Rap God Eminem’s fans must be aware of Eric Hartter, and if you don’t know him, you need to question yourself if you really know Eminem? We all know about Eminem’s adopted daughter Whitney Scott Mathers but did you know that her real name is Whitney Hartter. Now, if you pieced two and two together, Eric is the biological father of Eminem’s adopted daughter.

But who was Eric Hartter? What’s his connection with the Mathers family? Let’s head right in the read below to solve all the queries on him. 

Who Is Eric Hartter?

You must be wondering how does Eric Hartter fit into the equation of Eminem’s family. Sure he was the biological father of Whitney Scott Mathers, but it is also true that her father is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, aka Eminem. So who really is the man in question, and what is his role?

Eric Hartter is the father of Eminem's adopted daughter Whitney
Some rare snaps of Eric Hartter.
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The celebrity child, Whitney’s biological father, was a Tattoo artist by profession. Even though there isn’t any information on him considering his personal choice of privacy, it is said that he’s quite the troublesome man who’s had his share of linking with criminal activities. He’s even had a couple of arrest warrants under his name for drug dealing charges. Unfortunately, he passed away in March 2020 due to a drug overdose at 40.

Whitney Scott Mathers Is The Daughter of Eric Hartter and Kim Mathers

Even though Whitney Scott Mathers is renowned all over the world as the dearest offspring of Eminem, she is the biological product of Kim Mathers and her ex-boyfriend Eric Hartter. For the longest of time, we’ve heard of Kim’s affiliation with the world-famous artist Eminem. Their relationship wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine as they faced their share of hurdles along the way.

Eric Hartter's daughter Whitney Scott Mathers
Eric Hartter’s daughter Whitney Scott Mathers. Photo Source: Line Fame

Kim’s courtship with Marshall began when she was barely 13 after running away from her home along with her sister Dawn Scott. The girls lived with the future superstar and his mother, and in the meantime, Kim’s relationship got further, and she gave birth to her daughter Hailie Mathers in 1995. After four years, the couple married each other but ended up separating in 2001 due to personal reasons.

After the separation, Hailie’s mother met Eric, and they had a brief affair where she got pregnant with Whitney. Eric was unable to be a good father for her child due to his involvement in criminal activities, which is why Kim went back to Eminem, and he ended up adopting the child as his own.

What is Eric Hartter’s Net Worth Collection? Where Is He Now?

Eric Hartter’s main profession was as a tattoo artist and an illegal drug distributor. As of now, we don’t have an exact inkling of his net worth collection as he’s busy staying away from the police attention. However, he must’ve garnered a significant amount for himself through his shenanigans before the arrest.

Whitney Scott Mathers with her dad Emine
A young Whitney Scott Mathers with her father Eminem.
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Speaking about Whitney’s father, the 49-year-old holds a staggering net worth collection of $230 million. His total earning is about $380 million earned by his record sales, merch, tours, and concerts. The singer has given a lavish lifestyle to his daughters from his hard-earned stacks of greens.

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