Copeland Cruz Tedder was born on 2, August 2010 in Colorado, United States. His parents are Ryan Tedder and Genevieve Tedder. His father is a celebrated singer, artist, composer, record producer, and musician in the United States.

Likewise, Cruz’s mother is a well-known photographer in the United States. He has also received media notice for his cute antics. Meanwhile, He grew up with his younger brother Miles Tedder, born in September 2014.

Born in 2010, Tedder is currently 13 years old in 2023. Copeland’s nationality is American, and he belongs to a white ethnic group. He is courageous, confident, determined, passionate, hard-working, adorable, and has a similar personality to Leo. Copeland enjoys traveling, watching cartoons, playing games, and spending time with his friends and family.

Copeland Cruz Tedder’s Parents And Siblings

Parents, Ryan Benjamin Tedder and Genevieve Tedder met each other during their college days through a mutual friend. Afterward, they began to share interests and eventually started dating each other.

This is the Copeland Cruz Tedder family photo. They are wearing black clothes. They are smiling and his father is wearing a cap.
Copeland Cruz Tedder and his family photo. Source@Global Stardom

Gary Tedder and Marlene Cunningham are his grandparents. He has an excellent relationship with his parents and siblings.

Further, Cruz’s parents, Ryan and Genevieve, are a happily married couple. The lovebirds exchanged marriage vows in 2004 after dating for a few years.

This is Copeland Cruz Tedder and his brother's photo. They are wearing white T-shirts photo.
Copeland Cruz Tedder And his brother Photo. Source@Biography Mask

Then after having some years of quality time as husband and wife, Ryan and Genevieve welcomed their son, Copeland as their first child. Later, in September 2014, four years after their first child’s birth, the pair again included Miles Tedder, a son.

Copeland Cruz Tedder’s Net worth

Copeland Cruz Tedder has not started his professional journey yet but lives a rich lifestyle thanks to his parent’s fortune. His mother, Genevieve, has a net worth of $1.5 million. Likewise, Ryan Tedder, Copeland’s dad, is said to have a whopping net worth of roughly $145 million.

Ryan Tedder’s Real Estate

Ryan Tedder bought a compact property in Venice in 2013 for $2.85 million, which he later sold for $2.95 million. Similarly, in 2015, he acquired a Beverly Hills mansion for $7.5 million, which he listed for a price of $12.75 million in 2017.

Ryan Tedders Beverly Hills Home 1
Ryan Tedder’s Beverly Hills Home.
Source: Elite Agent

Moreover, the musician got another Beverly Hills property for $12 million in 2015. He also bought a house for $8.25 million in West Hollywood in 2017 and an apartment in Manhattan for $11 million.

Ryan Tedder Married His Wife Genevieve In 2004

Ryan Tedder and his wife Genevieve have been a happily married couple since 2004. Although the couples do not share much about their relationship, their love, and respect for each other can be seen by anyone.

Copeland Cruz Tedders parents got married in 2004
Copeland Cruz Tedder’s parents got married in 2004.
Source: Global Stardom

Copeland’s parents Ryan and Genevieve, first met in their school days. They initially thought that there is no chance of them being in a relationship. It was because Ryan was interested in music and dreamt of becoming a musician.

However, the couple got attracted to each other and, eventually, got married. According to the Counting Stars singer, his wife is not very fond of him posting her pictures on the internet. She likes to live a personal life.

Who Is Ryan Tedder?

Copeland’s father, Ryan Tedder, is a famous American Singer, Artist, Songwriter, Record Producer, and Musician. Ryan achieved an internship at Dream Works SKG, and then he produced demos for songwriters and labels. Tedder took part in a singing competition at 21 and won the competition with the most votes.

Ryan Tedder Copeland Cruz Tedders father
Ryan Tedder – Copeland Cruz Tedder’s father.
Source: Wikipedia

After a year of the competition, he came into the eye of Timbaland, a hip-hop producer. His self-written song Apologize, and his band became a huge success and even broke the US Top 40 radio airplay record. In addition, he launched his own record company, which is also named Patriot Records.

Parents Professional Life

Tedder is a well-known American celebrity kid. His father is a well-known singer, artist, composer, record producer, and musician in the United States. His mother is a well-known photographer in the United States.

Ryan Tedder Performs “Poison” by Bell Biv Devoe | That’s My Jam

Moreover, the renowned name has also gotten a lot of press for his charming media appearances.  He is one of the kids who get worldwide fame since their birth. He is the son of Ryan Tedder, an American singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer, and Genevieve Tedder, a famous American photographer. 

After completing an internship at Dream Works SKG, Ryan Tedder began producing recordings for labels and songwriters. And he started producing demos for labels and songwriters. He took part in a singing competition at the age of 21.

He even won the competition with the most votes. After a year of the competition, he came into the eye of Timbaland, a hip-hop producer. He entered different singing competitions. He even received the most votes in the tournament. His group and his self-written song Apologize were great successes. His band became a huge success and even broke the US Top 40 radio airplay record. In addition, he launched his own record company, which is also named Patriot Records.

Physical Appearance and Measurements

Ryan Tedder’s son Copeland has an attractive, slim, and healthy body. He maintains his body by looking at some key factors that helped him maintain his figure, including genetics, dieting habits, exercise routines, and healthy health, which greatly affect his fans and followers.

This is Copeland Cruz Tedder photo. He is wearing a white t-shirt.  His hair color is brown.
Copeland Cruz Tedder Protait Photo. Source@Celebsgraphy

Copeland stands about 5 feet 2 inches tall and still growing. Likewise, he weighs around 45 kg. He has not revealed his bodily statistics, including chest, hips, biceps, waist, shoe size, and dress size. He has a light skin tone and blonde hair. Similarly, He has enticing blue-colored eyes that complement his appearance.

Social media presence

The celebrity kid is small he is not active on social media. He likes to play and spend time with his family like other children. Tedder doesn’t have any social media accounts.

However, Copeland’s mother’s Instagram ID is @genevievetedder, where she has more than 7.2 K followers and his dad’s Instagram ID is @ryantedder, where there are more than 798 thousand followers. They posted their daily life event on social media.

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