Carver Karaszewski is the daughter of American writer Lara Karaszewski. She works as a producer and has produced a few short films and television series. She is very young as a producer. Carver was born on October 12, 1993, in Los Angeles, California. Her zodiac sign is Libra.

She is working hard for establishing her name in the film and tv industry. Though she is a celebrity daughter she is not much famous till now. She is a rising producer and she will gain a big name in the coming future.

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Carver Karaszewski at beach spending holiday(source: Instagram @carverzewski)

About Parents and Siblings

Larry Karaszewski and Emila karaszewski are the parents of Carver Karaszewski. Larry and Emila fell in love and got married on August 31, 1991. Carver’s mother is a native of New York. After marriage, she settled in California with her husband Larry. She is one of the famous real estate agents in California.

Carver’s mother is among the famous real estate agent in California. She designs different types of houses and sells them. Her business seems very successful and wide. She loves to live a private life therefore there is no official social site in her name.

Carver’s father Larry Karaszewski

Larry Karaszewski was born on November 20, 1961, in South Bend Indiana state in the United States. He graduated from the School of Cinematic Arts in 1985. From early life, he was interested in films and literature. He met Scott Alexander at the University of California as a roommate and became very close friends. He is also a partner and co-writer of Alexander. They both started working as a team and their first popular work was Problematic Child(1990). Problematic Child was a dark comedy movie.

The 1408 film was a very big success for them as a writer. Karaszewski and Alexander also wrote Ed Wood a biopic based on the story of Edward D. Wood jr. in 1994. The film gave them remarkable success which gave them a lot of opportunities. Karaszewski and Alexander with Matt Greenberg wrote the dialogue of 1408 in 2007. The film story was written by Stephen King. The 1408 film was a very big success for them as a writer.

Karaszewski and Alexander wrote Man On The Moon in 1999 which was a biographical story based on a comedian and actor Andy Kaufman. The story was about Kaufman’s struggle to become an actor and his death from lung cancer. They wrote the film Dolomite is My Name in 2019. The movie was based on the true story of comedian Rudy Ray More.

Award And Success

Karaszewski’s award also depicts how artistic and realistic his work is. He has won the Golden Globe Award for best screenplay in 1997, the Satellite Award for the best screenplay in 1997, the Paul Selvin award in 1997, the Producers Guild of America Award in 2017, and Writers Guild of Award in 2017, and the Producers Guild of America Award in 2019.

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Carver Karaszewski’s childhood photo with her mother Emila Karaszewski(source: Instagram @carverzewski)

Karaszewski’s writings are very innovative and extraordinary. His efforts, hard work, and focus have proved once again that hard work is a success. His story inspires many young writers who are struggling at present. He is also motivating his son Jack Karaszewski and Carver Karaszewski on their work.

Social media

Carver Karaszewski started using Instagram in early 2012. Her first photo was posted on February 13, 2012, which is a picture of a concert. She posts photos of her luxurious life. Karaszewski has also posted photos with her fiancee and American actress Zoey Deutch. She is also active on Facebook but not on Twitter at present.

She has more than 2.7k followers and she is following more than 2.3k to date. Her photos on Instagram clearly explain her lifestyle. She is deeply concerned about her outfits for Instagram photos. She updates her posts in big long gaps.

Relationship Status

Craver is in a deep relationship with Jeff Schwartz. She likes to spend plenty of time with Schwartz as she updates a lot of posts with him. They like to visit luxurious places during their holidays. You can even see their photos giving the symbol of love on Instagram.

Carver Karaszewski and her boyfriend Jeff Schwartz giving a lovely pose.
Carver Karaszewski with he fiancee.(source: Instagram @carverzewski)

Jeff Schwartz is deeply concerned for his privacy so there is very less information about him. Karaszewski mentioned him in one of her posts. His Instagram account is completely private and his other identities are also not public to date. Maybe if Karaszewski becomes very popular then facts may come out.

Celebrity Friend Zoey Deutch

Zoey Deutch is a Famous actress and producer in America. Her full name is Zoey Francis Hia Thompson Deutch. She was born on November 10, 1994, in Los Angeles of California state, United States. She holds an American nationality and her horoscope sign is Scorpio.

She debut her career in 2010 with Disney original series The Suite Life On Deck. She was only 15 years old on her debut.


Deutch’s parents are famous director Havard Deutch and actress Lea Thomson. She is most known for her role in Vampire Academy. She has also played the role of an actress in the song Perfect with Ed Sheeran. It is one of the most viewed youtube videos having more than 3.9 billion views. It was not hard for Deutch to become an actress because her family was from the film industry.

Deutch’s height is 1.63m and her weight is 55kg. Her eye color is brown, her hair color is black and her skin color is fair. Her body measurement is 32-28-32 and she looks very attractive.

Net Worth And Awards

Zoey Deutch’s net worth is $4.5 million which she earns from series and films. She expenses her money in her comfort and luxury. As an actress, she wears very expensive outfits that are designed by celebrity designers.

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Actress Zoey Dutch and her friend Carver Karaszewski show their friendship. (source: Instagram @carverzewski)

Deutch is the winner of Shinning star award(2017), HCA award (2020), and Teen Choice Award. She earned a big name at a very young age. Carver Karaszewski also posts photos and videos with Deutch on her Instagram.

Karaszewski’s Career

The Beauty producer Carver Karaszewski has produced multiple short films and television series. Her most successful work to date is Scenes From A Marriage Tv mini-series 2021. She produced five episodes of them. It was directed by Hagai Levi and broadcast on HBO.

Karaszewski produced La Mime in 2014 which was directed by Majorie Cohen. This movie was able to win the Screenplay award in 2012. This is a short movie in which Two mimes connect in a battle. She is a Co-producer of Beauty in 2022 which is just completed. Andrew Dosanmu is the director and Lena Waithe is the writer. This is a Netflix film that is all about a young woman who always tries to maintain her voice for a contract.

Karaszewski is a rising producer and is not a popular director to date therefore she has not received an award to date. She might win multiple awards in the upcoming future which will increase her popularity.

Net worth

La Mime producer Carver Karaszewski earns a good sum of money. Her lavish lifestyle symbolizes how rich she is. She is well concerned about her luxury and spends a lot of money but her actual net worth is over $3 million.

Karaszewski is the daughter of a well-established and renowned family so she never had to please anything.

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