Jamie Hartwright is Judge Judy Sheindlin’s daughter. Her mom, also called Judge Judy, is famous on TV, writes books, and used to be a judge in New York. In this article, you will learn about her life and career. To clear the doubt of all the queries like Who is her mother? About her relationship? etc. read this article until the end to learn interesting facts about her personal and professional life.

Jamie Hartwright Wiki/Bio

Jamie Hartwright, born on February 2, 1966, in lively New York City, is proud to be the daughter of Judge Judith Sheindlin, famously known as Judge Judy. Jamie keeps most of her life private and doesn’t share much about herself with the public. But people know she’s happily married and enjoys being a mom to her kids, making a happy family life away from the public eye.

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Jamie Hartwright is the daughter of Judith Sheindlin.
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Her mother, Judge Judy, is a big deal in law and entertainment. She used to be a judge and became famous on TV with her show “Judge Judy,” which ran for 25 seasons from 1996 to 2021. Judge Judy is known for being tough but fair in court, and people liked watching her solve cases quickly and fairly.

Even though Jamie usually stays out of the public eye, she’s very close to her famous mom. Sometimes, she appears on “Judge Judy” briefly, showing how much they care for each other. Jamie has also praised her mom in public, talking about how hardworking she is and how much she cares about both her work and their family.

Jamie Hartwright: Parents and Siblings

Jamie Hartwright is the daughter of Judy Sheindlin and Ronald Levy. She comes from a big family with five siblings. Her only biological brother is Adam Scott Levy, who was born two years after her on October 9, 1968. The other siblings are from her mom’s marriage to Jerry. Among her step-siblings, Gregory Everett Sheindlin was born in September 1964, Jonathan Sheindlin in September 1967, and Nicole Sheindlin in November 1968.

What’s interesting is that three of Jamie’s siblings – Adam Scott Levy, Gregory Sheindlin, and Nicole Sheindlin – work in the legal field. They’ve chosen careers related to law, like their famous mom, Judge Judy. It’s a family where law seems to run in their blood, with several members passionately pursuing careers in the legal profession.

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Short Wiki On Jamie’s Mother, Judy Sheindlin

Judy Sheindlin was born on October 21, 1942, in the vibrant city of Brooklyn, New York, United States. She is famous as Judge Judy, an American television personality who worked as a judge and prosecutor before becoming a TV star.

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Judy Sheindlin is a famous American TV personality.
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She’s not just a TV judge; she’s also a producer, someone who makes TV shows, and a kind-hearted person who is involved in various charitable work, which is called philanthropy. She’s well-known for her TV show “Judge Judy,” which has been the top court show on daytime TV since it started in 1996.

Judge Judy’s TV show has been super important in daytime TV, and she’s been given lots of awards and honors for it. Her work hasn’t just been big on TV; it’s also made a big impact on how people see the law and the legal world. She’s been a major influence on TV, and her show has been recognized with many awards for its success and quality.

Who Is Jamie’s Father?

Ronald Levy is the father of Jamie Hartwright. Judy Sheindlin’s first husband was Ronald Levy, who worked as a prosecutor like her. They had two kids together: Jamie and Adam Levy. But, how did Judy and Ronald meet? They haven’t shared any details about how they first got together and decided to get married.

They had a beautiful wedding in 1964, surrounded by their friends, family, and loved ones. After getting married, they moved to New York City and had two children there.

Unfortunately, Jamie’s parents ended their marriage in 1976 after being together for 12 years. They did not share any information on their divorce to the public.

After the divorce, in 1977, Judy Sheindlin, Jamie’s mom, married Judge Jerry Sheindlin. He was a judge on a show called The People’s Court for some time. Interestingly, Judge Judy was the one who proposed to him first, but he wasn’t sure about it at that time.

Jamie’s Mother, Judy Sheindlin Has Been Married Thrice

Judy Sheindlin’s journey through marriage has been marked by three significant chapters. Her initial marriage was with Ronald Levy, who worked as a prosecutor in juvenile court, exchanging their vows in 1964. Their union welcomed two children, Jamie Hartwright and Adam Levy, into their lives before eventually parting ways and finalizing their divorce in 1976.

Following the ending of her first marriage, Judy found love again and tied the knot with Judge Jerry Sheindlin in 1977. This marriage added three stepchildren to her family circle: Gregory Sheindlin, Jonathan Sheindlin, and Nicole Sheindlin. But their marriage did not go as planned and they divorced in 1990.

Despite the split, love proved to be resilient as Judy and Jerry reconciled and decided to give their relationship another chance. In 1991, they remarried, demonstrating a commitment to each other that transcended their past difficulties.

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