Demetrius Bridges is an American actor who rose to prominence after making an appearance as Dorian Williams in the popular series The Vampire Diaries. Besides, he has also played in other series like S.W.A.T, The Legacies, and so on.

Bridges was born on the 14th of April, 1986 in the land of opportunity i.e United States. As per his birth sign, he is Aries. He has not disclosed much information about his early life and parents but there are many more interesting facts related to his life. So, let’s dive into it.

The Richness Of Demetrius Bridges

Demetrius Bridges is estimated to have a net worth of a whopping $1.4 Million in his possession. Although the American actor himself has not been revealed officially, with all those recurring roles he has played in popular series like Legacies, and Vampire Diaries, it is safe to assume that he earns a good amount from his professional career.

He has also been involved in some endorsing which has become an additional income source. With all this richness, Demetrius is living a comfortable and happy life.

Relationship Status

Demetrius Bridges is apparently living a single life as he has not introduced any partners and potential love interests to the world. He seems to be focusing more on his career rather than relationships. He might be in a relationship but has not chosen to keep it a secret.

Wife of Doraine William Played by Demetrius Bridges Emma Tig from Legacies 1
Wife of Dorian Williams (Played by Demetrius Bridges) Emma Tig from Legacies.
Source: The Vampire Diaries Wiki

Although he is single in the real life but in reel life in Vampire Diaries Bridges has a wife named Emma Tig. They two have good chemistry and love each other.

Like in his reel life, one day in the future Demetrius may find his soul mate with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life.

Demetrius Bridges Best Friend Hews Was One Of The Seven Women Who Got Shot In Infront Of Their Apartment

Demetrius’s best friend Hews died because of a gunshot in front of her apartment. That day seven women were shot among which two died. unfortunately, one of those who lost their life was Demetrius’s best friend.

Nobody has claimed for the incident up until now. There is a lack of information and still, the reason is not clear why they were shot.

Before his best friend’s death, Demetrius said that it is not safe to trust people as nobody knows what the other person has done.

As An Actor

Bridges began his professional career as an actor in 2011 after playing the role of Edwin in Speaking Justice. Following that, in the same year, he also appeared in the TV movie ATL: Above The Law.

In the Vampire Diaries__ 8×13 Dorian shoots Stefan.

However, his fame skyrocketed after he played the role of Dorian Williams in the popular series The Vampire Diaries. Throughout his career, he has had 20 credits as an actor.

Some of his projects include Legacies, The Originals, Fool me Twice, and so on. He is still in the acting industry and will be participating in many other movies for which he may get awarded.

The Role Of Dorian Williams And Relationship With Other Actors Of The Vampire Diaries

Demetrius Bridges became well-known for his portrayal of the character Dorian Williams. He has described the character exceptionally well and is appreciated for his performance.

Demetrius Bridges and his co star from The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley who played the role of Stefan Salvatore
Demetrius Bridges and his co-star from The Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley who played the role of Stefan Salvatore.
Source: Instagram @demetriusbridges

In the series, after leaving his job as a librarian in Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, he became the principal of Mystic Falls High school. He is married to Ema Tig in the series.

Although Dorian tried to kill, Stefan Salvatore a vampire and the main protagonist. He has a good relationship with him in the real life.

Demetrius has posted the image of himself with Paul Wesley, the actor who played Stefan Salvatore. They two appear to be good friends.

Supports Black

As a member of the Black ethnic group, Demetrius strongly supports the Black race. He has also posted the family pictures of Barack Obama and has said that he is proud that two of the women of his race grew up in the white house i.e Obama’s daughter.

Not only that, he has posted pictures of other black race people too. He appreciated all those hard-working people.

Modeling And Endorsement

Bridges has posed for different photographers to be featured in magazines. Likewise, he has also endorsed the clothing brand named Bang which has the slogan Believe and Never Give up.

Demetrius Bridges Wearing Bang black jacket
Demetrius Bridges Wearing Bang black jacket.
Source: Instagram demetriusbridges

The Legacies actor has posted pictures on his Instagram account wearing different clothes of the Bang. According to him, the slogan was said to him by his friends who had the Bang Tattoo.

Directed A Music Video Let It Shine

Demetrius has been experimenting with different domains and has not settled on acting alone. In 2012 he has directed a music video with the title Let it shine.

His work was good and the music video received a good response from the audience.

How Tall Is Demetrius Bridges?

Demetrius Bridges stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 10 inches which is equivalent to 177 cm. He has a slim body type with decent weight.

Demetrius Bridges posing with a dapper look and serious facial
Demetrius Bridges posing with a dapper look and serious facial expression.
Source: Instagram @demetriusbridges

As an actor, he always maintains his appearance and looks well-groomed. He has short natural black hair and black eyes. He rocks a mustache on his face.

Demetrius Bridges Instagram And Other Social Media Handles

The Vampire Diaries actor is available only on Instagram. He does not seem to have his account activated on other major platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

His Instagram id is @demetriusbridges and he has successfully collected more than 12k followers. Like most celebrities, he has not shared his personal life on Instagram. This shows that he lives a low-key life.

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