Hal Cumpston, an Australian actor, has gained fame for his outstanding performance in the television series The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Additionally, he served as a guest host on Have you been paying attention?

Cumpston was born on the 29th of May,1999, and was raised in Australia. As per his birth sign, Cumpston holds the zodiac sign of Gemini. Although he has just started his career, he has already made his name known through his acting skills.

Here are 14 things you don’t know about Cumpston’s life.

Net Worth

Hal Cumpston is one of the rising actors who has already won several accolades. He has been in hit projects and based on them it is safe to assume that he earns a good amount.

Cumpston is speculated to have a net worth of around $550 Thousand. Some of the movies and TV series in which he has made his appearance are The greatest beer run ever, The Walking Dead: World beyond, Nine perfect strangers, etc.

In addition to this, Hal’s father Jeremy is estimated to have a net worth of $5 Million whereas his mother has a net worth of $1 Million.

Cumpston Was On Cricket Team When He Was In High School

Hal was on a cricket team while he was pursuing his education at Waverly college. Although his academic grades and qualification are behind the shade, it is known that he was quite good at bowling.

3rd XI cricket bowling award for Hal Cumpston.
3rd XI cricket bowling award for Hal Cumpston.
Source: Facebook Hal Cumpston

He has also been a recipient of the 3rd XI cricket bowling award in the year 2017. Cumpston was very happy when he received this accolade.

Relationship Status

Hal Cumpton has not disclosed his current relationship status. Apparently, the Australian actor is living a single life. He is yet to introduce his partner to the world.

However, Cumpton has shared a picture of him and Maddie Sherston on his Instagram from which it can be speculated that they two have been involved romantically.

Family Background

Cumpton comes from a well-known family from Australia. His parents are both from the entertainment industry. His father Jeremy Cumpston is an actor as well as a producer and director whereas his mother Rachel Lane is a producer. Not only this, but Jeremy is also a doctor.

Hal Cumpstons parents 1
Hal Cumpston’s parents.
Source: 9Honey-Nine

His parents have a lot of influence on him and his career life. They have supported their child to follow his dreams.

Father – Jeremy Cumpston

Hal’s father, Jeremy Cumpston is an actor as well as a doctor by profession. He is well-known for his role as Conor Costello in the series All Saints.

Jeremy was born in the year 1967 and celebrates his birthday every 10th of January. He was raised by his parents alongside his four siblings in Australia as well as Canada. They kept on relocating between Canada and Australia because of his father’s occupation as a doctor.

Hal Cumpstons father Jeremy Cumpston.
Hal Cumpston’s father Jeremy Cumpston.
Source: Discogs

Cumpston decided to pursue Medical and make a career in it like his father. Although he went to study for being in a medical field like his father, his interest was still in acting. So, after his internship at Prince Henry’s hospital, he enrolled in acting classes.

All Saints actor was in the same acting class as the popular star Hugh Jackman and Jason Clarke. Soon, Jeremy started his acting life in 1992 from Hidden Injuries. Throughout his career, he has 13 credits as an actor which are for What if it works?, The Mystery of Natalie Woods, etc.

Throughout New South Wales, Cumpston operated a chain of Ageless Clinics cosmetic clinics during his medical career. His practice license expires in 2020, and AHPRA requested that he show the Medical Board of Australia documentation of adequate professional indemnity insurance coverage.

Mother -Rachel Lane

Rachel Lane is the mother of Cumpston and she is well-known as a producer of the I can Hear Ice cream. Much of her information is behind the curtains as she does not like to publicize her information.

Lane was married to Cumpston but they parted ways. However, they are on friendly terms and co-parented Hal.

Hal’s Father Has Married Two Times

Cumpston’s father Jeremy has been married to women in his life. His first wife was Rachel Lane who is a producer. They share Hal together as a child. Unfortunately, their relationship came to an end.

Since 2005, Jeremy is married to Jessica Brentnall who is also a producer. She is known for her work in Sleeping beauty.

Charlie Brucato Has Played The Stuntman Double For Cumpston

Most celebrities use their stunt double when they can not perform difficult stunts. Similar to them, Cumpston also has his body double.

Hal Cumpston with his body double.
Hal Cumpston with his body double.
Source: Instagram @hal_cumpston

Charlie Brucato performs different stunts in the place of Cumpston. He has shared pictures of himself with Brucato on Instagram.

Cumpston Is Walking In The Footstep Of His Father

Cumpston was an acting enthusiast from an early age as he admired his father’s work so much. He always thought of becoming a fine actor and one of the most successful people in the entertainment industry.

His father’s latest work was in the 2020 short Stuntbot where he appeared as a Talk show host. Similarly, Cumpston has worked with his father in Bilched.

Cumpston Has Been A Writer And Producer Like His Father

Not just acting, Cumpston has also explored the domain of writing and producing the movie Bilched which was released in 2019.

He has got one credit for each category in his IMDb profile. The movie Bilched has all of his family members as a contributor. Cumpston’s father has acted and his mother Rachel has produced it.

Awards And Nominations

Cumpston has been a recipient of the Best Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor and was awarded the Grand Prix Best Feature Film title for his performance in Bilched.

This award has paved the way for his successful career path. It earned him the role of Silas in The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

As Silas Plaskett In The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Cumpston has portrayed the role of Silas Plaskett very well. As a character, he is shown as a shy person working as a Janitor in the community. However, the secrets about his monstrous nature start to come to the surface and people slowly move away from him. To prove his innocence he goes to the walking dead.

Walking Dead: World Beyond star Hal Cumpston on How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.

Hal has been able to gain a lot of fan followers for himself from his role. He has also become one of the important characters of the show.

Nine Perfect Strangers

Nine Perfect Strangers is the story of Nine stressed city dwellers visiting a boutique health-and-wellness resort that promises healing and transformation. The resort’s director is a woman on a mission to reinvigorate their tired minds and bodies.

In the series, Hal has played the role of Zach Marconi. The character has a twin, Zoe Marconi who got hurt when Zach died.

Social Media Presence

Cumpston is quite active on social media and keeps on posting through his accounts. He loves to give updates about himself to his close ones. He has activated accounts on major social media platforms.

Bilched actor is available on Instagram under the username @Halcumpston where he has amassed more than 11k followers. He has shared a glimpse of his professional and personal life on this social media platform.

Similarly, his Facebook account has 1.2k friends. In addition to this, there is a Twitter account under his name but it is not clear if it belongs to him.

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