Elaine Andriejanssen’s Early Life

Elaine Andriejanssen is said to have been born on 28 March 1984. She grew up in a middle-class family and had a reasonably ordinary upbringing. According to sources, Elaine also comes from a family that owns several businesses in Indonesia. She has not revealed any information about her family or childhood.

Elaine Andriejanssen is said to have been born on 28 March 1984.
Elaine Andriejanssen is the wife of Eduardo Saverin.
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The artist finished high school at Raffle Girl’s Academy, an independent girls’ school with good grades. She then attended Tufts University in Massachusetts, earning a bachelor’s degree in her early thirties. According to her Linkedin profile, she is a Tufts University graduate who works as a quantitative research analyst at Franklin Templeton Investments.

Elaine Andriejanssen’s Net Worth

Elaine Andreijanssen’s net worth is unknown, but she is likely wealthy due to her family fortune and successful financial endeavors. She will almost certainly benefit from her husband’s success, estimated to be worth more than $19 billion.

The investor’s husband is well-known for being one of Facebook’s co-founders. Eduardo Saverin is also renowned for being an early investor in some startups. He met Mark Zuckerberg during his junior year of college at ‘Harvard.’ Mark wanted to create a social networking site/online directory for Harvard students, but he needed funding.

Eduardo Saverin: The Other Half of Facebook

After successfully launching Facebook at ‘Harvard,’ the founders decided to broaden its scope. As a result, they decided to relocate to Palo Alto, California. On the other hand, Saverin went to New York in 2004 to intern at ‘Lehman Brothers.’ During his internship, Saverin was supposed to work on raising funds, establishing a company, and developing a business model. He was later appointed as Facebook’s first chief financial officer.

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Eduardo and Aldo Alvarez, a Mexican reporter, co-founded ‘Aporta’ in 2010. It is a charitable online portal. In 2016, his fund closed more than $140 million in initial deals in Asia, including $30 million in the startup ‘Ninja Van.‘ He put a lot of money into the Singapore-based online retailer Redmart. He made significant investments in ‘Uber,’ ‘Lyft,‘ and other car rental services such as ‘Flightcar‘ and ‘Silvercar.

Eduardo Saverin’s Salary And Real Estate

After Facebook went public, the filing revealed that Eduardo Saverin owned 53,133,360 shares worth $2.18 billion, or slightly less than 2% of the company’s outstanding shares. That would have been much more valuable if he hadn’t sold more than half of his shares before the IPO.

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The internet entrepreneur paid $167 million for a home on two acres in Singapore in 2019. The two-story house is on a tree-lined street in Singapore’s most affluent neighborhoods, with a gated driveway. There is a pool, a tennis court, and a large yard. Saverin is also said to have a luxury penthouse suite in Singapore’s tallest residential building.

Elaine Andriejanssen’s Married Life

Elaine Andriejanssen is married to Eduardo Saverin, a well-known businessman and one of Facebook’s founders. During their college years, the couple met. They were eventually linked to Massachusetts, where they majored in different fields. Elaine and Eduardo began dating soon after and eventually married.

Elaine Andriejanssen and Eduardo Saverin have a son.
Elaine Andriejanssen and Eduardo Saverin got married in 2015.
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The pair married in 2015, after a year of engagement, on the French Riviera, on the French Mediterranean coast. Andriejanssen and her husband, Eduardo, have a son. They have kept their child’s identities hidden from the media. She currently lives in Singapore with her husband and son.

Before their marriage, there was a rumor circulating that Eduardo is planning to marry Miss Singapore Universe 2009 Rachel Kum. However, it did not happen.

Movie Social Network

In 2010, a movie based on the founding of Facebook was released with the title The Social Network. It explored the backstory of Facebook.

The Social Network – Eduardo Raging Scene

The role of Elaine’s husband, Eduardo was played by Andrew Garfield who is mostly known for his role as spiderman in The Amazing Spiderman.

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