Cle Shaheed Sloan is an American actor who has made his appearance in the TV series Southland as Ronnie Watkins. Besides acting he is also a producer, director, and in a location management team.

Cle Shaheed was introduced to the world on the 22nd of May, 1969, and was raised in Los Angeles, United States of America. His zodiac sign is Gemini. Cle goes by the nickname Bone.

Sloan has not revealed information relating to his personal life that includes family background, academic life, etc. However, there are many more interesting facts relating to his life that you probably don’t know. Continue reading to know about Sloan’s life.

Net Worth – Is Cle Shaheed Sloan Living A Rich Lifestyle?

Cle Shaheed Sloan is an actor, producer, and director by profession. He is estimated to have a net worth of around $50 thousand in his possession. He has accumulated this huge amount from his successful professional career.

Some of his hit projects are Street Kings, Compton’s Finest, American Venice, The Tax Collector, Monika’s day, Freeway: Crack in the system, Sons of Anarchy, etc.

Additionally, Cle Shaheed is also an activist and is working in a non-profit organization AKTIVE. Information relating to his property and automobiles is still to be disclosed.

With all this huge fortune, Sloan is spending a quality life in Los Angeles, United States.

Sloan Was Injured In Hit And Run Incident In Compton, California

Sloan was injured in a hit-and-run incident in Compton which was believed to be done by Suge Knight. The incident that occurred on the 29th of January, 2015 took the life of Terry Carter who was with Sloan at the moment.

The TRUTH Behind Suge Knight’s Fatal Hit & Run Involving Cle “Bone” Sloan & Terry Carter.

Sloan sustained ripped-apart ligaments, fractures to both of his ankles, a severe cut to his skull, and other injuries as a result of being hit by the car.

Worked To Reform Gang Culture

Sloan grew up among the street gang members as he was in the gang Athens Park Blood. This group was formed to rival the violent gang Crisp which was causing illegal crimes.

Athens Park Blood Cle “Bone” Sloan Story

By remaining in Bloods, Sloan helped to reform the gang culture from the inside and minimized unnecessary violence.

Sloan Says He Won’t Snitch On Suge Knights In Hit And Run Case

The police detained Suge Knights after accusing him of the hit-and-run incident in Cumpton. Sloan refused to admit that Knight was the driver during the trial.

Suge Knight Victim Refuses to Snitch During Suge Murder Case.

He was on the stand just because he was summoned. Although Sloan said that he was upset with Knight and punched him in the face from the truck window. The next thing he knew was of being on the ground and his friend Terry dead.

Even when Suge Knight was granted immunity in the middle of the evidence, Cle Shaheed made it very clear to the court that he would not turn on the rapper. Knight, though, was found guilty and given a 28-year prison term.

Knight was held on $2 Million amount for bail but his lawyer argued about it being too excessive. In his defense, Knight said that he only run the truck in self-defense as he thought Cle and Carter were about to shoot him.

Relationship Status

Cle Shaheed Sloan is apparently single and is not involved romantically with anyone. He prefers to keep his personal information behind the curtains, therefore he has not officially revealed his relationship status.

Sloan is not known to have been engaged or married previously. Maybe Shaheed is seeing someone but has decided to keep this information away from the public.

Sloan Was Introduced To Film Industry By Football Legend Jim Brown

Jim Brown, a football legend was a friend of Sloan and was the one to help him find a job in the film industry after he got out of jail. Sloan was working under director Antoine Fuqua and gradually developed an interest in becoming an actor.

If it was not for Jim, Sloan would not be enjoying his fame right now and probably still work in the street gangs.

As An Actor

Sloan is best known for displaying his acting skill in the movie Street Kings. His recent work was in 2020 in which he portrayed the role of Bone in The Tax Collector.

Cle Shaheed Sloan featured movie Street Kings.
Cle Shaheed Sloan was featured in the movie Street Kings.
Source: Amazon

Throughout his career life, Sloan has a total of 11 credits as an actor which is for End of Watch, Tears of the Sun, Street Kings, Brooklyn Finest, and so on.

Has Explored The Other Domains In The Film Industry

Sloan has not just stuck to acting and has made his career in other domains like producing, directing, as well as location managing. Today, Sloan has become a well-known personality in this field.

Throughout his career, Sloan has had three credits as a director, one for location management, and eleven credits as a producer.

Compton’s Finest, American Venice, The Tax Collector, Monika’s day, Freeway: Crack in the system, Sons of Anarchy, etc. are some projects in which he participated as either producer, director, or location manager.

Managed To Persuade Real Gang Member For Assisting In His Movie

During the production of one of his movies Training Days, Sloan has taken the role of gang adviser. With his experience of working in gangs, he was assigned the task of portraying them correctly.

Sloan also helped in persuading the real gang members to help make his movie authentic. The movie was a hit at the box office and collected $104 Million.

Sloan Is Working As An Activist With A Slogan Change The Gangs From Inside

Sloan is fed with violence and is trying to reform gang members to help in uplifting their lives of gang members. For this, he has formed a non-profit organization AKTIVE that has a slogan Change the gangs from inside.

In order to speak out against the violence on behalf of his group, Cle Shaheed also made appearances on Anderson Cooper 360° and Bill O’Reilly’s The O’Reilly Factor.

His organization works with active gang members in the United States for minimizing violence.

Cle Shaheed Sloan’s Physical Appearance And Measurements

The Street Kings actor Sloan was a gang member and mostly portrays a similar character which causes him to appear as a gang member. He has small hair and often wears a hat. He has light brown eyes and piercing in his ears.

Cle Shaheed Sloan wearing his cap.
Cle Shaheed Sloan wearing his cap.
Source: Rolling stone

Cle Shaheed stands tall with a calculated height of 5 ft and 5 inches tall which is equivalent to 169 cm. Similarly, he has maintained a weight of around 77 kg i.e 169 lbs. Apparently, Sloan does not have a tattoo on his body.

Social Media Presence

The Training Days actor, Cle Shaheed has his accounts activated on major social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. However, he does not seem to be active on them. He rarely posts on them and does not interact with them.

He is available on Instagram and Twitter under the usernames @bone_sloan and @CleShiihidbone. It is not clear if they are Sloan’s official accounts or not. Even though he is not on Facebook, his fans have made a fan page by his name on Facebook.

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