After taking some time off for vacation, Hoda Kotb returned to the Today Show on Monday. Upon returning to the morning program, Kotb offered one key takeaway from her time away, which she learned while attending a retreat. The anchor revealed that she went ten days without using her phone while at the retreat. Kotb recognized she was “happier” without her gadget now that she’s back to her normal schedule.

The Where We Belong author opened out about her time off on the fourth hour of the Today Show, which Kotb co-hosts with Jenna Bush Hager. She went to a retreat “where they take your phone away — that was one of the things,” Kotb told her co-anchor. It was difficult for her to live without her smartphone at first. However, she ultimately began to appreciate not having the equipment on hand.

Hoda Kotb made her return to the Today Show on Monday after taking some time off for a vacation.
Hoda Kotb Making Big Life Change Upon Returning to ‘Today.’
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It was really amusing because when I came out into the world at the end, I observed that everyone was crouched over a phone – and no judgment, because that’s how I was, right?” According to Kotb. “However, as I looked around, I noticed that everyone was slumped.”

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If you had slept for 30 years… you would know that when you woke up and looked around that everyone’s gazing at this small box and clutching it like it’s gold, and where is it, and if they lose it, they’re screaming,” the Today host said. Joel Schiffman, Sameha Kotb and Haley Joy Kotb are her family members.

Kotb has spoken out about how much she uses her smartphone.
Hoda Kotb with her friend.
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Was I happy with it or happier without it?” Kotb wondered at the end. “I was happy without it,” the American broadcaster eventually realized. She then made a significant shift in her daily routine after arriving at this decision. As a result, she has chosen to only use her phone for “necessities.” When it comes to her phone usage, Kotb has a goal in mind, telling Hager that she wants to be able to be “narrowly focused.”

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Kotb has spoken up about how often she uses her smartphone, according to the official Today Show website. She told the audience in 2018 that she was taking some unusual steps to cut down on her phone usage. The anchor added that she planned to hide her phone in a Tupperware container so she wouldn’t have to check it as much. However, it appears that her recent retreat was the catalyst for change.

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