Danny Porush is a former financier who gained notoriety as a member of the infamous “Wolf Pack,” a group of rogue dealers involved in a massive securities fraud scheme on Wall Street in the mid-’90s. He was married to Nancy Porush for 12 years.

During this time, the couple enjoyed a lavish lifestyle fueled by Danny’s ill-gotten wealth, marked by extravagant parties and excessive spending.

Porush’s involvement in the securities con led to his conviction, and he served three years in jail. He was released in 2004.

The story of the “Wolf Pack” and their fraudulent activities became the basis for the blockbuster movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Danny Porush’s First Wife Was His Cousin?

Danny Porush has had two marriages throughout his life, and his first wife was his cousin. Currently, He is married to Lisa Krause, aka Lisa Porush, and they have a child together. In the year 2000, they married in a private ceremony after Danny divorced his first wife Nancy Porush. From Lisa’s previous marriage, he has four stepchildren.

Danny Porush imarried to second wife  Lisa Porush
Danny Porush with his second wife Source: Pinterest

Even though Danny and Lisa have been married for over twenty-three years, they are still going strong as husband and wife and are having a great time together. They are currently spending quality time together and show no signs of separation.

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Previously, Danny was married to Nancy Porush. Rumors are she was his cousin. In January 1986, the pair tied the knot. For 14 years, they had been in a relationship. In the year 2000, they divorced after three kids together. Jon Porush and Blake Porush are two of his children’s names.

Met Lisa Porush in Florida

Danny was often in Florida for his work and that is where he met Lisa for the first time. After some meetings and flirting Danny and Lisa started dating. At this time, porush was still married to Nancy while Lisa, who was born Lisa Marie Krause in 1963 also had a previous relationship and shared four children with her former partner.

Similarly, the big name asked for a divorce from his first wife in 1997 stating he was in love with another woman and their child is about to be born. Lisa became the wife of Porush in 2000. After release from prison, Porush worked as a truck driver for Lisa’s beauty supply company. In addition to this, Lisa Porush is involved in other business and management activities.

What Is Danny Porush’s Net Worth In 2024?

The 5 feet 9 inches tall height Danny Porush, a well-known American businessman and former stockbroker, has amassed a fortune due to his efforts. As of now, the media star’s total estimated net worth is $12 million.

Danny Porush and Lisa Porush Luxurious lifestyle
Danny Porush and Lisa Porush Luxurious lifestyle.
Image Source: Dailymail

Danny, after finishing his degree, worked in small enterprises to meet his immediate financial needs. After his first wife, Nancy, introduced him to Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker, he eventually decided to make a career in the stock market. They established the brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont.

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In addition, Danny and his wife drive matching Rolls Royce convertibles each costing $350,000. They live in a $7.5 Million Condo in Bal Harbour, Miami Beach. Their Florida mansion was also one of the most luxurious real estate.

Where Is Danny Porush’s First Wife, Nancy?

Nancy, who used to be married to Danny, lives in Boca Raton, Florida. Her address is 313 E Palmetto Park Rd, APT 703, Boca Raton, FL 33432-5163.

Similarly, the celebrity ex-wife is also connected to West Palm Beach, Florida, according to her LinkedIn profile. However, there isn’t any information about Porush’s job in the search results.

What Does Lisa Porush Do For Living?

The celebrity wife Lisa has had an interesting career, doing different things like modeling and helping her husband’s business. She started modeling after finishing university, where she showed off her good looks and great fashion sense, with her shiny hair.

However, the pretty woman has kept her professional life under the shadow. She is a great supporter of her spouse in his ups and downs.

Why did Danny Porush get Arrested?

Danny Poush was arrested for fraud. His company Stratton Oakmont was involved in a pump-and-dumped stock fraud operation.

Danny Porush is an American businessman and former stockbroker
Danny Porush with his business partner Jordan Belfort Source: Dailymail

A large number of people have invested in the initiative. Many investors lost millions of dollars due to Danny and his friend’s deception. Due to the incident, he was sentenced to four years in prison for securities fraud and money laundering.

After coming out of jail, Porush joined a medical supply and equipment company in Boca Raton, Florida. But, Porush and five other employees of the company Med-Care have been alleged to have committed fraud in 2014.

Danny and Jordan in wolf of wall street

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After a lengthy inquiry, Med-Counsel Care submitted a motion in court on January 16, 2015, requesting that the lawsuit be dismissed due to a lack of proof.

Early Life Of Danny Porush

Danny Porush was born in Lawrence, Nassau County, New York, United States of America, on February 7, 1957. Danny Mark Porush is his full name. His father was a physician. There is no information about his father or mother and his siblings’ names.

He is a devout follower of Judaism, having come from a Jewish background. Currently, his age is 67, and his sign is Aqua.

To add more, Danny graduated from Lawrence Woodmere Academy in terms of his academic career. He went on to Dickinson College to finish his official schooling. He attended Boston University as well but did not complete his education.

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