CNN fired US broadcaster Chris Cuomo for assisting his brother, ex-New York governor Andrew Cuomo, who was facing harassment charges. The decision came after CNN reported that more evidence about Chris Cuomo’s involvement in his older brother’s defense had emerged.

Andrew Cuomo resigned in August after prosecutors claimed he harassed employees. Chris Cuomo issued a statement saying he was upset and that this was “not how I wanted my time at CNN to end.” Chris has been with the network since 2013 and had become one of its most well-known news anchors, most recently directing CNN’s coverage of the 2020 US presidential election.

Chris Cuomo's involvement in his older brother's defense had emerged.
Chris Cuomo was fired from CNN.
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According to a CNN statement, a known law firm has been recruited to investigate Chris Cuomo’s efforts to assist his politician brother in fighting sexual harassment charges. During that time, however new information has come to light prompting the network to terminate its contract effective immediately.

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CNN had already suspended Chris Cuomo on Tuesday after the scope of his behind-the-scenes attempts to assist with the issue were disclosed. At the time, the network stated that while it respected Chris Cuomo’s unusual circumstances and recognized Chris’ desire to put family first and job second, the counsel he gave to his brother was a violation of journalistic ethics.

Documents released on Monday by New York Attorney General Letitia James revealed that the younger Cuomo repeatedly pressured the governor’s staff to allow him to take a larger role in his brother’s defense. “You need to trust me,” he emailed his brother’s secretary Melissa DeRosa in March, adding, “We are making mistakes we can’t afford.” He also promised to call other US media outlets to learn about any new complaints.

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CNN President Jeff Zucker remarked in a staff email obtained by the New York Times, “It goes without saying that these judgments are not simple, and there are a lot of difficult factors involved.” The firing of the renowned anchor will raise major concerns about journalistic standards in the United States. “Viewers must be able to trust what they hear here on television when we’re reporting a sensitive matter, even if it involves a colleague’s family member,” CNN’s media correspondent Brian Stelter said.

Chris Cuomo's brotherwas elected to three consecutive terms as New York governor.
Chris Cuomo’s brother resigned in August after prosecutors claimed he harassed employees.
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The Cuomo family has long been one of the most powerful political families in the United States. Andrew Cuomo was elected to three consecutive terms as New York governor, and their father Mario presided over the state for more than a decade between 1983 and 1994. Before resigning in October, Andrew was a prominent political figure after an inquiry by his own Attorney General revealed that he had sexually harassed and grabbed 11 women working for him.

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