Eliana Johnson remains the perfect example of an empowered woman who made a name for herself through immense hardwork in the journalism field. Despite all the challenges to represent top media houses, she makes the job look like a cakewalk with her vital decade-long experience. Her introduction would be incomplete without mentioning that she is an editor-in-Chief of Washington Free Beacon. Just in her mid-thirties, the American journalist still has a lot of good years to offer in the media platform. So, stay with us to delve into her net worth, career, and personal life details.

Eliana Johnson’s Staggering Net Worth

Talking about finances and income, Eliana Johnson has nothing to worry about considering her stable job at Washington Free Beacon. Specifically, she owns a whopping net worth of $500,000 as of 2020. With the age factor by her side, the day isn’t far when her net worth will touch the $1 million mark.

Eliana Johnson in a red dress poses for a picture.
Eliana Johnson is a national political reporter for Politico. Source: Newsmax

With such a massive bank balance, Johnson enjoys a lavishing lifestyle around all sorts of modern-day amenities. As the editor-in-chief of Washington Free Beacon, she earns around $66,123 per year, which happens to be the average salary of editor-in-chief in the United States. In addition to her regular salaries, she also makes a significant amount of earnings from a blog she founded titled ‘Yale Diva’ which covers all the latest political happenings.

Eliana Johnson’s Career Details In Brief

While Eliana Johnson might have a stable job at the Washington Free Beacon at present, she burnt the midnight oil for many years to get into such a position. She previously worked as a producer at Fox News on Sean Hannity’s television program ‘Hannity.’ Similarly, she was also a staff reporter at The New York Sun, which further strengthened her portfolio.

Eliana Johnson in a black t-shirt poses for a picture.
Eliana Johnson worked as a producer at Fox News. Source: Twitter

Eliana Johnson’s professional career took a big uplift when she got promoted from the media editor to Washington editor in National Review in August 2014, only after two years of joining. Moreover, she also became the National political reporter at the reputed platform of Politico in November 2016. And, thus, she became the editor-in-chief of the Washington Free Beacon replacing founding editor Matthew Continetti in September 2019.

Eliana Johnson’s Lowkey Personal Life

Eliana Johnson’s childhood was relatively pleasant considering how she was the daughter of an established lawyer, Scott W. Johnson. Interestingly, her dad was one of the three Dartmouth lawyers who founded Power Line, an American political blog publication. In fact, she might have got her motivation to indulge in the media line from her father itself. On the other hand, her mother, Sally Zusman, is a top chef who creates some top restaurants’ finest dishes. Eliana also has two sisters in her family named Deborah Johnson and Alexandra Johnson.

Eliana Johnson in a black jacket poses for a picture.
Eliana Johnson graduated with a B.A in History from Yale University in 2006. Source: Washington Speakers Bureau

Speaking of her education, Johnson graduated with a B.A. in history from Yale University in 2006. While at the university, she attended many Young Americans Foundation (YAF) conferences. While her native town is the Twin City area in Minnesota, she currently lives at Washington, D.C.

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