Drew Scott’s Brother & Family

Drew Scott was born as Andrew Alfred Scott to Jim and Joanne Scott on April 28, 1978, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His birth surprised his parents, who had hoped to have only one child, Jonathan Scott, his twin brother. James Daniel is his older brother. His father moved from Scotland to Vancouver as a child and worked as a stuntman in the film industry and acting and directing on occasion.

Drew Scott attended Thomas Haney Secondary School during his adolescence, where he excelled in athletics.
Drew Scott with his family.
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Before Drew was born, his mother worked as a paralegal for a law business in downtown Vancouver. He grew up on a horse farm near Maple Ridge, where he and his siblings shared a single-bathroom home. As children, both brothers used to perform sketch comedy, improv, and magic at parties for money. Drew became more interested in basketball as they grew older, while Jonathan persisted with charm.

Scott attended Thomas Haney Secondary School during his adolescence, where he excelled in athletics. After graduating from high school, the family returned to their ranch in Alberta, and the twin brother went to the University of Calgary to study kinesiology.

Drew Scott’s Staggering Net Worth Collection

Drew Scott is an actor, television host, producer, and real estate, investor who enjoys $200 Million worth, who have a combined net worth with his brother Jonathan Scott. Jonathan is a licensed contractor, and both brothers are qualified real estate brokers. After university, they leased an old home across the street and rented it out for $800/month after improvements, allowing them to live rent-free while profitably. They finally paid $200,000 for the house with a $250 down payment and sold it for a gain of almost $50,000.

Over the next 15 years, the brothers acquired, refurbished, and sold an average of 50 properties each year, working on up to ten projects at a time. Scott Real Estate Inc. was created by the two brothers in 2004 as a one-stop shop for buying, selling, and refurbishing homes. The corporation employed many people and had offices in both Vancouver and Calgary. Jonathan relocated to Las Vegas in 2007 to open a branch, and Drew followed him there a few years later.

Drew Scott’s Career Highlights

Drew Scott began performing in 1997 on the television shows Breaker High‘ and ‘Madison,’ they have always wanted to work in television and movies. He then appeared in a few short films and television episodes before working on the 2006 series ‘Smallville.’ Scott’s acting career took a backseat to his real estate enterprises. Still, in 2002, he and his two brothers launched Davidian Production Group, an independent film production business. In 2005, he relocated to Vancouver to pursue acting professionally.

In 2010, Drew moved to Las Vegas and purchased a home with his brothers the following year. The property’s makeover sparked a new spinoff series called ‘Property Brothers: At Home.’ In 2012, they debuted a new series called ‘Buying and Selling,’ in which the twin brothers assisted couples in renovating, selling, and purchasing a new home. ‘Brother Vs. Brother,’ which launched in July 2013 and pitted them against one other to obtain the maximum resale value on refurbishment, began production the same year.

Drew Scott began performing in 1997 on the television shows Breaker High' and 'Madison.'
Drew Scott has a net worth of $100 million.
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Near 2015, they produced a spinoff series called ‘Property Brothers: At Home on the Property,‘ which followed their restoration of a family friend’s ranch in Longview, Alberta. They wrote and produced two country-themed songs for the show, ‘Hold On’ and ‘Let the Night Shine In,’ followed by a charity song, ‘My House,’ with Eric Paslay.

The two of them created another episode, ‘Brothers Take New Orleans,’ in November 2016. They renovated a property destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and had been vacant for 11 years. Drew and his fiancée Linda Phan will be shown rebuilding their house in Los Angeles in ‘Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House,’ which is now in production.

Drew Scott’s Property Brothers

After seeing a sizzle reel, HGTV became interested in Property Brothers and commissioned a pilot, which was well-received. The first episode of Property Brothers aired on January 4, 2011. The network’s ratings soared by 77 percent in the United States three weeks after the show premiered on HGTV. The brothers are followed as they assist house purchasers in purchasing a fixer-upper and completing the improvements.

Drew Scott moved to Las Vegas and purchased a home with his brothers the following year.
Drew Scott is a real estate investor, actor, and television personality.
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Within a few years, the show had 10 million weekly viewers, making it one of the top five cable television series for those aged 24-55. By 2017, the show’s weekly ratings had dropped significantly to a still-respectable 2 million viewers. The sitcom has produced SIX spinoffs as of this writing.

The duo created Scott Brothers Entertainment in 2010 before their program aired. The firm has developed a variety of reality shows for television, film, and the internet throughout the years.

Scott Brothers Global

Jonathan and Drew formed Scott Brothers Global in March 2017. Cineflix sold the firm the IP rights to Property Brothers in 2019. The arrangement gave the brothers complete control over and production of all show’s future episodes. Cineflix will retain international distribution rights and a profit participation share in the future.

Under the Scott Brothers Global banner, they now run a burgeoning empire. In 2015, they partnered with QVC to launch Scott Living, an outdoor furniture line. According to reports, the corporation made $100 million in revenue in 2016. In 2017, they expanded their product line to include indoor furniture, textiles, and home décor, among other things.

Jonathan and Drew expanded their product line to include indoor furniture, textiles, and home décor, among other things.
Drew Scott and Jonathan formed Scott Brothers Global in March 2017.
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Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, Hobby Lobby, Lowe’s, and other retailers carry their items. According to a 2018 Entrepreneur magazine interview with the brothers, their cooperative enterprises produce $500 million yearly revenue. Even though this statistic has not been validated, the empire is undeniably affluent.

Casaza, a consumer-facing design platform, was introduced in 2018. The e-commerce site was purportedly launched with a $2.5 million investment. Fans may also join them on an annual trip dubbed Sailing with the Scotts, where they can tour design workshops, sing karaoke, and drink with the Scott brothers.

Drew Scott’s Wife & Kids

Linda Phan and Drew Scott met during Toronto Fashion Week in 2010. Their first date didn’t involve any house renovations, but it was exciting nonetheless. They squeezed food, hot chocolate, and karaoke into one night. Shortly after they met, Linda began working for Drew and twin brother Jonathan’s firm, Scott Brothers Entertainment. She is currently the company’s creative director.

Drew proposed to Linda in December 2016 at the Piano Piano restaurant in Toronto, where he asked her to marry him on one knee. Of course, the response was yes. On Saturday, May 11, the pair married in a religious ceremony. They are now expecting a child and showing their journey on Youtube. The couple’s due date is a little more than two months away, and the parents are super-excited.

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