Isaak Presley is an American actor and singer who climbed his way into popularity from a Popular Netflix Tv series Fuller House as the character of Bobby Popko. He is also a social media star who is popular on various online platforms like youtube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Isaak was born on June 16, 2002, in Los Angeles, California, USA. He holds an American nationality and his horoscope is Gemini. As a young boy, he was born in an upper-middle-class family and raised on ranches as a cowboy.

How Was Presley’s Early life And Education

As a young boy, Isaak was very much interested in the Cowboy lifestyle on his ranches. At the age of 4, He started riding horses and at the age of 5, he started playing guitar and instruments.

He studied in a grade school up to 2nd grade in southern California and after that, his education was at an online school. It is known that from a young age he had a dream to pursue his acting career. Along with his passion for acting Isaak was also interested in horse riding, martial arts, and guitar playing.

Isaak Persley wearing Black T-shirt and sitting on the floor for a picture.
Isaak Presley posing in front of the camera, source:instagram@isaakpresley

Presley’s Relationship/family

Isaak Presley was born to Mr. Lou Persley in an upper-middle-class family. Mr. Lou is a dancer by profession and his mother is a housewife. Furthermore, information about his family members is undisclosed.

As for his relationship status, he is rumored to be single currently. He had previously dated American dancer Mackenzie Ziegler. The two previous love birds were in a relationship since 2019 and due to various personal reasons, they ended their relationship in 2020. It is also believed that Isaak was in a relationship with American actress and model Raelynn Harper previously. As of now he is allegedly single and isn’t dating anyone.

Isaak Presley and his dad wearing black dresses click a selfie.
Isaak Presley with his father, source:instagram@isaakpresley.

Career Highlights

Presley started his career as an actor in the American comedy movie ‘Brooklyn Brother Beat The Best. He didn’t get that much fame from the movie. Although he did star in some movies here and there like New Normal, Ghost girl, The Advocates, and some others.

Growing up Issak saw his father as his role model, In various interviews of his, he has stated that it was his father who pushed him to be an actor and he pursued that role.

He really got fame and recognization after striking a deal to star in Netflix series called Fuller House as Bobby popko in 2016. After that, he got recognized and got to star in an American Tv drama One Nation Under Good as David Guiterrez in 2018 along with he got a role in Disney’s Stuck in the middle as Ethan Diaz.

Isaak Persley Physical Appearance

The Fuller House Bobby Popko is a young and energetic-looking boy with a charismatic personality with excellent fashion sense. from his physique and good fashion sense he has been able to keep up with some type of fashion model among his followers.

Isaak is about 5 feet and 8 inches in height and his weight is around 65-70 kg along with short and styling hair with brown color and has brown eyes with blistering charm.

Isaak Networth

Through his acting, career Isaak had made a lot of fortune in his life. From the roles, he played in the Netflix series and Disney’s movie it is estimated that his net worth is around $1million dollar.

Along with his acting career money, he also earns from social media like youtube and TikTok. He has a good source of revenue from sponsored posts to other various forms of revenue in social media as his engagement among his 1.5 million Instagram followers and 508k youtube subscribers.

Isak Persely wearing a Black Hoddie with Black pans ridding a Motorbike.
Isaak Presley posing in a bike, source:instagram@isaakpresley

Isaak Presley films and Tv series

Isaak has starred in a handful of good movies and has established himself as a well-known face some of the famous movies he had started are listed below:

  • In 2020 he played a movie Hubie Halloween as the character Frankenstein kid and as David Guiterrez in the movie One Nation Under God.
  • In 2017 he featured in Disney Channel Stars DuckTales Theme Song as Isaak Presley
  • In 2015 he starred in the movie A History of Radness as Jack and as a Boy in the movie A killer of Men
  • In 2014 he played in the movie Pro Wrestling Family as Alex
  • In 2013 he starred in a movie called The Advocates as Cable
  • In 2011 he played Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best as Barely.

He has also starred in multiple tv series like

  • From 2019-to 2020 he played in a series Total Eclipse as Axel
  • From 2016-to 2020 he played in the Netflix series Fuller House as Bobby Popko
  • From 2016-to 2018 he played in a series called Stuck in the Middle as Ethan Diaz
  • In 2016 he starred in a series Nicky, Ricky, D*cky & Dawn as Derek Moses
  • In 2015 Isaak played in a series OMG! as Jacques
  • In 2015 he played in a series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp as Kyle and in the series Austin & Ally as Max
  • In 2014 he played in a series Instant Mon as Peety
  • In 2013 he played in a series Ghost Ghirls as Mikey Shelton 2012: The New Normal as Wilbur

Presley songs

Isaak is also a singer along with an actor and has been putting on performances for far too long. It is reported that from a young age he used to play guitar and perform songs at various events in his hometown.

Currently, there are three singles by Presley named About Love, Tick tock, and Be the king. He has kept all of this song on his youtube channel along with its cover.

Isaak Social media’s

Isaak is very much active on all of its social media like youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. Isaak has a verified profile on Instagram with 1.5 million followers, TikTok with around a 1.7million followers, and 508k subscribers on Youtube. He posts content regarding his daily life and modeling pictures and songs and vines on his social media sites.

Here are links to his social media account

Instagram @isaakpresley

Tiktok @isaakpresley

Youtube @Isaakpresley

Presley Awards And Charity

Throughout his career, Isaak has received numerous awards for her achievements in a variety of industries. He has received numerous rodeo awards for his horseback riding. from his gymkhana, he has won more than 20 gold medals. For his singing, he has won “The official Voice of Norco” Award. Along with this, he has won the award “Outstanding Ensemble Cast in a Web or VOD series” in 2015, which he shared along with his co-star.

Isaak is also one of the charitable stars along with his father. It is reported that he had donated his earnings for the operation of children with cleft palate. He has also shown a strong desire to set up his own charity along with his family for children.

Interesting facts About Issak Presley

  • Isaak Presley has a very strong passion for poetry.
  • Isaak is part of a youtube group named squad 7.
  • He is a big animal lover and loves his dog which he had since she was a puppy.
  • He is a kind of an art collector and collects various things like comics, and coins.
  • His favorite superhero is flash.
  • He describes himself as spontaneous, fun, and energetic.

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