Jo Hardee is an American TV reality personality who rose to prominence because of being the mother of actres Kim Gravel. She is also the Amina cast member of the TV show Kim of Queens.

Hardee was born in the year 1947 and celebrates her birthday every year on the 20th of April. She was raised in Atlanta, Georgia located in the United States of America. As per modern astrologers, she holds the zodiac sign Taurus. Her full name is Josefin B Hardy.

Hardee is a very private person who has not revealed any information regarding her early days, however, there are many more interesting facts and features relating to her life, so let’s hop into the life of the TV reality star.

Net Worth – Is Jo Hardee Living A Rich Life?

Jo Hardee is living a rich life, however, she has not yet revealed her net worth officially. She has appeared in the TV series Kim of Queens. Additionally, she models for her daughter’s business.

In addition to this, her daughter Kim Gravel is estimated to have a net worth of $5 Million. She has the clothing and beauty products, Belle. Furthermore, she is a TV host and contributor to Steve Harvey’s show.

Similarly, her other daughter Allysyn Varalle is the owner of the Pageant place and brand ambassador of Belle.

Relationship Status – Married To Brooks Hardee

Kim’s mother, Jo Hardee is married to Brooks Hardee for a long period of time. The couple has been very secretive about their personal lives and thus there is no precise information on their initial meeting and dating life.

Jo Hardee with her daughter and husband.
Jo Hardee with her daughter and husband.
Source: Twitter @KimGravel

They exchanged vows in a private ceremony attended by their close friends and families on the 5th of August, 1966. Their marriage is one of the long-lasting marriages.

In a podcast, it was revealed that Jo used to blame Brooks for everybody which later was picked up by her daughter Kim.

Jo’s Husband Brooks Hardee Used To Be Out Working 5 Days A Week

Due to his busy schedule, Brooks Hardee used to be out working five days a week and used to be home only on weekends. Jo alongside her daughter loved that time as they could do anything.

They used to go shopping and eat outside. There was no restriction and the three ladies loved that freedom.

Blessed With Children

From her relationship with Brooks Hardee, Jo is blessed with two daughters Kim Gravel, and Allysyn Gravel. She raised her both children to be tough girls and it was confirmed by Kim herself. Kim once said she and her sister could also tackle with Vikings from the 17th century because they were raised to be tough.

In a podcast, Kim revealed that Jo’s favorite child is Allysyn. However, Kim considers her mother her idol. Joe and Allysyn are alike because they are ready to do anything without any proper planning.

Kim Gravel

Jo’s eldest daughter, Kim Gravel is a well-established businesswoman and leader. she is a household name in the beauty industry.

Joe Hardees daughter Kim Gravel
Jo Hardee’s daughter Kim Gravel.
Source: IMDb

Gravel has a clothing line as well as beauty products under her name. She started participating in beauty pageants at a young age and is one of the Youngest winners in the history of a Georgian beauty pageant. She was 19 years when she was crowned Miss Georgia.

Now, she teaches girls how to win beauty pageants. She was the goodwill American ambassador to Japan. Furthermore, she participated in Miss America pageant on behalf of Georgia.

Gravel has also acting experience and is known for appearing in TV series like Kim of Queens and Drop Dead Diva.

Talking about her personal information, Kim was born on the 27th of July 1971. Growing up she was interested in singing and therefore, joined the band called beloved. She was the songwriter and lead singer of the band.

She got married to Travis Gravel and is blessed with two sons named Beau Gravel and Blanton Gravel. She uses Instagram under the username @kimgravel and Twitter under the username @KimGravel.

Allysyn Varalla

Allysyn Varalla is the second daughter of Hardee. She is the owner of the pageant place and brand ambassador of Belle by her own QVC.

varalla allisyn image
Jo Hardee’s daughter Allysyn Varalla.
Source: Famous Birthdays

Like her sister, Allysyn participated in the beauty pageant and has over 20 years of experience in competing and participating in beauty pageant contests.

Talking about her personal information, she married Rick in the early 90s and has a son named Brooks. They are located in Loganville, Georgia.

Jo Hardee Is A Religious Person

Hardee is a religious person and has had faith in god from a very young age. She used to go to church on Sunday nights with her grandmother.

Even though Hardee’s parents did not go to church with her, she used to go to Church alone. She still follows the word of Jesus Christ.

Jo Hardee Believed The Sound Of Marching Was Because Of Angel Protecting Them

As mentioned previously, Hardee’s husband was out of the house five days a week and it left her with her children only. One night she heard the noise of something like men marching forward and backward outside of their house.

They were all terrified and thus, Jo pulled up her gun which was kept for their safety, and looked for the source of the noise. However, they could not see anyone from where the sound was coming. It continued from midnight to daybreak.

Later in the morning, they heard about some robbery that occurred in their area. This led Hardee to believe that was Angel marching outside their house to protect them.

Embarrassing Story Of Jo Hardee

The Kim of Queens actress, Jo shared her embarrassing story in a podcast. As mentioned previously, she used to go to church and it was on Sunday night. In the summer season, it was not that dark but in winter it used to be dark when the church was over.

Jo Hardee shared her embarassing stories at LOL With Kim Gravel.
Jo Hardee shared her embarrassing stories at LOL With Kim Gravel.
Source: LOL with Kim Gravel.

There was a graveyard across the road from the church and in addition to that, there were owls and machinery that were to be passed to reach her home. For that, she used to close her eyes and run to home.

Hardee was still embarrassed to do that and therefore, she used to wait until everybody leave the church to run in the dark.

Later, she accumulated the courage and faith to walk in the dark. Hardee revealed that this incident taught her to not be afraid of something that does not exist i.e ghosts.

Social Media Presence

The Kim of Queens cast member, Hardee is not active on social media platforms. She does not like to reveal her private life in public. However, she has created accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram, and Twitter.

She is available on Instagram with the username @johardee47. She has accumulated more than 1.8k followers on the platforms. There are pictures of her grandchildren on her Instagram wall.

Likewise, Hardee joined Twitter in May 2019 and has made 6.3k followers so far. There are 335 tweets from her Twitter account under the username @Jo_Hardee.

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