Jen Lewin was born on May 9, 1974, in Boulder, Colorado, The United States of America. As Jen was born in the united states, she holds American nationality. As of 2022, Lewin is forty-eight years old. According to astrology, her horoscope sign is Taurus, and she belongs to the white Ethnicity. Lewin has been following Christianity religious.

Jen Lewin is best known among active American artists and interactive sculpture. Also best known as an engineer in studio-based and the co-founder of The Kitchen restaurants in Boulder.

Physical Appearance And Body Measurement

 Ms. Lewin looks quite like a cubby and a beautiful woman. An Artist does regular exercise to maintain her body fit. Jen has a well-maintained body with a low-fat percentage. Ms. Kathryn is not too taller where; her height is not mentioned on any public sites. Jen looks quite fit and healthy through her regular exercise. Jen has black eye color with the same color of hair.

A portrait photo of artist Jen Lewin wearing a black T-shirt and black
A portrait photo of artist Jen Lewin. Source: Laughing Squid

Lewin keeps her body fit, but her weight is also not mentioned on any sites on social platforms. Looking at her body, she seems physically fit and healthy, but she might prefer her personal life to be kept private. The body measurement detail is her shoe size 4 (U.S.) and dresses size 8 (U.S.), respectively.

Family And Sibling Background

A famous American artist was born to her father and mother; her father is a doctor, and her mother is an artist and dancer. She was born into a rich family in her childhood, so she lives a luxurious life. The best combination of their professionalism made Jen a famous sculptor and artist, also got inspired by her parent’s professionalism.

There isn’t any information regarding her father and mother on any social sites. Even in her childhood, she has lived with her parents and siblings, caring for and loving them. Jen never mentioned her father and mother’s names on camera or in an interview. Jem has disclosed her private information about her family and sibling on social media.

Qualification And Education

Ms. Jen is a well-educated personality and a talented woman. She settled down from Boulder to Maui in Hawaii. Jen has completed her high school education near her hometown. After completing high school, she joined the University of Colorado Boulder in City, Colorado, from where she has done her graduation.

With her hard work and passion for her studies, she was able to rank with good marks. After all, She has also done her B.A. in Architecture and Computer-Aided Design and M.P.S. in the same city Colorado. Jen also learned different languages such as Japanese, Chinese and many more.

Past Relationship And Children

An American Artist, Ms. Lewin was a married woman with her long-term boyfriend, South African restaurateur Kimbal Musk in 2001. The couple has been living a happy married life and worked as founded The Kitchen together. Also, the couple welcomed their three children together: Luca Musk, August Musk and Stella Musk. Luca Musk and Stella Musk are her daughters, and August Musk is her son.

A married photo of Jen Lewin with her Ex-husband Kimbal Musk.
A married photo of Jen Lewin with her Ex-husband Kimbal Musk. Source: B.H.W.

Everything worked well in their relationship with her husband, but her marriage couldn’t last long. They don’t find compatibility between themselves and thus, got separated in 2010 after nine years of married life. The main reason for divorced is not mentioned on any social sites, which seems the couple prefers private life. But Jen came to be known as Kimbal’s Ex-wife.

Married Life And Children

In 2012, artist Jen Lewin got married to Cofounder and C.E.O. William Bill Magnuson after the divorce from her first husband, Kimbal Musk. The past divorce does not affect Jen’s current married life, which is why the couple, William and Jen, have been living happily together.

A photo of Jen Lewin with her husband where Jen was warning a blue jacket with a cap and her husband was wearing a red coat with a hat.
A photo of Jen Lewin with her husband. Source: Twitter

Also, the couple had three children together Billy Magnuson, who is known as Jenny; John Magnuson, known as Michelle; and Judy Stutes, as Alan. The couple keeps sharing photos and videos on their social media sites which seem they have been living happily with three children.


An artist Jen has shown quite an interest in her career and also made huge progress toward her career. After graduation with B.A. in Architecture, In 2008, Jen designed a structural art, The Pool, which premiered in many different countries such as Singapore, Sydney, Denver, Montréal, and Prague, also shown at festivals including South By Southwest and Burning Man.

The same year, Ms. Lewin published an article on CAD-related issues where National Geographic featured her work. The work done by Ms. Jen helped her to be recognized as an artist. The Pool is called an “interactive light sculpture” since it requires human involvement to be seen and has visited numerous nations.

A photo of Jen Lewin on her project, The Phool Project, was designed by herself.
A photo of Jen Lewin on her project, The Phool Project. Source: Jen Lewin Studio.

In May of 2013, the B.B.C. News highlighted Lewin’s project, The Pool project. Apart from this, An interactive Light artist is also a creator of Learning Gaden for musk, such as The Kitchen Community, where she worked with her Ex-husband Kimbal. But now, the Kitchen Community is known as Big Green. With the help of her business partner William Goodrich, She launched The Studio Boulder.

Jen paid around $ 7 million For a Four-Story Condi in New York in 2015. With more than 20 Years of experience, She was nominated for the Light artist list, making her more passionate about work. Jen has been able to give her continuity in her career, and we wish her to work and achieve much more in the upcoming days.

Life On Social Media

Jen Lewin has got social media account. She is quite active on social sites and created her profile head on different sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the number of followers. Jen kept on posting about her stuff on her social media sites. Ms. Lewin posts about her life-related issues on her media. She loves interacting with her fans and followers.

Jen has been holding her Instagram with around 8.1K followers, On her Facebook with about 1.9k Followers and has lesser followers on Twitter with around 891 Followers. To know more about Jen, you can follow her on her social media sites. Her Instagram username is Jen Lewin Studio, her Facebook Id is Jen Lewin, and her Twitter account username is @jenlewin.

Net Worth

Jen Lewin began her career in her early life and coming to this era, and she has gathered a good amount of money. Her income results from her hard work and passion for her career. Lewin is living a luxurious life where she has been to earn a Net Worth on her own. Ms. Jen hasn’t mentioned her exact Net Worth on any social sites, but according to sources, her net worth could be between $1M to $5 M. On average, we estimated her net worth to be around $2 Million.

An artist Jen has earned her name and fame through her remarkable skill in her professional career. Her major source of income is her sculpture artist. Her roles had made her a lot of money. Jen owns a house where she lives happily with her husband and children.

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