On Tuesday, while performing at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, Dave Chappelle was assaulted by a member of the crowd who rushed the stage and tackled the comic. A spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) stated the suspect pointed an imitation firearm with a knife blade at Chappelle. The culprit was brought to a local hospital for medical treatment, but Chappelle was unhurt.

According to footage uploaded on social media, someone charged the celebrity during his act at Tuesday’s Netflix Is A Joke Festival. “A famous comedian was performing at the Hollywood Bowl, and as he concluded his act, a male jumped on the stage and tackled the celebrity,” an LAPD spokesman stated.

Dave Chappelle: Man charged over on-stage attack with replica gun and knife.
A 23-year-old man has been charged with trying to Attack Dave Chappelle.
Photo Source: New York Post

The suspect brandished a pistol imitation and aimed it at the victim. He was apprehended and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.” The suspect was named Isaiah Lee, 23, who is being detained in jail on a $30,000 (£24,000) bail.

The comedian faced anger and protests when his Netflix show was accused of being transphobic last year. The 48-year-old sought to lighten the mood when he returned to the stage on Tuesday, informing the audience that the assailant “was a trans man.” In addition, Sulayman Chappelle is the son of Dave.

Lee was then tackled by security guards who appeared to break his arm in the melee. He is described as weighing 140lbs and is 5ft 11.
Chappelle was uninjured and carried on with the show.
Photo Source: Los Angeles

According to ABC writer Stephanie Wash, Chappelle was joined on stage by fellow comedian Chris Rock, who was smacked on stage by Will Smith at the Oscars in March. Then, Will apologized for that event. Carpenter told the PA news agency that the assailant leaped at him while performing as the event’s headline, sending him “flying in the air.”

It appeared as if someone was racing across the stage from the side,” she remarked. Dave’s arms and legs were up in the air as he fell backward on his back. He appeared to be in a state of shock.We were all stunned,” I reflected for a time. Is this a joke, or what? They’d made some Will Smith jokes, that’s why. Despite the presence of Chris Rock, Dave was cracking jokes. Therefore, it was all fair game, right?”

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