Caylus Cunningham was born on August 18, 1997, in Washington, USA, the United States of America. According to astrology, his birth sign is Leo. Caylus was born in the united states of America, which is why Jon has been holding American nationality. Caylus has strong faith in the Christianity religion and has been preserving White ethnicity. Caylus birthstone sign is Peridot and Sardonyx.

Cunningham is a Tv personality and actor. He is better known online for his first video on his youtube channel, Infinite Arms. A short for an infinite list and formerly CCunningham1423 known his personality by his Fans. Due to this, He is known as Infinite.

Physical Appearance And Body Measurement

Caylus is very attractive and has got sexy body structure. Caylus has got dark brown color eyes with light brown hair color. He has a perfect body structure where he keeps doing regular fitness such as Gyms, Yoga, jogging, and many more.

A portrait photo of Famous Youtuber Caylus Cunningham.
A portrait photo of Famous Youtuber Caylus Cunningham. Source: Instagram

Caylus doesn’t look taller as much, whereas his height stands at 5 Feet 10 Inches, which is 167 cm and 1.67 M. With his maintenance toward his body figure, his weight is around 63 kg 138.891 lbs which suits his body perfectly. He has disclosed the information about his body measurements like chest, waist, and hip sizes.

Qualification And Education Background

Caylus Cunningham is well educated at a private school where he completes his schooling with good marks. He didn’t face any problems regarding his subject matter. After completing his education, Infinite gives continuity to his studies from when he meets his graduation from a community college near his hometown.

But due to personal reasons, he dropped out of his studies. After dropping his studies, he got involved in crafts where he used scissors and paper and made a craft with his hardships. Even Infinite used to decorate his room with skills made by him. Whereas his hard work and creativity also seem in his youtube content.

Family And Sibling Background

A famous Youtube Infinite, Caylus Cunningham, was raised with his family since childhood. With Caylus’s disclosed information, there is no information about his parent’s background. He likes to keep his data away from the public eyes, which is why he has not mentioned his parents’ names or professionals.

But after research, it came to be known that Caylus has two older brothers, Kegan Cunningham and Jake Cunningham. Also, he has collaborated with his sibling on many of his youtube videos. Apart from this, he has not mentioned any detail or clue about his sibling on any social sites.

Past Relationship Of Caylus

A Tv personality’s youtube Caylus has been linked with many other female artists. Before starting his career in 2016, he met Jasmine H and had a love affair. Infinite has been dating a vlogger, Jasmine H, also a Youtuber star. They used to collaborate many times on YouTube videos and planned to spend their whole life together.

But due to personal reasons, they broke up in 2017. Also, the youtube Jasmine posted a video on her youtube channel saying we broke up where both Jasmine and Cyalus seemed together for the last time on May 24, 2018.

Relationship Status

After the break-up with Jasmin H, Caylus stayed single for a year. Caylus was in a relationship with Kiera Bridget in the year 2019. Caylus and Kiera met each other through Snapchat in June 2019. But both lovely couples have been having a secret relationship for many years and have not revealed any related posts.

A portrait photo of Famous Youtuber Caylus Cunningham with his girlfriend Kiera Bridget.
A portrait photo of Famous Youtuber Caylus Cunningham with his girlfriend Kiera Bridget. Source: Instagram

But Caylus posted on January 1, 2020, where Kiera and Caylus have been doing a challenge: to try not to laugh. A youtuber Infinite is having a good time together and shares beautiful pictures of them enjoying themselves together. His fans adore their relationship goals.

Career Highlighter

Caylus Cunningham is very active and passionate about his career. In 2016, he began his career on youtube, where he already has 100k subscribers on his youtube channel. He likes to feel that he is succeeding, encouraging him to make more videos. He posted his first video In August 2016, titled 6 Richest Youtubers. In the same year, he made Pewdiepie, Ryans ToysReview, Little Baby Bum, Webs & Tiaras Big money” video with which he got financially successful on his youtube channel. After achieving his success, he kept posting list videos like the lists of the top water bottle flips, top expensive kids’ toys, full most insane tree houses, and many more, which helped to boost his career as well as helped him to garnered millions of subscribers on the platform.

A portrait photo of Famous Youtuber Caylus Cunningham wearing his Infinite T-shirt.
A portrait photo of Famous Youtuber Caylus Cunningham wearing his Infinite T-shirt. Source: Instagram

Time and amp DangMattSmith is the most-viewed video on the channel of Caylus, which has crossed 40 million views. Infinite has created another YouTube channel named Caylus, where he posts gaming videos such as GTA 5. Minecraft and other crazy games entertain his viewers, which helps him gather more subscribers on his youtube channel. With growing fame, in March 2021, he launched one more YouTube channel called Infinite Shorts, from where he got his name and fame in his Youtube Channel. Apart from this, He played a role in several movies, such as In 2019, he played Behold, and in the same year, he played Behind the clout and Podcap. He will be achieving his success in the upcoming days.

Life On Social Media

As a youth of this generation, Caylus Cunningham is active on his social sites. Through his busy schedule, Caylus makes time and gets engaged on his social media. Mr.Cunningham has created his profile on different areas such as Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. Caylus loves interacting with her followers and wants the public to know about his personality, which is why he is most active on his account.

A youtuber Infinite, has been very active on his social media sites. To know more about his social media and daily updates, you can follow him on his social media. He has been holding around 1.3 Million followers on his Instagram, where 124.4k on his Twitter and heavy followers on his youtube, which is about 19 Million Subscribers. He has been holding his Youtube with his name Infinite and doling Instagram with his username @Infinite and @caylusq on his Twitter account.

Net Worth

Caylus Cunningham has been able to earn a good amount of money from her professional TV personality on youtube. Due to his hard work and dedication toward his work. He has been living a luxurious life involving all his assets, such as cars, buildings and many more. Caylus has been able to know through his youtube channel, where he has millions of fans which is why he has gathered a huge amount of money.

A portrait photo of Famous Youtuber Caylus Cunningham with his own car.
A portrait photo of Famous Youtuber Caylus Cunningham with his car. Source: Instagram

Apart from this, he used to promote products and brands through youtube, which is why he has estimated revenue of around $16k per day from his advertisement. There is no exact information about his net worth on any social sites, but as we estimated, he used to be able to collect his money of around $ 7 million. His source of income is his professional Tv personality, Youtuber.

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