal photos, videos, and funny memes on his profile. He also talks about his own stuff, like his podcast and his upcoming book.

Moreover, the TV personage is also on Twitter, where he has over 4.4 thousand followers with the username @hanbygang. He uses Twitter to share what he thinks about current events and chat with his followers. He also talks about his projects and connects with other famous people.

Who Is Kristen Hanby?

Kristen Hanby is a 30-year-old YouTuber, singer, and social media star hailing from Saint Helier, Jersey, England. He’s famous for making funny videos and playing pranks on his family and friends. He shares his content on his YouTube channel and has even released songs and collaborated with well-known singers.

Likewise, Johnny’s brother is currently in a relationship with Jasmine Brownsword, another social media influencer, and they have a daughter named Emie Blu Hanby, born on January 25, 2023.

To add more, the renowned name has a huge following online, with 3.48 million subscribers on YouTube, 20 million followers on Facebook, and 7.1 million on Instagram @kristenhanby. He’s also active on TikTok. Kristen’s estimated net worth is around $8 million. In 2022, he even took part in a boxing match against Vitaly, and it was a big success, with a sold-out crowd.

How Wealthy Johnny Hanby Is?

The handsome hunk Hanby is a famous person on social media, a fisherman, and a content creator. According to AllFamous, he has a lot of money, around $1.2 million! He made this money from being on social media and fishing.

Similalrly, a fisherman makes about $30,639 every year, but Johnny made more because he’s so popular on TikTok. He also gets money from brands who pay him to talk about their stuff online.

Further, Johnny didn’t just make money online; he’s also smart with real estate. He owns many properties in the United States, like a ranch in Texas and a beach house in Florida. He also has luxury places in California, like a big house in Beverly Hills.

In addition, the media star’s real estate deals made him a lot of money, which he spent on cool things. He bought fancy cars like a Ferrari and invested in other businesses. He even bought expensive jewelry and clothes. Plus, he used his real estate money to travel all around the world!

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