Jacqueline Toboni’s Net Worth

Jacqueline Toboni, with each passing year, is landing more and more notable parts, and the number is growing. The Grimm star’s net worth is expected to reach $100,000 in 2021. All of this is the consequence of her tireless efforts in the performing world.

Jacqueline Toboni is landing more and more notable parts, and the number is growing.
Jacqueline Toboni has a net worth of $100,000 in 2021.
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Even though the net worth is known, the actual income and pay are unknown. According to some estimates, Grimm paid her between $50k and $60k, although no official data is available. Whatever the case may be, Jacqueline is undoubtedly living a high life.

Jacqueline Toboni’s Career

While attending St. Ignatius College Preparatory, Jacqueline Toboni began playing in the Young Conservatory at the American Conservatory Theatre (ACT) in San Francisco. In February 2014, she was spotted by screenwriter, director, and producer Jim Kouf, who had come to talk to her screenplay class at the University of Michigan. He sorted out some of the students by doing a table read with them.

Jim enabled them to read the screenplay for Trubel, a significant forthcoming role on the third season of the NBC television series ‘Grimm,’ to give them a feel for the audition process. Although Jacqueline had no prior professional experience in the film or television industry, she filmed reading astounded Kouf. He then persuaded NBC executives and the show’s production firm, Hazy Mills, to employ her for the job, after which she had to fly to Los Angeles to audition with veteran LA actresses.

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Later, the actress had to go to Portland for a screen test with David Giuntoli, but she got the part and quickly became a fan favorite. Her mother, coincidentally, retrieved a Grimm Brothers‘ fairy tale book that had been by her bedside the entire time shortly after she was cast in the role. Between 2014 to 2017, she played Theresa ‘Trubel’ Rubel for three seasons. Jacqueline went on to have a recurring part on Netflix’s ‘Easy‘ and roles in several films and television shows.

Jacqueline Toboni’s Relationship Detail

Jacqueline Toboni is currently dating Kassandra Clementi. Kassandra is a brand ambassador for Sunnylife, a Sydney-based company that aims to promote Australia’s unique summer flair worldwide. Meanwhile, it’s unclear when they first started dating. Clementi debuted on Toboni’s Instagram account on July 16, 2019, where the couple posed with an adorable dog. The couple’s excellent bond is still going strong after all these years.

Jacqueline Toboni's girlfriend is a brand ambassador for Sunnylife, a Sydney-based company.
Jacqueline Toboni with her dog and girlfriend, Kassandra Clementi.
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Previously, it was reported that this Bygone artist was dating Rayan Conor. Nothing useful was delivered to the audience in conclusion. Toboni appears to be keeping a good relationship that is kept hidden from the audience’s view. Jacqueline never spoke openly about her previous boyfriend on any platform.

Jacqueline Toboni’s Early Life

Jacqueline Rose Driscoll Toboni was born on February 18, 1992, in San Francisco, California. As for Jacqueline’s family, Her parents’ names have not been released to the public, but some claim they were of Irish and Italian descent. She is the youngest of five children born to her parents, with three brothers and a sister. 

Jacqueline Toboni was born on February 18, 1992, in San Francisco, California.
Jacqueline Toboni and her sister, Gianna Toboni.
Source: Instagram

Michael, her eldest brother, is a doctor; Joey, her second brother, is a contractor in San Francisco; and her third brother is a Red Sox scout. Gianna Toboni, her sister, is a correspondent and producer for VICE News on HBO and was named one of Forbes’ 30 most influential people under 30. In 2010, she received her high school diploma from St. Ignatius College Preparatory in San Francisco. Jacqueline went on to study theatre at the University of Michigan.

The 29-year-old had to put her studies on hold for a few months after landing the role of Trubel on ‘Grimm,’ but she returned in May 2014 to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Toboni participated in several theatre programs in addition to her schooling. She studied at the Movement Theatre Studio in New York and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London while an apprentice at the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

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