American bassist D’arcy Wretzky rose to fame as a result of her affiliation with the band The Smashing Pumpkins. For the recording of their final album, she additionally became a vocalist for the band Catherine.

Wretzky blessed her parents with her arrival on the 1st of May 1968. She was raised alongside her sister in South Haven, Michigan. Growing up she was interested in music and she used to describe herself as Tomboy.

Net Worth

D’arcy Wretzky is estimated to have a net worth of a whopping $7 Million. This includes her assets, properties, income, and vehicles.

Wretzky has been successful to amass this huge sum of wealth throughout her professional career. She is a bassist who is renowned for being a former member of the band The Smashing Pumpkins. Besides this, She has also worked with other bands like Catherine and Four Cloverleaf.

She is also in the possession of wild horses. The number of automobiles and her house’s information is yet to be revealed by the bass player.

With all this huge sum of wealth, Wretzky is living a happy and comfortable life.

Relationship Status

D’arcy Wretzky is presumably not dating anyone currently and is living a single life. It looks like she does not want to be with anyone anymore.

Darcy Wretzky and her former husband Kerry Brown
D’arcy Wretzky and her former husband Kerry Brown.
Source: spfreaks

In her past days, she was romantically linked with many people including Mickey Rourke, Richard Patrick, and James lha.

Was Encouraged To Perform Music By Her Mother

D’arcy was ten years old when she started her musical journey. She was encouraged by her mother alongside her sisters to perform music. She was proficient in violin and oboe and used to perform in choirs.

Initially, she suffered from severe stage anxiety in her childhood. D’arcy also performed in her school and college. During her time at L.C. Mohr High School, she got interested in post-punk and played in a cover band.

Was Married To Kerry Brown

Wretzky married Kerry Brown, who is the drummer of the Catherine. They met each other when the former Smashing Pumpkins member joined Catherine for a brief period.

Darcy Wretzkys former husband.
D’arcy Wretzky’s former husband.
Source: Music Connection Magazine

After dating for several months, they tied the knot in the year 1993 in the presence of their friends and families. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long, and ended up in divorce in 1999.

Family Background

Wretzky’s personal life and professional career are heavily influenced by her family. Her mother Vikke Anderson was working as a musician and encouraged her to be a musician too. Behind the success of Wretzky, there is the support of her mother.

Her father Jerry Wretzky on the other hand was a pipefitter. He had an interest in horse riding. She referred to her father as a very strange person.


Wretzky has two sisters Tanya and Molly who also performed music alongside her in childhood. Apparently, she did not have good a relationship with her older sister.

The former bass player of The Smashing Pumpkins said that her older sister Tanya threw her in large water bodies in her childhood because of jealousy and also lock her outside in diapers during winter.

Nonetheless, defending herself in such a harsh situation has turned her into a strong person now.

Why Did D’arcy Wretzky Leave The Smashing Pumpkins?

D’arcy was an original bass player of the alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins and worked with the band till 1999. She was forced to leave the show by the managers of the show.

Because of her drug abuse, she was dismissed. Wretzky was detained after being found in possession of crack cocaine. Later, Melissa Auf der Maur, the bassist for Hole, took her position.

D’arcy was released after completing all the drug education that was ordered by the court.

Despised The Controlling Behaviour Of Billy Corgan

The relationship between the two band members Wretzky and Corgan began to decline in the early 2000s. She has had enough of Corgan’s controlling behavior.

Smashing Pumpkins (D’arcy Wretzky speaks the truth) Keep it real.

According to her, Everything needed to happen Corgan’s way and there was not a collaborative environment. He can not sing properly and others should play the music perfectly in order to cover for him.

Wretzy also said that even though Corgan sings the wrong lyrics and notes, it did not matter but if some other players had the wrong note then they would have to hear a lot.

Wretzky Denied Being Invited TO Rejoin In The Smashing Pumpkins

In an interview, the frontman of the band Smashing Pumpkins Billy said that he talked with Wretzky about making amendments and working in a collaborative environment. He added that he has also been invited to rejoin the band.

However, the former bass player of the band denied this and has also shared screenshots of their long chats on Facebook.

Assault And Plastic Surgery

D’arcy was assaulted by her assistant who worked for her. He pushed her from the stairs and also circulated photos on social media.

She has done two facelifts which have made her look even more terrible. Her fans were surprised by her looks when they saw her pictures.

Billy And Wretzky First Meeting

Billy and Wretzky’s first meeting nearly turned into a fist fight and her friend had to pull her over. She was talking about the band with her friend when Billy said that the band was full of scrap.

Darcy Wretzky and Bily Corgan
D’arcy Wretzky and Bily Corgan.
Source: COnsequence

Wretzky argued over this with Billy and she also told her she was a bass player herself. At that time, Corgan was also looking for a bass player so he gave her his number.

Soon the duo started working together with other band members.

Moved To France To Join A Band After High School

Wretzky was informed by her friend that a band was looking for a band member in France. Therefore, she moved to France after high school.

However, the band was already dissolved when she reached there and had to return to the United States. She was stranded in Chicago where she moved in with her sister.

Rumored To Have Entered In The Acting Industry

After Wretzky left the band and her musical journey, it was rumored that she will be now doing acting. There were plenty of words about her being in an indie movie to be called “Peaces of Ronnie”, where she was intended to play a comedic mafia hit woman alongside Mickey Rourke.

However, the movie never came out and the information about her being in the movie could not be validated.

Was Jailed Multiple Times

Wretzky has been to jail many times for her bad deeds. She was arrested once for involving in a crack cocaine case.

Darcy Wretzky Jailed. 1
D’arcy Wretzky Jailed.
Source: MLive

After releasing from jail, she was again arrested in the west of February 2011 for missing court dates. She had failed to control her wild horses which came into the streets causing trouble to the people.

D’arcy spent 6 days in jail and was again arrested the following day for a drink and drive case.

D’arcy’s Neighbor Says Her Horses Never Bothered Anyone

As mentioned above, D’arcy was jailed for being unable to control her wild horses which ran on the streets and ate the property of other people.

However, her neighbor says, her horses have never bothered anyone out there. D’arcy would help their horses back if they got out.

Joined The Band Catherine For Recording Their Final Album

After her departure from the Smashing Pumpkins, D’arcy worked briefly with Catherine. She contributed as a bass player as well as vocal in the group.

D’arcy Wretzky in Catherine Four Leaf clover.

The album that she has worked on while remaining in the band is Hot Saki and Bedtime stories.

Story Behind Her Nickname Sister Morphine

When Wretzy was a senior in high school, she was involved in a car accident. She suffered severe injuries and a catastrophic leg break.

She overdosed on morphine after the operation, earning the moniker Sister Morphine. Many people called her by such a nickname.

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