Dawn Halfkenny was born on September 20, 1986, in West Virginia, United States of America. Her full name is Dawnisha Halfkenny. According to astrology, her Birth sign is Virgo. As Dawn was born in America and has been holding American nationality. Also, hold white ethnicity and the Christian religion.

Ms. Halfkenny is a famous American actress who is the best-known role played in Breaking Up Is Hard to Do as Tasha. Some of the movies played by actress Dawn are Jack Squad, directed by Simuel Denell Rankins; You’re Fired, directed by Soweto Bosnia; words to Kill, which was directed and written by Michael Angelo and many more.

Net Worth

Dawnisha Halfkenny began her career in her early life and coming to this era, she has gathered a good amount of wealth which is speculated to be $3 Million. Her income results from her hard work and passion for her career. Dawn is living a luxurious life where she has been to earn a Net Worth on her own.

Her primary source of income is her acting career. She has been a part of various commercially successful projects. Dawn has 51 credits as an actress on her IMDb profile. Some of her credits are, Hyde Park, Saint and Sinner, Bid for love, Karen, and so on.

Relationship Status

The Family Business actress Dawnisha HalfKenny is quite private about her detail, which is why she has not mentioned any detail about her relationship. Ms. Dawn has not revealed any information about her past relationship on any sites of social media platforms.

 A portrait photo of Dawn Halfkenny which was clicked during her pregnancy time.
A portrait photo of Dawn Halfkenny was clicked during her pregnancy time. Source: Instagram

Dawn might be in a relationship and also posted a pregnancy photo but has not revealed any information regarding her relationship. Even though, Halfkenny has not mentioned any information about her relationship, which means she might be single.

Early Life Of Dawnisha                               

Dawnisha was raised with her father, who has been absent in her life ever since she was young. An actress, Dawn herself, has never opened up about this topic of her father on any social sites. Before starting her career, Dawn was very passionate about her work, but with her mother’s help and support, an actress could move toward her career.

A portrait photo of an American actress Dawnisha Halfkenny.
A portrait photo of an American actress Dawnisha Halfkenny. Source: Pinterest

Apart from this, during the phases of her starting career, Dawn was quite active in singing and acting, which is why she has taken many more classes on acting and singing. But at the age of eleven, Dawn moved to Los Angeles so that she could pursue her acting career.

Family And Sibling Background

The actress of You’re Fired Dawn was raised with her mother, where father was absent during her childhood. Even Dawn has not mentioned her father’s detail on any media sites. Even Ms. Halfkenny has not mentioned her father and mother’s names and professionals on social sites till now.

A portrait photo of an American actress Dawnisha Halfkenny.
A portrait photo of an American actress Dawnisha Halfkenny. Source: Instagram

Halfkenny has spent her childhood with her sibling, which makes her childhood amazing. There is a limited number of information on her sibling. She once posted a picture with her brother on her Instagram. Her brother’s name is Jigga. Also has not shown any information in front of the camera or interview.

Qualification And Education Background

Saint and Sinners actress, Halfkenny is well educated with his family’s support and care. Ms. Dawn has been able to complete her high school nearby her hometown. Since her childhood, he has wanted to be an actress, which is why he keeps taking training to give continuity to his career as an actor. Dawn participated in the singing and acting program, which was held during her schooling.

Dawn received a graduate degree in acting from University nearby her hometown, where the detail has not been mentioned on any social sites till now. Besides, Dawn is hard working and has achieved her career with all her hard work.

Career Of Actress Dawn

Dawn Halfkenny has been very active in her career since childhood. Dawn began performing in small theater productions at the age of six and soon started appearing in commercials. Dawn started her career in the role played in Satan Gift in 2012, but her first movie role was in You’re Fired as Security Guard 2 in 2010.

Dawn has many more obstacles to achieving success in the film industry. In starting a career, an actress has faced many more difficulties. Some of the movies played by actress Dawn are, A Rush Delivery in 2011, A Basketball Story as Soweto in 2012, and the same year Dawn was seen in What Does Sallie Mae Look Like as Brett.

A portrait photo of Dawn Halfkenny on her shooting set and wearing her white shirt.
A portrait photo of Dawn Halfkenny on her shooting set. Source: Instagram

In 2013, an actress was seen in Inner Demons the Thrillogy, and in 2014, an actress was seen in Exubia, which was directed by Soweto Bosia. Furthermore, she was seen in Bitch, Charlie Sheen Opens Up, Girls Night Out (Exhale), and many more.

Dawn also entered the world of producing films, and she is the producer of the film “Black Privilege,” which was released in 2019. Ms.Dawn is also the executive producer of “Nothing Like Thanksgiving” which was released in 2018. Many are more yet to be done by Dawn, so we wish her to get much more success in her career acting.

Physical Appearance And Body Measurement

An actress Dawn has a slim and very attractive body structure. Ms.Halfkenny has got Blue colored eyes. Her eyes are a point of attraction for many people towards her. Also has got black colored hair. Dawn has got a cute face with a beautiful smile on her face which attract her fans and followers toward her.

Dawn Halfkenny in formal attire
Dawn Halfkenny in formal attire.
Source: Dawn Halfkenny

Dawn does not look much taller and weighty, but her height and weight have not been mentioned on any social sites. Even her body measurement also has not been mentioned on any sites. The beauty of actress Dawn has been increasing her followers daily.

Life On Social Media

As a youth of this generation, actress Ms. Dawn is highly active on her social media sites. With her busy schedule, an actress manages her time and gets engaged on his social media platforms. Ms. Dawn has created his profile on different sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Dawn loves interacting with her followers and wants the public to know about his personality; that’s why she is most active on his account.

A producer of the movie Black Privilege has been holding 29.1K followers on his Instagram, around 1.1k followers on Twitter, and many more followers on her Facebook, but her friend list has been hidden. Ms. Halfkenny is active on his social media, which is why his fans and followers have increased daily. To learn more about actress Dawn, you can follow him on his social media on different sites. Dawn has been holding @DawnHalfkenny on his Twitter, Dawn Halfkenny on her Instagram, and her Facebook username is Dawn Halfkenny.

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