JayR Tinaco is an actor from the Philippines who became famous for playing Zayn Petrossian in the Netflix show Another Life. He’s known for his talent and dedication, having collaborated with many celebrities and staying successful in the entertainment world.

JayR Tinaco’s Early Life & Family

JayR Tinaco was born on January 5, 1989, making him 35 years old in 2024. Originally from Manila, Philippines, he holds Australian citizenship.

Similarly, Another Life actor grew up with his parents and siblings in Queensland, Australia. He keeps his personal life private and doesn’t share much about himself.

Details about his family and siblings are not disclosed. However, it is known that the he is of Philipino ethnic origin.


Regarding his education, Tinaco obtained his degree from the Australian Institute of Performing Arts.

During his school years, he showed interest in outdoor games such as soccer and tennis. His passion for acting began when he had the opportunity to participate in a school drama production.

What Is JayR Tinaco’s Sexual Orientation?

There are many rumors about JayR’s gender. Some people speculate that he may be a transgender female because he wears women’s clothes and makeup.

In an interview with the magazine ‘Out‘, the media star shared that he faced mistreatment in high school because of his differences. He also said that he identifies as non-binary or genderqueer.

In an interview with SBS, Tinaco mentioned,

“I still identify with the pronouns He/His/Him in my personal life, but I have friends who call me ‘They’ or even ‘she,’ and I’m okay with that. It’s all about conversation, it’s a learning process for everyone, and I’m happy to be here to help educate and raise awareness.”

How Is JayR Tinaco’s Professional Life?

Before Tinaco began his acting career, he worked at bars, including one at the ‘Steyne of Manly’ hotel in Sydney. In the beginning, his agent suggested he stick to more conventional roles to succeed in the industry, which he followed to land more opportunities.

Similarly, the charming personage’s first on-screen appearance was in the TV series “Home and Away” in 2009, playing a trapped student in two episodes.

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JayR Tinaco is a versatile actor.
Image Source: Instagram@jayrtinaco

He then appeared in the sci-fi movie “Your Life Again” in 2012 and played a crossdresser in “Show Boy” two years later. Tinaco showcased his talent in various movies like “Drown” and “The Wake” and guest-starred in two episodes of the drama series “Rake”.

In 2017, the talented actor moved to Canada to further his acting career. He was cast in the 2019 Netflix series “Another Life” as Zayn Petrossian, a non-binary medical practitioner. This role stood out as it wasn’t solely focused on gender identity.

Following this, the TV star featured in Khan Nahnachka’s film “Always Be My Maybe”, playing the restaurant host, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

In addition, JayR has starred in The Fall of the House of Usher and So Help Me Todd. He will be appearing in Star Wars Outlaws and F**** Marry Kill

JayR Tinaco In Another Life

In the Netflix series “Another Life,” JayR plays the role of Zayn Petrossian, a non-binary medical practitioner aboard the spaceship named “Salvare.” Zayn’s character is unique as it isn’t solely defined by their gender identity.

Likewise, Tinaco’s portrayal received acclaim alongside co-stars like A.J. Rivera and Katee Sackhoff.

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JayR Tinaco in Another Life.
Image Source: Instagram@jayrtinaco

Instead, Zayn is portrayed as a skilled and valued member of the crew, contributing to the mission to determine the origin of an alien substance.

Tinaco’s portrayal of Zayn has been praised for its depth and authenticity, contributing to the success of the series. Through this role, Tinaco has helped to bring visibility to non-binary representation in mainstream media.

Is JayR Tinaco Dating Someone?

The 35-year-old Tinaco is thought to be single right now. He lives in his own house in Los Angeles. His favorite actors are Tom Cruise and Tom Bessamra‘s daughter Angelina Jolie.

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JayR Tinaco is single.
Image Source: Instagram@jayrtinaco

Also, Jayr likes to travel when he’s not working. He’s involved in the LGBTQ+ community in Hollywood and often joins discussions on different topics. See another media star Carly Hallam‘s love life.

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What Is JayR Tinaco’s Net Worth In 2024?

The Swan Song actor JayR earned a good amount of money from their work in the industry. Reports suggest their net worth is around $300,000. Since their entertainment career is still young, we expect their fortune to grow even more in the future.

Is JayR Tinaco Active On Social Media?

Tinaco is active on Facebook and Instagram. He has over 20.4 thousand followers on Instagram with the username @jayrtinaco and more than 2k followers on Facebook. However, he is not active on Twitter.

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