Imani Showalter is a TV personality from the United States, who gained fame for her role in the initial season of Basketball Wives, a reality TV program.

Imani Showalter’s Wiki/ Bio

Imani Showalter is an American TV star who was born on February 11, 1983, so she’s now 40 years old.

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Imani Showalter is of Afro-American Descent. Source: Instagram

Moreover, the lady comes from an African-American background and doesn’t talk much about her family. However, on her birthday, she did mention her wonderful mother, Georgia Showalter, in an Instagram post. She hasn’t shared any info about where she grew up or her childhood and related to her family.

What Is Imani Showalter’s Relationship Status?

The 40-year-old Showalter used to be a singer and TV star. She had a long relationship with her husband, basketball player Stephen Jackson, and they have two kids together a daughter named Taylor and a son named Stephen Jackson Jr.. See another media sensation Telee Gaulden‘s love life.

She posted a cute caption on her son’s birthday with a caption, “It’s a real one’s Birthday🎉!!! Wish my baby boy a Happy Birthday 🎂🎊My Best Friend, My Heart, My Everything, My SonShine!!!! I Love You Twin!!! Happy Birthday @sstackyy 💕❤️”

In 2020, the NBA player, Jackson revealed that he left her former fiance Imani at their wedding in 2005 because she didn’t want to sign a special agreement about money before the duo married.

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Imani Showalter with her son. Source: Instagram

Similarly, the star partner Imani disagreed with what Stephen said. She claimed the two never agreed to this money agreement before. The gorgeous lady had proof, like papers with signatures from both of them, and it said they agreed on certain things like money and where they would live. But Stephen’s signature wasn’t on those papers.

After the lovely pair broke up in 2005, Imani was on reality TV, especially a show called “Basketball Wives LA.” However, the athlete married Renata Elizabeth White in 2009, but they divorced in 2015. He now hosts a podcast called “All the Smoke” with Matt Barnes.

Rumored To Be Dating Marvin Sapp

Gospel artist and Pastor of Lighthouse Full Life Center Church, Marvin Sapp, and reality TV personality, Showalter, are said to have been in a growing relationship since they first met in Los Angeles. Their initial encounter happened when Sapp served as a guest host on the popular “How Sweet the Sound” choir competition.

It was rumored that the love mates exchanged contact information and started communicating shortly after the show. About a week later, Marvin flew Imani to Grand Rapids to visit him and experience his church. Ever since that meeting, they’ve been inseparable. Imani was even there to support Marvin when he hosted the Stellar Awards in Nashville during Martin Luther King weekend.

Meanwhile, Sapp is a father of three and a widower; his ex-wife Malinda passed away from colon cancer in 2010. It’s been reported that his congregation is accepting of his relationship with Imani, as long as she doesn’t share too many revealing pictures on social media. To add more, the celebrities hadn’t clarified their love rumors to the public media.

Short Bio On Stephen Jackson

The charming personage Jackson is a retired American basketball player who spent 14 seasons in the NBA. He won an NBA championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 2003 and later became a well-known advocate for civil rights, particularly during the Black Lives Matter movement.

Moreover, the media star was born in Houston, Texas, but grew up in Port Arthur, Texas, where he was raised by his single mother, Judyette, who worked two jobs. As a teenager, he worked at his grandfather’s soul food restaurant, doing tasks like washing dishes and clearing tables. Tragically, when he was 16, his half-brother, Donald Buckner, died from head injuries after an assault.

In high school, Stephen led Lincoln High School to a state championship in his junior year. He then attended Oak Hill Academy in Virginia, where he performed exceptionally well in the McDonald’s All-American Game.

Likewise, Jackson’s path to the NBA was unique. He got his opportunity after Virginia Bibby, the mother of fellow basketball player Mike Bibby, saw potential in him and helped him secure a workout with the Phoenix Suns, leading to his selection in the 1997 NBA Draft. Also, get to know about Luke Roessler.

Similarly, the household name’s NBA journey began with the New Jersey Nets in the 2000-01 season. He then played for the San Antonio Spurs from 2001 to 2003, winning an NBA championship in 2003. Over the next four seasons, he averaged 17 points per game and played for the Atlanta Hawks, Indiana Pacers, and Golden State Warriors.

In 2009-10, the TV star had an impressive season, averaging 20.6 points per game for the Warriors and Charlotte Bobcats. He continued to perform well in 2010-11 with the Bobcats, averaging 18.5 points per game. In his later years in the league, he played a valuable role on various teams. Sadly, Stephen officially retired from the NBA on July 22, 2015.

Imani Showalter In Basketball Wives: LA

Well, the stunning Showalter became famous after being on a TV show called Basketball Wives: LA. Before all of this, Imani used to sing in a group in New York. She was also on Basketball Wives: LA, but only for one season.

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Imani Showalter with her friend. Source: Instagram

Further, the show was about the lives of women who were dating or married to basketball players. Imani later said she left the show to find what she really loved to do. Some people said she was fired from the show, but that turned out not to be true.

What Is Imani Showalter’s Net Worth?

Imani is an American reality TV star, and by 2023, her estimated net worth stands at $2 million. She initially gained fame as a member of a musical group based in New York and later appeared on various VH1 reality shows, such as “Charm School,” “I Love Money,” “For the Love of Ray J,” and “Real Chance of Love.

Moreover, the media personality’s net worth is primarily a result of her appearances on successful shows like “Basketball Wives: LA.” These shows provided her with a platform to showcase her personality and strength, which boosted her popularity. Likewise, the star has multiple sources of income, including personal appearances and product endorsements.

On the other side, her ex-fiancee, Jackson, is also a prosperous basketball player, with an estimated net worth of approximately $20million in 2023. His wealth mainly comes from his successful NBA career, where he earned substantial salaries and endorsements from major brands like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok.

In addition to his basketball earnings, the sportsperson has invested in real estate. He owns several properties in the United States, including a lavish mansion in San Antonio, Texas, featuring amenities like a swimming pool, basketball court, and a private gym. Stephen also possesses a vacation home in the Bahamas, which includes a private beach, pool, and spa.

Social Media Presence

The pretty woman Imani is quite active on social media platforms. On Instagram, she has more than 12.4 thousand followers with the username @iammelissaimani. She regularly shares photos and videos about her daily life, music, and family. She also adds her humorous take on various topics.

Also, Imani has a YouTube channel with more than 376 subscribers. Here, she uploads videos about her music, thoughts on different subjects, and her everyday experiences. She also talks about being a single mother and shares insights into the entertainment industry. In addition, the Hollywood star never misses an opportunity to engage her audience.

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