Faizon Love is an American Former Standup comedian and actor. Love began his career at the age of 15, throughout the decade he released several standup comedy records and did his first debut through off-Broadway at the age of 19.

Love has done several movies in his acting career and left an unforgettable remark on the audience through his versatile performance and character.

He is widely known for his character such as Bruce the Bear from Zookeeper Wanda from Elf, Big Worm from Friday, Sean “Sweet” Johnson from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Jahmal Abdul Jackson from The Replacements, Big Worm from Friday Robin Harris from Bébé’s Kids and Maurice from The Meteor Man.

Faizon is Rich

Faizon Love has a net worth of approximately $8M. He generated his income through social media revenue, the movie industry, show, and sponsors. After being part of the movie Elf and Friday, He was praised and recognized for his commendable acting.

Faizon Love 2
Faizon Love is posing in front of his car. Source: [email protected]

Besides fame and name from his professional life, he has also accumulated a good number of fandom.

Early life

Langston Faizon Santisima is a place where Faizon Love was born. He was brought into this world on June 14, 1968.

He was raised in Southeast San Diego, California and Newark, New jersey; because of his father’s profession, he was in the U.S. Navy. He holds a degree from Moose High School, Southeast Diego.

An acting career at Fifteen

The Meteor Man actor Faizon started his career at 15 as a standup comedian before his Broadway debut. However, after three years, he discontinued and made his acting journey through an off-Broadway in the Harlem national black theater. The versatile actor embraced his talent and gave a voice impression to the animated movie “Bebe kids.” Following that, he started doing movies like The Meteor Man, B*A*P*S., and The Replacement.

He never gives up his hard work and dedication because of his spectacular performance as a drug dealer in the movie Friday, which was released in 1995. It was his first screen appearance, whereas he also gave a voice to an animated cartoon in 1992.

Cigar Lover

Fear of a Black hat actor Faizon loves to make his day pleasant by consuming Cigars, he is so much into nicotine that even while having a shower he seems to enjoy smoking.

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Faizon Love enjoys his cigar on chilly days. Source: [email protected]

The actor loves to smoke because is a great way to relax after a long and hectic day The act of smoking itself is relaxing, and the nicotine can help to calm your nerves.

Faizon share a lot of video on his social media while smoking a cigar. However, he never mislead or influenced his young audience.

Were 2 Pac and Faizon close?

Faizon Love never mentions or discloses any information regarding their friendship but when the legendary Rapper 2pac died, he seems to be lacking his presence and contribution to the music industry.

The comedian-actor speaks his mind and said that the Rapper Snoop dog could prevent the death of 2Pac.

Controversy and Criticism

B*A*P*S actor Faizon is very outspoken and never afraid to speak his mind on emerging situations; due to this reason, he gets himself into trouble sometimes. In 2014, the actor posted a controversial tweet against Billy Cosby about the sexual assault allegations. Defending Cosby against the charges, he used offensive language and racist terms.

It was considered the biggest criticism in his raising career. In 2015, Faizon once again posted tweets in defense of Cosby, dismissing his fellow African-Americans who believed the allegations as “spineless monkeys.

Furthermore, At Columbus, he got arrested for misdemeanor assault, inflicting physical harm or unwanted physical contact upon a person.

Movies: Success and Box Office

Faizon Love had done a lot of movies in this professional career and was able to embrace his versatility in the field of Hollywood cinema. He got his first opportunity as a voice-over artist for an animated movie, Bebe’s Kid, in 1992

Additionally, in 1993 and 1994, he did The Meteor Man, Fear of Black hat. Finally, 1995 took a turn in the actor’s life; he got massive support and was praised for acting in the movie “Friday,” which did quite well at the box office. The total movie collection was $27467564 and had IMDb ratings of 7.2/10.

Friday is a 1995 American buddy stoner comedy film directed by F. Gary Gray and written by Ice Cube and DJ Pooh. Faizon played the character of Big worm


The Replacement actor Faizon is married to a girl whose name has not been disclosed, but he posted pictures of her on Instagram by captioning “Look, Mrs.Love.” He has never mentioned any information about his personal life and his wife.

faizon love
Faizon Love posting a picture of his wife. Source: [email protected]

In his life, he has dealt with numerous scandals, including in his personal life. On 2012 actor mentioned Melanie Brown in a tweet and captioned them Love of his life, but Melanie never confirmed it.

Similarly, In 2017 he posted a picture of a girl and mentioned “My Sunshine.” The actor is an expert in keeping secrets and maintaining complexity. He is married now and has an adorable daughter called Archy. However, Archy’s mother is still unknown.


ELf actor Faizon shares a great bond with his daughter Archy. The father and daughter keep spending quality time together. Faizon post a lot of goofy pictures of his baby girl on his Instagram account.

Faizon Love 4
Faizon Love posted a picture of his child Archy. Source: [email protected]

Archy is a beautiful and elegant child who was born on May 4, 2019. The mother of the child is still out of reach, and the actor never states any case regarding his marital life.


B*P*S actor Faizon is a full-spirited guy who loves to go for surfing in his spare time. Despite having a hectic schedule, He manages time for surfing.

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Faizon Love is enjoying Surfing. Source: [email protected]

Furthermore, Besides acting, he loves to try the deadliest sport, surfing and loves to spend time on the beach

Social media

Friday actor Faizon has active participation on social media platforms where he promotes his movies and information about his upcoming project.

He is followed by 37.5K people on his Twitter account:@FAIZONLOVE.He joined Twitter in May 2010. On Instagram:Faizonlove has more than 205k followers, and he posts numerous pictures with her loved ones. Besides that, He also uses it and talks about the burning issue worldwide. His vision and work are praised by many of her fans. On top of that, he has various fan pages and accounts where we can see him grabbing the attention of his supporter.

physical appearance

Bebe’s kids actor Arizona stands at an incredible height of 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 127 kilograms. His hair is black, and he has dusky skin.

Faizon love 5
Faizon Love showing his body.Source: [email protected]

Faizon undoubtfully has an excessive weight which didn’t seem to bother the actor. However, he gets a lot of negative comments about his body. Netizens intentionally harass and body shame him.
He is working hard to maintain his body under the supervision of the dietician.

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