Elaine Agnes Amerland is known for being the mother of Melinda Gates who is a general manager at Microsoft. Her daughter is Bill Gates’s former wife. Elaine was born in 1940 in New Orleans, City in Louisiana. She holds an American as her nationality. She died in 1994 due to cancer.

Family Information

A celebrity Mother of Melinda, Elaine Agnes Amerland lived a blessed full life with her family. After marriage, she resided in Washington with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

Moreover, Amerland is the daughter of her father George Albert Amerland who was born in 1907, and her mother Mary Agnes Amerland who was born in 1909. She might be a single child of her parents and she hasn’t revealed any sort of information regarding her sibling on any site of social media.

Married life of Amerland

The 84-year-old Agnes is a married woman who was born in 1939 in Louisiana – The United States. She got married to Raymond Joseph French. He has been working as an aerospace engineer. They meet each other as a Raymond sets a blind date.

Likewise, the media star thought Raymond was a nice person after setting the blind date. After married, She has been living in Washington, United States with her husband, children, and grandchildren. They haven’t revealed any sort of information regarding their marriage on any site of social media.

They have four children whom Melinda Gates are known but the other children’s name isn’t revealed on any site.

What Does Elaine Agnes’ Husband Raymond Joseph French Do?

Raymond Joseph French worked as an aerospace engineer who was born in 1939 in Louisiana, United States. He is known as the father of Melinda where he managed the fee by earning a newspaper route and as a jar of peanut butter for her studies of Melinda. Before he got involved in aerospace engineering, his source of income was earned from a newspaper route.

After all his efforts and dedication, he achieved success in his career as an aerospace engineer. He is well educated even though he is the first to go to college from his family. He studies at Stanford where he got a scholarship there and he couldn’t work cause he needed to focus on his studies. There is not much information about his lifestyle and his qualifications. He hasn’t been involved in any social site so much more information has been disclosed.

Elaine Agnes Is The Mother Of Four

Elaine and Raymond had a happy married life and had four children. They had two daughters and two sons and the information is disclosed on any site of social media. But they had revealed a daughter named Melinda Gates who is a former computer scientist and general manager at Microsoft.

Elaine Agnes Amerland with her husband Raymond Joseph French and children.
Elaine Agnes Amerland and her husband Raymond Joseph French with her children. Source: verge-wiki

Information about children is disclosed on any site public. She might love to keep her personal life away from any public sites.

Elaine Agnes Daughter: Melinda Gates

Elaine and Raymond French had two daughters and two sons they disclosed a piece of information about their family but they revealed the name of one daughter, Melinda Gates. She is a very talented, hardworking, and inspiring person. She was born on  August 15, 1964, in Dallas, Texas United States.

She is highly educated and she has completed her studies. She completed her schooling at The Fuqua School of business in 1987 which is located in Durham, North Carolina. Furthermore, she completed her BA, and MBA from Duke University in 1989 which is in Durham United States, and completed her graduate from Ursuline Academy of Dallas in 1982. From a young age, she is active and hardworking.

Is Melinda Gates Still Married?

Melinda is a married woman who got married to the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates. They got married on the date January 1, 1994, and Melinda and Bill have three children they are, their first son is Jennifer Gates, their second son is Phoebe Gates and their third son is Rory Gates.

Melina Gates with her mother Elaine Agnes Amerland at her wedding. They wear wearing a white dresses.
Portrait photo of Elaine Agnes Amerland with her daughter Melinda Gates. Source: Vergewiki

They lived together for twenty-seven years. They got a divorce, and Melinda is now known as the Ex-wife of Bill Gates. Melinda is active in her career and on social site platforms where she has been ranked as the most powerful woman. Although Melinda and Bill divorced, they work together in charity.

Why did Bill Gates and Melinda Gates get Divorced?

Melinda has married Bill Gates who is the founder of Microsoft. In 1994, they got married and used to be the most powerful couple in the world. They have also worked on signing a project together. Melinda filed for divorce in May of 2021, which was shocking for everyone. They announced their divorce on social media platforms and had been together for thirty-four years.

Bill Gates with his Ex-Wife Melina Gates and with his three children. They wear wearing a red dress
Portrait photo of Melinda Gates and Bill Gates with their children. Source: Vergewiki

They lived together for twenty-seven years. After that, they got divorced in 2021 due to business reasons Bills. Bills have been dealing with Jeffrey Epstein and since 2013, Melinda has been telling him not to deal with him. But it has been almost eight years and Melinda couldn’t take it anymore so she decided to divorce Bills Gates. Furthermore, She is known as the Ex-wife of Billa Gates.

Bill Gates Dances with Girlfriend Paula Hurd in Las Vegas

The 68-year-old Gates, the Microsoft co-founder, made news dancing with his girlfriend, Paula Hurd, at a fancy event in Las Vegas. They were having a great time, looking really happy and in love. There’s a video where he’s dancing and singing to Justin Timberlake’s song while wearing a suit, and they seem really close.

People on the internet found it amusing to see the billionaire having so much fun. Bill and Hurd have been together for over a year. They were also spotted at Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sánchez’s engagement party.

At the Fontainebleau Las Vegas opening, lots of famous folks showed up like Rob Gronkowski, Camille Kostek, Cher, Lenny Kravitz, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Ivanka Trump. The rumored couple was seen dancing to Justin Timberlake‘s song there too.

Fans are Speculating Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker have Spilt Up

They were also seen having lunch in New York with Gates’ three kids, Jennifer, Phoebe, and Rory. Even though people guessed they might get engaged soon, Bill Gates’ spokesperson said there’s no wedding plan for now.

Life on social media

Talking about Elaine’s social media, She hasn’t been involved in any site social media. She loves to keep her personal life away from social media sites. She hasn’t revealed any information on social media or in front of a camera.

She has disclosed her information on social media. She might be focusing on her life. She holds an introverted personality and rarely opens up in front of the public or on social sites.


Elaine Agnes Amerland is a rumor-free personality who has not been involved in any kind of controversy. She is famous as her daughter so, she hasn’t been involved in any kind of rumor.

She hasn’t been involved in any social media yet where she hasn’t revealed any information regarding her personal life. moreover, she loves to keep her personal life away from all sites of social media which is the reason for her rumor-free personality.

Net worth

Elaine is a homemaker who is known as the celebrity mother of Melinda Gates. Elaine hasn’t mentioned any information about her net worth on any social site but her daughter Melinda’s net worth is around $6.5 Billion USD she is active in her profession and she began to work in a small company for Microsoft.

Melinda after her divorce from Bill Gates walked away with approximately $6.3 Billion worth of stocks from different companies. She is said to have already sold a quarter of the stocks already. However, Boill has a jaw-dropping net worth of $138 billion.

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