Dallas Xavier Barrino is a celebrity kid from America. He falls into the class of celebrities that rose to prominence because of their ties with mainstream celebrities. Dallas is the son of Fantasia Monique Barrino.

Fantasia is an American singer who is popularly known for winning American Idol’s third season in 2004. She has won Billboard and Grammy awards for her performance.

Early Life

Dallas was born on the 13th of December, 2011. He was raised in Jacksonville, Florida, in the United States Of America, by his parents. The celebrity kid was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and he has gotten media attention since birth. His mother announced at the concert that she was pregnant with him.

Dallas Xavier Barrino in his school uniform
Dallas Xavier Barrino in his school uniform
Source: Instagram @cool.kiddallas

The celebrity kid enjoys the rights and privileges of the united states. He belongs to the ethnic group of African-Americans. Talking about his religious beliefs, he has not said anything. According to his birth date, he was born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

Academic Life

Dallas is a school-going kid. He is currently attending classes at Southwest Charlotte STEM Academy located in Charlotte, NC, 28278, United States. He was honored as STEM Star Student of the Week

He is from a good family and will attend a good quality education. After completing his higher education, he will probably graduate from a reputed University in America.

Dallas’s Physical Appearance

Dallas is a handsome man. He is from an African-American ethnic group, and he displays certain traits and features of the group. He is appreciated for his black hair and black eyes. The celebrity kid stands tall with a height a decent height and weight according to his age. He has not put on excessive body fat.

At the time of birth, Dallas was 7 lbs., nine oz., and 21 inches long. Besides this, he has not yet disclosed the figures from his other physical measurement, including his dress size, shoe size, etc. He does not seem to have tattoos or piercings, as he is only a kid.

Family Background

Dallas was born as the son of popular singer  Fantasia Monique Barrino and songwriter Antwaun Cook. He is from a family of musicians. Like his mother, Xavier’s grandparents, Diane and Joseph Barrino, were also in the musical field. Not only that, his uncles Nathaniel, Perry, and Julius Barrino even had a music group formed called The Barrino Brothers. Fantasia’s brother Xavier was in a wheelchair following his motorcycle accident in 2017.

Dallas Xavier Barrino with his family
Dallas Xavier Barrino with his family
Source: webofbio

Currently, Dallas is with his mother and her husband, Kendall Taylor. His parents have provided him with all the necessary love, care, and support. They gave him a good upbringing. Maybe, the celebrity kid will walk in the footsteps of his family and enter the musical industry.


Dallas has two half-siblings and a sibling. They are older than him; they are called jack and Chris. He has one elder sister Zion Quari Barrino. The celebrity kid is close to all of his siblings. He grew up along with them.

Although not much is revealed about his siblings, Dallas has probably made beautiful memories while growing up with them.

Relationship Status

Dallas Xavier Barrino is currently presumably single and is enjoying his teen days with his parents. He is far too young to be involved in a relationship. The celebrity kid is a handsome man. Surely, he will attract many girls in the future with his charm.

However, his parent’s relationship was messy. They were not together when he was born. The couple has parted ways already.

Relationship Of His Parents

Antwaun and Fantasia went through a bumpy ride in their relationship. The couple started their relationship in 2010. But the relationship did not last long. Dallas’s mother was accused of being a home wrecker by Antuwas’s ex-wife.

Fantasia even tried to commit suicide after this accusation. She had also aborted her first child with Antwaun. With all the trouble in their relationship, the couple decided to end their relationship. The singer welcomed Dallas after they were no longer together.

Antwaun Cook and Fantasia Barrino
Parents of Dallas Xavier Barrino, Antwaun Cook, and Fantasia Barrino
Source: Facebook

Currently, his parents are happy with their own respective partners. On June 18, 2015, his mother, Fantasia, got married to a man named Kendall Taylor.

They began dating in 2013, and by September 2014, they were engaged. Antwaun, the father of Xavier, is also said to have made amends with Paula, his ex-wife. On Instagram, he writes about her frequently.

Dallas’s Mother was Accused Of Home Wrecking

Antwaun’s ex-wife, Paula Sloan Cook, filed a case against the American Idol third season winner in august 2010. She allegedly accused Fantasia of being a home wrecker. The district court of Mecklenburg County alleged that Barrino pursued Antwuan despite knowing he was a married man.

Fantasia Barrino Caught Cheating with Antwaun Cook While He Was Still Married & They Had a Son.

She encountered the charges under North Carolina’s Alienation of Affection Law. However, later the court officials discovered that Paula was lying about their divorce filed date. The divorce was originally filed on September 14, 2009, and Paula had manipulated it to be on June 2010.

The court ruled in Fantasia’s favor after finding that she got into a relationship with Antwaun after his divorce. As per different sources on Internet, Fantasia offered $100 thousand as a settlement amount to Paula, which she declined.

Career Highlights

Dallas Xavier Barrino is just a school-going kid and has not entered into a professional career yet. Maybe in the future, he might get into the musical field like his family. However, his mother has got a successful career.

His mother, Fantasia, is the winner of the third American Idol season in 2004. She got into the limelight because of the reality show. She made her first debut with her single song ‘I believe’ which landed at number one in Billboard’s top 100.

Fantasia Barrino, I Believe

Her debut album, Free Yourself, was subsequently given Platinum certification by the RIAA and earned her three Grammy nominations in 2006. Her self-titled second album, Fantasia, was released the same year. It featured the hit single “When I See U,” which lasted eight weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. This album received three “Grammy” nominations in 2008 and received a Gold certification from the RIAA.

Net Worth

Dallas Xavier Barrino is just a school-going kid who has not yet started his professional career. Therefore, he has no net worth. However, he is enjoying a lavish and comfortable life from the net worth of his parents.

Talking about his mother, Fantasia is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $1 Million. She has accumulated this huge sum from her hardship and dedication to her professional career. Similarly, talking to his father, Antwuan is also estimated to have a net worth of $1 Million.

Hobbies And Interests

Dallas is a fun-loving kid. He enjoys playing basketball. Whenever he gets the chance, the boy grabs the basketball. Similarly, he likes Pokemon.

Dallas Xavier Barrino holding basketball
Dallas Xavier Barrino holding a basketball
Source: Instagram @cool.kiddallas

The celebrity kid is crazy about Mario, Minions, Lego, and Sonic. He also loves spending time with his siblings and family.

Social Media Presence

Dallas is quite active on social media. He has accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram. He is very popular with them. He uses social media accounts to give updates about himself and reach out to his loved ones and close ones.

He goes by the username @cool.kiddallas. He has successfully collected more than 6k followers on this platform. He has filled his Instagram with moments of his personal life. Besides this, he does not seem to have an account and is active on any other social media platform.

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