India Ennenga’s Early Life

India Ennenga was born on November 16, 1994, in New York, the United States. Mother Laurie Weltz and father George Ennenga are the proud parents of this young lady. In Brooklyn, New York, India attended Saint Ann’s School, where she received her education under the guidance of Ennenga. She is of 5 feet 2 inches in height.

India Ennenga's old photo.
India Ennenga’s Old photo.
Image Source: India Ennenga’s Instagram

India went to Brown University. A Nothing More Than Matter: Spectral Thought Across Media” was her thesis work at the university. She earned magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature later in her career.

India Ennenga Net Worth And Career

Since it’s currently being evaluated, India Ennenga’s net worth hasn’t been released yet. It is estimated that she has a fortune of $500,000. She’s put in a lot of time and effort to be where she is now.

India Ennenga is posing for the photo.
India Ennenga is posing for the photo.
Image Source: India Ennenga’s Instagram

Ennenga’s current position results from years of effort and commitment on her part. She is spoiled beyond belief. She likes going to the beach for her vacations. India Ennenga began her acting career in 2006 and hadn’t looked back since.

Throughout her career, she has been in several television shows and films. From 2006 until 2009, she provided the voice of Pinky, the main character, in the American animated children’s television series Pinky Dinky Doo.

In 2008, she portrayed Sophie in the film The Last International Playboy. In 2008, she played Molly Haines in the movie The Women. Multiple Touches of Sarcasm featured her as Elizabeth. Since then, she’s been in several other films, such as Nobody Walks and Sun Belt Express.

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The Irishman, an upcoming American biographical crime thriller, is the latest project she has been involved in. Mary Knowles has also written an article titled “Toward a More Radical Selfie.”

India Ennenga’s Current Relationship

When it comes to personal matters, India Ennenga can keep things quiet. Despite her enormous fame, she maintains a strict separation between her personal and professional lives. Even though she hasn’t spoken publicly about her personal life, it’s safe to say that she is not currently single.

India Ennenga is with her friend.
India Ennenga is with her friend.
Image Source: India Ennenga’s Instagram

India had been spotted with her boyfriend a while back. However, neither India Ennenga nor anybody else has ever verified this claim. She has posted a photo of herself with a guy on Instagram. It’s unclear whether they see each other or not.

India Ennenga The Returned And American Horror Story

As Camille Winship in the television series The Return, she portrays Young Lena. It’s Carlton Cuse’s American version of the 2012 French supernatural thriller Les Revenants, shown worldwide as The Returned. The American adaptation of the series depicts the lives of citizens in a small village that are upended when long-dead persons start reappearing.

American Horror Story omits Ennenga in its cast. This season of American Horror Story features Taissa Farmiga in three separate roles. Coven’s Zoe Benson was her second part, after Violet Harmon in Murder House.

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In Roanoke, the show’s sixth chapter, she played Sophie Green. Taissa Farmiga will be back for the show’s eighth season, dubbed Apocalypse, according to Ryan Murphy. Ennenga’s resemblance to Taissa is easy to mistake.

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