HBO Max’s relaunch of Gossip Girl has been a different brand of decadent and insane than the original series, focusing on social media and how the hyper-rich interact in a newer, more woke age. The current generation of pupils at New York City’s Constant Billard School are forging their path, although there are echoes of the CW original in each episode.

While there has been implication to Blair, Serena, Dan, Chuck, and Nate in virtually every episode, “Hope Sinks,” the fifth episode, contained the most obvious connection to the original series.

Gossip Girl has been a different type of decadent and deranged from the original series, with the focus on social media and how the hyper-rich interacts in a newer, more woke age.
‘Gossip Girl Welcomes Original Series Alum Back in New Role.
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One of Blair’s (Leighton Meester) minions, Nelly Yuki, returned in Thursday’s episode (Yin Chang). Yuki, now an editor at New York Magazine, was invited to a fancy Halloween party by bleeding heart Obie (Eli Brown) to expose one of her writers who was acting as a student in an attempt to reveal the identity of Gossip Girl, complete with costumes based on the original cast.

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The author believed it was Zoya (Whitney Peak), never thinking that the Instagram tell-all account was managed by Kate Keller and her colleagues (Tavi Gevinson). After Zoya partners up with her hacking genius son, MS (Azhy Robertson), to blackmail her half-sister, Julien, this appearance by Nelly Yuki follows a reference to villain Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) (Jordan Alexander).

he original Gossip Girl, which ran from 2007 to 2012, paid homage to fashion in its writing, as well as in its various flashy scenes, and the current producers clearly knew they needed to nail this again.
Gossip Girl reboot: The cast on wearing high-end fashion.
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Are there any more high-profile appearances in the works, given all these references to the initial gang of troublemakers? Most likely not. “If Blake or Leighton return back and only had like two scenes, no one would enjoy it,” showrunner Joshua Safran told E! News. “You want to spend alot time with them if they come back.” Despite the references, this new Gossip Girl is striving to stand on its own.

At the New York City premiere, actress Emily Alyn Lind told E! News, “No one is attempting to replicate [the original characters].” “We’re new characters,” says the narrator. Because we all went to the same school, there may be sparks of them in each of us… but it’s different, and I want everyone to know that. “We’re not attempting to recreate the original.”

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