Jennifer Rauchet is a producer for Fox News and the wife of Pete Hegseth, a well-known American novelist and Fox News commentator. She currently works for Fox News but formerly worked for WPIX-TV as an executive producer.

Watters World is a Fox News show that Jennifer produced in the year 2015. This TV series hosted by Jesse Watters. Her spouse, Pete Hegseth, has been married twice, and she is his third wife. Now let’s learn more about the married life of Jennifer Rauchet as of 2021.

Jennifer Rauchet’s Relationship as of 2021

Jennifer Rauchet and her current husband, Pete Hegseth, are happily married. After a brief time of courtship, they started dating in 2017. The pair were both matched to their significant others at the time of their relationship. Therefore they were both having an extramarital affair. In August of 2017, Pete and his second wife, Samantha Deering, were still married. Gwen Hegseth, the couple’s daughter, was born around the same period. They have an excellent relationship with their younger daughter.

Jennifer Rauchet and Pete Hegseth married in 2019, but they had been dating since early 2017.
Jennifer Rauchet with her current husband Pete Hegseth.
Source: Instagram

The producer has also been married in the past. Jennifer has three children from her former marriage, even though she has not shared anything about it. Despite the positive early bonding, her first marriage did not endure as long as she had hoped. According to sources, the couple had already split when Rauchet started dating Pete.

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The couple got engaged a few months before their June 2019 wedding after Pete uploaded a photo with his then-fiancée with the message, “She said…yes.” Rauchet and Hegseth married in 2019, but they had been dating since early 2017.

Jennifer Rauchet’s Children And Husband’s Past Relationships

Jennifer Rauchet is the mother of seven children: three from her former marriage, three from Pete’s second marriage, and one from her current relationship. On the other hand, she has a beautiful relationship with her children and frequently posts photos of them together on social media.

Jennifer Rauchet has a beautiful relationship with her children.
Jennifer Rauchet with her husband and seven children.
Source: Instagram

Pete has been married twice before her. Pete’s first wife, Meredith Schwarz, was his first wife. They married in 2004, however after only five years of marriage, the pair divorced in 2009. He married Samantha Deering in 2010 after that. But, once again, their marriage was short-lived, and the couple split in 2017. Pete had three boys with Samantha: Gunner HegsethRex Hegseth, and Boone Hegseth.

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