Choi Jisu, also known as Lia, is a well-known South Korean singer. She is famous for being the main vocalist of the popular all-girls Korean pop group called ITZY. ITZY consists of five talented members, including her. The other members of the group are Yuna, Ryujin, Yeji, and Chaeryeong. Together, they create amazing music and captivate their fans with their incredible performances.

Lia was born on July 21, 2000, in the city of Buncheon-si, South Korea. She stands at a height of 5 feet and 4 inches (163 cm) and weighs approximately 50 kilograms. As per her birth date, her zodiac sign is Cancer. Being born under this sign, she is believed to possess traits such as sensitivity, loyalty, and nurturing nature.

Relationship Status Of The Korean Pop Star

Choi Jisu, or Lia, is currently single and has no plans to enter into a relationship at the moment. She is fully focused on her music career and strives to deliver her best performances to her fans. Unlike many celebrities, she is not active on social media platforms, which makes it challenging for fans to learn more about her personal life.

Choi Jisu is wearing a dress with Korea University logo on it.
Choi Jisu with a mirror selfie (Source: ITZY Instagram

As a result, there are no previous records of Lia being in a romantic relationship. Her dedication to her music suggests that she is committed to honing her skills and achieving success in her professional journey. We can only hope she will be more open about her relationship in the future.

About Lia’s Parents And Siblings

Lia was raised in a well-off family, where she had a comfortable upbringing. Her mother, being a music teacher, likely played a significant role in fostering her interest in music from an early age. Additionally, she has a younger brother named Junsu, who is about four years younger than her.

As a family, they tend to keep their personal lives private, allowing Lia to focus on her career without unnecessary distractions. Interestingly, she also spent a portion of her childhood in Canada, which may have provided her with unique experiences and cultural influences that shape her as an artist today.

Net Worth Status

Choi Jisu has an estimated net worth of $2 million, similar to Paul Adelstein. Her primary source of income comes from her singing career. As a member of the popular K-pop group ITZY, she has contributed to numerous hit songs that have garnered millions of streams worldwide. Their catchy tunes and captivating performances have earned them a massive fan base, resulting in successful concerts and tours.

ITZY is addressing the crowd from stage.
ITZY performing at Forest Hills Stadium (Source: ITZY Instagram

In addition to her music endeavors, Lia has also been involved in brand endorsements, which further adds to her financial success. With her talent and popularity, Lia continues to make strides in the music industry, paving the way for a prosperous future.

Lia’s Education Background

Lia pursued her education at the prestigious North London Collegiate School Jeju. This renowned institution is known for its high standard of education and is considered one of South Korea’s most expensive schools. Growing up in a well-off family, she had access to quality education that helped shape her intellectual growth. In the year Rodner Figueroa’s father passed away, i.e., 2019, She graduated from the School of Performing Arts in Seoul.

Even from a young age, Lia displayed a penchant for style and luxury, often seen carrying designer bags from renowned brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci as mentioned in an article from South China Morning Post. Her early exposure to luxury fashion hints at her refined taste and perhaps foreshadows her future as a fashion icon in the K-pop industry.

How Did Lia Learned Singing?

Choi Lisu’s journey in learning how to sing showcases her determination and resourcefulness. As a young child, she used her parents’ credit card to invest in developing her singing skills. She secretly attended a vocal academy, hiding her activities from her parents while using their credit cards to pay for the academy fees.

To pursue her passion, Lia would take a two-hour bus ride from Incheon to Gangnam for her singing classes, displaying her commitment to honing her talent. Her hard work paid off when she joined JYP Entertainment as a trainee in 2017.

Choi Jisu, Ryujin, Yuna, Chaeryeong, and Yeji are all posing for one big selfie.
Choi Jisu with other ITZY Members, Ryujin, Yuna, Chaeryeong, and Yeji (Source: ITZY Instagram

But before joining JYP, Lia had also been a trainee at SM Entertainment at the age of just 14 years old. Although she left SM Entertainment without signing a deal, her dedication and perseverance eventually led her to achieve success as a member of ITZY, a group formed by JYP Entertainment. Her inspiring journey serves as a testament to the importance of pursuing one’s dreams and never giving up on passion and talent.

Lia’s journey toward becoming a successful singer began when she auditioned for JYP Entertainment in the third grade of middle school as mentioned in an article from Kepoper. With her remarkable talent and determination, she caught the attention of the judges and successfully passed the audition. For approximately four years, she lived as a trainee, undergoing intensive training and participating in various activities at JYP Entertainment.

Is Choi Jisu Racist?

It is important to address the issue and clarify that making a comment about someone’s skin tone does not necessarily indicate racism. In this specific instance, during an interview on the radio show “Noon Song of Hope” on July 19, 2022, Choi Lisu and Chaeryeong from ITZY had a conversation about tanning.

Chaeryeong expressed her desire to tan her body, and Lia, as a friend, shared her opinion that she didn’t think it would look good on her. It’s worth noting that this comment does not imply any racial bias or discriminatory intent. However, it is crucial to consider the impact of our words, as they can unintentionally perpetuate harmful beauty standards or reinforce stereotypes.

Lia’s comment received backlash from some individuals who interpreted it as offensive or insensitive. Recognizing the unintended consequences, the singer took responsibility for her words and issued an apology. It is commendable that she acknowledged the impact her comment had and expressed remorse for any discomfort it may have caused.

Who Is ITZY?

ITZY is a South Korean girl group formed by JYP Entertainment. The group debuted on February 12, 2019, with their single album titled “IT’z Different” and its lead single “Dalla Dalla.” Besides, Lia, the members of the group are Yeji (Hwang Ye-ji) who is the leader, main dancer, lead vocalist, and rapper of the group.

Ryujin (Shin Ryu-jin) is the main rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist of the group. Chaeryeong (Lee Chae-ryeong) is a vocalist and main dancer and Yuna (Shin Yu-na) is the maknae (youngest member) of the group and serves as a lead dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist.

ITZY gained immediate popularity with its powerful and energetic performances, catchy music, and strong messages of self-confidence and empowerment. Their music often falls under the K-pop genre but incorporates various styles such as hip-hop, EDM, and pop. Some of their most popular songs include “Wannabe,” “ICY,” “Not Shy,” and “Mafia in the Morning.”

ITZY have also received several awards and nominations, both in South Korea and internationally, for their music and performances. The popular girl’s group continues to be active in the K-pop industry, releasing new music and captivating audiences with their talent, charisma, and distinct concept.

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