Who Is Chailee Son? Where is She From?

Many know of the beautiful Chailee Son, but only some are aware of the details of her origin. Did you know that she is originally from South Korea who later moved to Vancouver, Canada? She visited the country with a working visa and ended up staying after gaining popularity from social media.

Chailee Son is a South Korean Instagram model.
Chailee Son is a South Korean Instagram model.
Photo Source: Instagram

The Instagram model came to Canada in 2014 and used to share selfies and her adventure pictures in her social networking account, which caught the attention of fans all over. As of now, she’s racked up more than 1 million active followers on her Instagram account.

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Son’s latter works led her to become featured by Sports Illustrated as their Lovely Lady of the Day. Since then, she’s actively pursued her career as a media influencer.

What is Chailee Son’s Net Worth Collection As of 2021?

The job of an Instagram influencer is not as easy as it looks in the eye. One has to be under instant pressure to look good while also giving content to their fans. The pros side of the fact is that it pays generously well.

Chailee Son has a net worth of $500,000
Chailee Son is an entrepreneur and Instagram model.
Photo Source: Instagram

Well, we can’t specifically subject a specific net worth collection of the 33-year-old model as she’s yet to make a public statement of her wealth, but sources assume that the figure is somewhere around $500,000 as of 2021. She makes quite a figure from all of her brand endorsements and sponsorships.

Did you know that Chailee initially studied advanced materials engineering at Kyungsung University in Busan, South Korea? However, she quit that career to do what she loves and reportedly has no regrets about it. At the moment, she is also the CEO of her own brand CHAILEE that sells a collection of clothes, accessories, and fashion-related products.

Does Chailee Son Have a Boyfriend?

Speaking about the Korean beauty’s personal life, she seems to have kept all of the details under the wraps, whether it be about her boyfriend or her family. Her Instagram account features mostly her daily lifestyle and product endorsements of her brand as well as other brands.

Chailee Son is Single
Did Chailee Son perform plastic surgery?
Photo Source: Instagram

Another rumor about the 32-year-old is if she ever had plastic surgery? Many have pondered this, and you would too if you look just how perfect the model is. However, we do not mean to rain on your parade, but Chailee’s beauty is all-natural as she works hard in her gym and maintains a strict diet routine for her glow-up look.

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