Elizabeth Tabish is a well-known American actress and filmmaker. Her most famous role was playing Mary Magdalene in the TV series The Chosen by Angel Studios. You might have also seen her in action movies like Panic and Honor Among Thieves from 2021.

Elizabeth Tabish- Age & Family

Elizabeth Tabish was born on the 26th of May, 1986. Currently, she is in her late 30s. It is revealed that she previously lived in Texas, and now she is based in Los Angeles, California. Also, her IMDb profile states that she is related to Jesse Tabish.

Moreover, Tabish has dark brown hair and is a highly creative and lovely lady. The 5 feet 6-inch-tall actress is active on Instagram and has a large following. On her social media accounts, The Chosen star shares mostly pictures from her work.

Elizabeth Tabish at award show.
Elizabeth Tabish at the award show.
Image Source: Elizabeth Tabish’s Instagram.

In addition, Elizabeth finished her B.A. in Screen studies and M.A. in theatre from Oklahoma State University. There is not any information about her high school.

Is Elizabeth Tabish Married?

Yes, Elizabeth Tabish is currently in a marital relationship with her husband Stan Mayer. The couple tries hard to keep their relationship away from the public. Tabish married Stan privately and not much information is known about their marriage.

Elizabeth Tabish and her husband Stan Meyer
Elizabeth Tabish and her husband Stan Meyer.
Source: The Family Nation

Tabish wished her husband on his birthday on September 21, 2022. She captioned the post as;

Happy birthday my love!!! You’ve brought me a kind of happiness I didn’t know was possible and I thank God every moment of every day for you. I love you like crazy @stoshmayer.

Furthermore, the couple was also spotted in Berlin together. The couple was there for play.

Play Wright and Former US Marine Husband – Stan Mayer

Elizabeth Tabish’s husband Stan Mayer lives a private life and hardly discusses anything about himself. He has also kept his Instagram profile private.

However, it is known that Stan is a former member of the US Marines. During his active days, he had to serve five postings in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to this, Mayer is now working as a Playwright. Mama Mama can’t you see is one of his creative writing.

Elizabeth Tabish Was Incredibly Betrayed by Her Former Love

Well, the 37 year old media star has not disclosed her former love. From her Instagram posts, it seems like she used to date Texas-based artist Charles Ben Russell, however. she has not officially stated this.

The filmmaker mentioned that she was incredibly betrayed by her former love which shattered her heart. Not only her former partner but many of her close friends had hurt her feelings in the past.

Elizabeth Tabish’s Net Worth 2023

Elizabeth Tabish is estimated to have a net worth of $500000. Similarly, her yearly compensation is thought to be over $200,000. In 2010, she began her career as an actor and filmmaker. She also produced and authored a total of eleven short films.

Elizabeth Tabish is posing for the photo.
Elizabeth Tabish is posing for the photo.
Image Source: Elizabeth Tabish’s Instagram.

Furthermore, Tabish had her big break in 2019 when she was cast in the series The Chosen. Tabish is an actress with a wide range of skills. She is equally talented in front of and behind the camera. In addition, she has worked as a director, editor, writer, producer, cinematographer, and more behind the camera!

Elizabeth Tabish Says The Chosen Has Changed Her Religious Belief

Elizabeth Tabish used to have less faith in god before she played in The Chosen. She simply did not realize the hand of god throughout all this time. Understanding the character, Mary, Tabish started to have more faith in god.

Also, Dallas Jenkins developed and directed the series, which was self-funded. In 2017, the project was opened up for crowdfunding, and in its first season, it was able to gather $10 million in equity. It was dubbed the biggest crowdfunded film or television production in history by many people. It was eventually shown on BYU TV.

The Chosen's poster.
The Chosen’s poster.
Image Source: Elizabeth Tabish’s Instagram.

The series’ premise centered on Jesus Christ’s selected followers, who included a debt-ridden fisherman, a neurotic woman battling her inner demons, and a gifted accountant who was outcast by his family and colleagues. Elizabeth played the role of Mary Magdalene whereas Jonathan Roumie played Jesus, Nick Shakoour portrayed Zebedee, and Shahar Issac played Simon Peter.

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The series earned positive reviews upon its premiere in 2019 and has a 9.7/10 rating on IMDb. It was estimated that 50 million people watched it throughout the globe. For its second season, which premiered in 2021, the series raised another $10 million. In 2021, a crowdfunding campaign for the third season was also launched.

What Elizabeth Tabish Does For Living?

The gorgeous Tabish is an American actress and filmmaker known for her role as Mary Magdalene in The Chosen, an Angel Studios television series. She co-founded Maenad Productions, focusing on short films featuring feminine archetypes.

The 37-year-old actress entered the film industry during her college years, studying arts-related fields, and actively participating in dramas. Her breakthrough came with the role of Mary Magdalene in the 2017 series In Chosen. Likewise, she recently starred in The Shift (2023).

In addition, the Beautiful Lady is also a co-founder of Maenad Productions, specializing in women-centric short films like Verdurous, Like a Ghost, and Musa Malvada. Beyond filmmaking, she serves as the Creative Director of the Austin Arthouse Film Festival, where she oversees the organization and management of the festival, showcasing independent films from across the globe.

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