Jacqui Swedberg is an American who works as a producer and assistant director. She’s most known for producing the TV show Corner Gas and for being married to the American actor Wes Bentley.

Jacqui Swedberg’s Early Life

Jacqui Swedberg is an American who works as a producer and assistant director. She’s married to the American actor Wes Bentley. We’re not sure about her exact birthday, but she’s thought to be in her late forties. She is White Caucasian, but we don’t know her parents’ names.

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Jacqui Swedberg with her hubby Wes Bentley. Image Source: Daily Express

However, the gorgeous lady is said to be born in the mid-1980s and hails from Regina. She has kept her childhood life private in the media.

How Is Jacqui Swedberg’s Love Life?

The big-name Bentley is famous for playing Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone, but in real life, he’s happily married to Swedberg. They’ve been together for over years, and their love story is really sweet.

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Jacqui Swedberg is the mother of two children.

Likewise, the celebrity pair met in 2009 while the Ghost Rider actor was shooting a movie in Canada and tied the knot two years later on April 5, 2010.

Before Jacqui, Wes was married to actress Jennifer Quanz, but that ended because he struggled with addiction. He’s been open about this fight and says Jacqui helped him get better.

Meanwhile, Swedberg and her husband’s first child, Charles, was born in 2010, followed by their daughter, Brooklyn, in 2014.

In addition, the Hollywood star often talks about Jacqui in interviews, saying he knew he loved her from the start and that she’s everything to him. He believes she’s made him a better actor, artist, and dad. They love living the country life, just like Wes’s character in Yellowstone.

To add more, the Hollywood star have been happily married for more than thirteen years. Their bond grows stronger through their shared commitment to staying sober and taking care of their family. Jacqui works in producing and directing, and Wes gives her credit for helping him improve in his career and as a parent. Their relationship shows how powerful love and dedication can be.

Wes Bentley’s Journey: Battling Addiction with Jacqui’s Support

The 45-year-old Bentley, famous for playing Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone, faced a tough battle away from the cameras. After gaining fame in American Beauty, he struggled with addiction for about ten years. Wes was open about this and says his wife, Jacqui, played a huge part in helping him recover.

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Jacqui Swedberg and her spouse Wes Bentley enjoy a comfortable;e lifestyle.

Also, the renowned name’s addiction started when he became famous and felt pressured by all the attention. To deal with it, he turned to drugs and alcohol. But things got really bad, and he hit rock bottom. That’s when he decided to get help, and he’s been sober since 2009.

What’s more, Wes thanks Jacqui for making him better at acting, art, and being a dad. They’ve been happily married for more than ten years and have two kids. In interviews, Wes always speaks lovingly about Jacqui, calling her the love of his life.

How Rich Jacqui Swedberg Is?

The star wife Swedberg has about $500,000 as her net worth. She earned this money from working as a producer and assistant director. She worked on some really famous movies like American Beauty, Interstellar, and The Hunger Games starring Josh Hutcherson (Michelle Fightmaster Hutcherson‘s son). Her skills in organizing and paying close attention to details got her a lot of respect from others in the industry.

On the other side, Jacqui’s husband, Wes, is an actor known for his part in the movie American Beauty in 1999. He’s got around $1 million as his net worth, mostly from acting. Wes Bentley also owns a few properties, like a house in Los Angeles that’s a big Mediterranean-style villa from the 1920s. He’s also got a ranch in Texas with a main house, a guest house, and a few other buildings.

Wes Bentley’s Movies & TV Shows

The household name Wes is an American actor who’s been famous for about 20 years now. He’s been in lots of movies and TV shows, from being part of big groups to being the main guy. You might know him from films like The Hunger Games, American Beauty, or Interstellar, and also shows like American Horror Story and Yellowstone opposite Tokala Black Elk.

Moreover, the stunning actor was born on September 4, 1978, in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and went to Sylvan Hills High School in Sherwood, Arkansas. He was really into acting there, winning awards for his acting skills and being part of the drama club. After high school, he went to Juilliard School in New York.

In addition, the sizzling artist’s big moment came in the movie American Beauty in 1999, where he played Ricky Fitts. He’s also been in The Hunger Games as Seneca Crane and in other movies like Lovelace, Ghost Rider, and Pete’s Dragon.

In 2014, he was in American Horror Story, and in 2018, he started acting in the TV series Yellowstone. He has portrayed the recurring role of Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone.

How Is Jacqui Swedberg’s Professional Life?

The pretty lady Jacqui is an American who works behind the scenes in movies and TV shows. On her own, she’s done a lot in the entertainment world. At the start of her career, she organized things as an associate producer on different films. Her super good organizing skills, careful attention to things, and never-give-up attitude made her known for being efficient and reliable.

When the media star worked as an assistant director, she was a big help on the set. Her talent to manage different parts of the job and talk well with everyone made her super important. The directors and actors all praised how hard she worked and how dedicated she was to the job.

Likewise, Swedberg was in charge of making the TV series Corner Gas for two years, from 2007 to 2009. That was for 38 episodes! She also learned to be an assistant director on Sleepwalking (2008) and Lullaby for Pi (2010).

Also, she helped as an assistant director on Renegadepress.com for one episode in 2007. She was a trainee assistant director for the TV mini-series Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story (2006) for two episodes.

Lastly, the celebrity spouse worked on famous and loved movies like “American Beauty,” “Interstellar,” and “The Hunger Games.” Her keen eye for small details and how much she puts into her work made everyone in the industry really respect and admire her.

Is Jacqui Swedberg Active On Social Media?

Even though Jacqui is doing great in her job, she doesn’t use social media at all. Meanwhile, the beautiful woman is not on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Nobody knows why she’s not there, but maybe she wants to keep her life private. She doesn’t have any gossip or drama around her. She’s focused on her work as a producer and assistant director and keeps a good image in the industry.

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