Chris Pratt, a Marvel actor, is presently promoting The Tomorrow War, his new Amazon Prime film, and he went by The Late Late Show to talk to host James Corden about it. He did, however, provide some behind-the-scenes details about working on the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy, including a comical episode involving co-star and former WWE champion Dave Bautista and sleeping pills.

“I used to take sleep medications to help me sleep, but I don’t anymore because of things like this,” Pratt said. “And I’d text people, and I’d be blacked out and have no idea what I’m writing them because I’m on something like Ambien.” Pratt explained that on set, Bautista approached him and asked him about some texts he had sent the night before. He discovered something amusing on his phone when he checked it.

James Corden interviewed Chris Pratt

“‘Dave, I want to wrestle you,’ it was like. I’d like to wrestle you—no one needs to know, but I’m curious. I believe I am capable of transporting you. Bro, I believe I could wrestle you. No elbows, no knees, just like in college. I just want to experience the power,’ says the narrator “Pratt explained.

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The Guardians of the Galaxy actor admitted to Corden that reading the texts made him “mortified,” mainly because he knows he could never defeat Bautista in a fight. He joked, “Dave would kill me.” “He is without a doubt Hollywood’s toughest dude.”

Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista both are actors.
Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista in a Guardians of the Galaxy.
Photo Source: Comic Book

Pratt also discussed his second wedding anniversary with Katherine Schwarzenegger, revealing that the couple kept it low-key to commemorate the occasion. “We kept it extremely low-key,” the Jurassic World star remarked. “I’m kind of a low-key birthday or party guy.”

“For our anniversary, we went to In-N-Out Burger. You should realize that she is deserving of the entire world. So I took her to In-N-Out Burger. In addition, there’s a wonderful piece of jewelry.” Pratt added that he wanted to stick with the typical wood motif for the second anniversary, but Schwarzenegger’s sister intervened. “Her sister said, ‘You’re going to get her jewels,’ and I said, ‘I’m going to get her diamonds,'” she said.

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