Dayna Schroeder is the mother of reality TV star Stassi Schroeder, who lost her job on the TV series “Vanderpump Rules” because of racially insensitive remarks she made in the past.

Dayna Schroeder’s Early Life

Dayna Schroeder designs jewelry, and she’s well-known for her work with Georgi Jules Jewelry. However there are no details regarding her early life, her superstar daughter Stassi Schroeder was born June 24, 1988, in New Orleans, Louisiana, and her dad is an architect named Mark, while her mom designs jewelry.

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Dayna Schroeder is in her late 50s. Image Source: Instagram

Similalrly, the pretty woman might be in her late 50s and it is known that she celebrates her birthday in June. She holds American nationality.

Physical Appearance

The media star Schroeder is Stassi’s mom. Stassi is known for her work on TV, hosting podcasts, modeling, and being a fashion blogger.

The lady is an attractive woman, standing 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing 112 pounds. Her body measurements are 34-27-34 inches (34-inch chest, 27-inch waist, and 34-inch hips). She has light brown eyes and blonde hair. Even though she’s in her early sixties, she looks much younger. Dayna usually wears casual clothes and enjoys showing off her style.


The gorgeous Dayna designs jewelry, and she’s famous for her work with Georgi Jules Jewelry. Sometimes, you can see her on the reality TV show Vanderpump Rules. Once, she was on the show and jokingly poked Beau’s backside. She also talked about the ups and downs in Stassi’s love life.

Likewise, the pretty lady is an Instgaram influencer and she amassed over 35.4 thousand followers with the username @daynawyland_. She engages her audience with her entertaining posts and pictures. See another media sensation, Mallory Edens.

Short Bio On Stassi Schroeder

The 35-year-old Schroeder is a famous American TV personality known for her time on the show “Vanderpump Rules.” She also does things like hosting podcasts, writing about fashion, and modeling.

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Dayna Schroeder with her daughter and grandson. Image Source: Instagram

In 2005, Stassi and her family were on a TV show called “The Amazing Race.” But they had a tough time because their home was destroyed by a hurricane called Katrina. In 2010, she began working at two restaurants owned by Lisa Vanderpump, SUR and Villa Blanca. This eventually led her to be on the TV show “Vanderpump Rules,” which is all about the lives of the people who work there and the drama in their lives.

After leaving “Vanderpump Rules,” Stassi became a mom. She and her husband Beau Clark had their first baby, Hartford Charlie Rose, in January 2021, just over six months after she left the show. Recently she gave birth to her second child a son Messer Rhys in 2023. She’s focused on being a mom and started a podcast with Beau called “The Good, The Bad, The Baby.” Her old job as a reality TV star isn’t her main thing anymore.

How Rich Is Dayna Schroeder In 2023?

The star mother Schroeder has about $1 million as her estimated net worth, and she got it from her jewelry design business. She’s the one who started Georgi Jules Jewelry, and it’s so popular that magazines like Vogue and Elle have talked about it. Dayna’s done well in her career as a jewelry designer and even worked with famous people like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba.

On the contrary, Stassi has a hefty net worth of around $2 million. She made this money from being on TV shows, hosting a podcast called Straight Up with Stassi, writing books, running her clothing line, creating digital series, and doing other things.

In addition, the household name was even nominated for a couple of Reality Television Awards and won the People’s Choice Award for The Reality Star in 2019. Stassi also wrote two books that became New York Times best-sellers and worked on a clothing line with JustFab.

What Is Dayna Schroeder’s Relationship Status?

Dayna and her first husband Mark Schroeder got married in a quick wedding in December 1987. Only six months later, in June 1988, they welcomed their daughter Stassi. Then, in July 1990, the celebrity mother gave birth to their son Hunter. But their marriage hit a rough patch, and by January 1994, they were thinking about separating. Get to know about Mae Akins Roth‘s love life.

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Dayna Schroeder is married to Eric Wyland. Image Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, Schroeder was engaged to her first boyfriend from junior high, Eric Wyland. They announced their engagement after many years apart, and Dayna posted a photo of her engagement ring on Instagram. Similalrly, the lovely pair walked down the aisle on September 18, 2022.

The lady posted a picture on Instagram on their first wedding anniversary with a caption, “Our Anniversary day today.
It’s crazy to think we’ve known each other since 7th grade. It’s even crazier he was my first boyfriend💗
Happy anniversary baby!
I love you.”

To add more, the TV star has four children, Stassi, Hunter, a son Nikolai, and a daughter Georgianna Aubin from her past relationship.


Dayna, Stassi’s mom, stirred up controversy during her appearance on Vanderpump Rules. In a January 2019 episode, she argued with her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend’s now-spouse, Clark, about having grandchildren and made comments that some found critical of their relationship.

After the episode, the 5 feet 7 inches tall lady explained on Instagram that her interactions with Stassi were usually funny and sarcastic, and she’d had a bit too much to drink that night. She also apologized for playfully pinching Beau’s butt at Stassi’s birthday party.

Fans of the show have different opinions about Dayna’s behavior, with some saying she was too critical of Stassi and Beau, while others think her comments were taken out of context, and it was just her way of being close with her daughter.

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