Chase Ty Kapler is an American personality who has gained notoriety because of his ties with mainstream celebrities. He is the eldest son of Gabe Kapler who is the manager of the San Francisco Giants.

Kapler blessed his parents with his arrival on the 8th of October, 1999, and was raised alongside his sibling in Tarzana, California. Let’s discuss the interesting facts relating to the life of Gabe’s eldest kid.

Net Worth – Is Chase Ty Kapler Living A Rich Lifestyle?

Chase Ty Kapler has just started his professional career as a software engineer. He is currently working at COCO as a software engineer. Prior to this, he was doing an internship in software engineering at Lyft.

However, he is living a rich lifestyle from the fortune amassed by his parents.

Chase Ty’s father Gabe Kapler on the other hand is estimated to have a net worth of a whopping $35 Million which he has accumulated from his successful professional life. He has been a former baseball player who has played for numerous teams like Texas Rangers, Colorado Rockies, Boston Red Sox, Los Angelos Rodgers, and many more.

Likewise, he is serving as the manager of the San Francisco Giants and before that, he used to manage Philadelphia Phillies.

Family Background

Kapler is from a renowned family in the United States. His father Gabe is a famed former basketball player and is currently managing the San Francisco Giants.

Chase Ty kapler with his father Gabe Kapler mother Lisa Jansen and brother Dane Rio kapler
Chase Ty Kapler with his father Gabe Kapler, mother Lisa Jansen, and brother Dane Rio Kapler.
Source: Famous Face Wiki

His mother, Lisa Jansen, founded the Gabe Kapler Foundation and works as an intuitive health and compassion coach. His parents don’t live together because of their tumultuous relationship.

Kapler’s grandparents Michael and Judy met during the anti-war movement in 1960 and moved to California together.

Pursuing Computer Science At The University Of California

Chase Ty is currently going to the University for preparing himself for the real world. He is pursuing a computer science degree at the University of California which is located in Los Angelos.

Previously, he was enrolled in Malibu High school. During his days in high school, he was on the football team and used to play as a quarterback.

Chase Ty Kapler Has A Younger Brother

On November 3, 2001, Dane Rio Kapler, a child from their previous union with Lisa, was born alongside Chase Ty. He was raised with Chase Ty, his older brother.

Chase Ty Kapler with his younger brother Dane Rio Kapler
Chase Ty Kapler with his younger brother Dane Rio Kapler.
Source: Instagram @danekapler

He went to Ventura High school which is located in Ventura, California. After that, he went to attend classes at the University of British Columbia. It is yet to know about the course that he has pursued.

Like his brother Chase Ty, Dane Rio Gabler is interested in football and is on the University football team. He is a dog lover and has posted pictures of dogs on his Instagram account.

Kapler’s Parents Are Not Together

Kapler’s parents Lisa and Gabe started dating each other at the end of their senior years at college. However, they married only after nine years of being in a relationship that was in 1999.

They saw a lot of ups and downs in their marital life but they chose to stick with each other. However, they eventually divorced with joined custody of their sons. They have not publicized the reason for their divorce but it is rumored that they parted ways because of Kapler being homosexual.

Although they are not together, they are co-parenting their children and also helping each other in need.

Relationship Status

Gabe’s eldest son, Chase Ty Kapler is currently living a single life. A lot of ladies are attracted to him but he has chosen to focus on his study to secure good grades and a future.

Kapler loves to live a private life and thus, he has not mentioned anyone who can be labeled as his partner. Maybe in the future, he might find a soul mate with whom he wants to spend his life.

Chase Ty Kapler’s Father Is The Manager Of The San Francisco Giants

Former baseball player Gabe Kapler has experience in both the minor leagues and the major leagues. He is the father of Chase Ty Kapler. He started playing baseball in high school, and after batting.337 with seven home runs and 52 RBIs, he was named First Team All-Western State Conference.

Chase Ty Kaplers father Gabe Kapler
Chase Ty Kapler’s father Gabe Kapler.
Source: McCovey Chronicles

He began his professional life after he was picked by Detroit Tigers. Furthermore, he played for numerous teams like Texas Rangers, Colorado Rockies, Boston Red Sox, Los Angelos Rodgers, and so on.

After retiring from playing baseball, Gabe started doing managerial work. He debuted as a manager with Philadelphia Phillies and is currently managing San Francisco Giants.

Gabe Kapler Had To Take Therapy To Overcome The Fear Of Crossing Roads

Kapler was hit by a car when he was crossing the road at the age of eight. Since then he was afraid of crossing the roads.

He needed to go for multiple sessions of therapy for overcoming his fear. Getting hit by a car was a lot of trauma for him.

Kapler’s Mother Had An Abusive Relationship Before She Met His Dad

Kapler’s mother, Lisa Jansen was in an abusive relationship before meeting his father. She was in a relationship with a guy three years older than her.

Gabe Kapler and his wife Lisa Kapler
Gabe Kapler and his former wife Lisa Kapler.
Source: Famous Face Wiki

She was beaten up by her boyfriend if she tried to stand up to the abuse. Her friends and teacher even did not do anything regarding the matter.

Lisa could not get out of the relationship because her father was dying and he had pitied the boy. After her father’s death, she moved with her father and broke up with him.

The trauma of the abuse and violence stayed on her mind and would often scold and beat Gabe in their initial days of the relationship.

Kapler’s Mother And Father Have Established An Organization To Help Victim Of Abuse

Kapler’s mother suffered a lot of violence during her previous relationship and still had trauma. There was no one to save her from the abuse which made it a lot worse.

Therefore, she wants to help those who are in similar conditions. For that, she has created an organization Gabe Kapler Foundation which helps to stop violence by providing them with the resources they need to live self-sufficient, violence-free lives.

Unfortunately, their foundation’s website is currently suspended, so it’s possible that it won’t be operational at that time. While the foundation may or may not be active at the moment, it undoubtedly helped numerous girls leave abusive and toxic relationships.

Social Media Presence

Kapler is not quite active on social media however he has activated accounts on major social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

He does not want to reveal his private life to the public and therefore he has maintained a private Instagram account under the username @Chasekapler which has more than 1.4k followers.

Furthermore, his Facebook account has not been updated since 2018.

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