Carrie Ann Inaba’s Early Life

Carrie Ann Inaba was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on January 5, 1968. Patty Inaba (mother) and Rodney Y.Inaba (father). She was the youngest of two sisters and brothers. However, no information about her siblings is given.

Carrie Ann Inaba's father and mother.
Carrie Ann Inaba’s father and mother.
Image Source: Carrie Ann Inaba’s Instagram.

Carrie Ann is also interested in a variety of other dance genres. As a result, she also sang in the chorus and played the piano and violin. She is also of American nationality and a mixed-race Japanese, Chinese, and Irish.

Carrie Ann Inaba's old photo, when she was 4 years old.
Carrie Ann Inaba’s old photo, when she was 4 years old.
Image Source: Carrie Ann Inaba’s Instagram.

According to her educational background, Carrie Ann attended Hanahaouli School and Punahou School. After attending Sophia University and California University, Irvine, she earned a BA from California, Los Angeles. A bachelor’s degree in world expressions and societies is required.

Who Is Carrie Ann Inaba’s Husband?

In 2006, Carrie Ann Inaba began dating Artem Chigvintsev, a Russian dancer. They met on the set of So You Think You Can Dance. On March 31, 2011, she married Jesse Sloan, whom she met in 2009 on the online dating service eHarmony. They called it quits on their engagement in September of 2012.

Carrie Ann Inaba with her boyfriend Fabien Viteri and his dog.
Carrie Ann Inaba with her boyfriend Fabien Viteri and his dog.
Image Source: Carrie Ann Inaba’s Instagram.

Carrie then began dating actor Robb Derringer, with whom she later got engaged in December 2016. They met on a beach along the California coastline. Unfortunately, the engagement was called off in September of 2017.

Carrie is now dating Fabien Viteri. Fabien has a daughter from his last marriage. Her name is Sasha. Carrie takes care of Fabien’s daughter as her stepdaughter. 

Carrie Ann Inaba’s Net worth Collection

Carrie Ann Inaba has a net worth of $9 million and is an American dancer, choreographer, actor, singer, and television personality. Carrie Ann Inaba is a dancer, singer, and actress already well-known in Japan.

Carrie Ann Inaba is taking mirror selfie.
Carrie Ann Inaba is taking mirror selfies.
Image Source: Carrie Ann Inaba’s Instagram.

Ann rose to prominence in the United States as a Fly-Girl on the sketch comedy program In Living Color. Ann presently serves as a judge on Dancing with the Stars, as well as choreographing and presenting game shows and red carpet events.

Carrie Ann Inaba’s Career

One of her earliest roles was dancing for the Emmy Award-winning television series In Living Color (1990). Her next major engagement was as the Pole Girl on Madonna’s The Girlie Show tour. Carrie Ann had to shave her head and train with circus trainers and a stripper for this event.

When Carrie Ann first began acting, she was mostly interested in doing real-life roles. She learned judo under Billy Blanks, the inventor of the taebo, and continues to practice martial art. She also does hatha yoga. Carrie Ann is always looking for new ways to incorporate her childhood experiences into her work.

Ann went on to dance alongside Ricky Martin, David Copperfield, and Chayanne and appear on events such as The Creative Arts Emmys, The SAG Awards, The NAACP Awards, The MTV Awards and The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986), among others. She continues to like Dancing to this day. As an artist, she will always be inspired by the movement and music in her heart. Even as an actor, she enjoys incorporating dance and movement.

Carrie Ann Inaba’s As A Singer

Carrie Ann Inaba, at 18 years old, won a talent event in Hawaii in 1986. She was then given songs to recite phonetically in Japanese from a lyric sheet to prepare her for a pop star in Japan. Even though her debut track reached the Top 50, she was unaware of her singing career.

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Ann was a prominent singer who resided in Tokyo from 1986 until 1988. The remaining three singles, Party Girl, Be Your Girl, and Yume no Senaka was, issued similarly. She even had a weekly radio and television show.

Carrie Ann Inaba’s As A Choreography And On Theater

Carrie Ann Inaba’s choreography has been seen on American Idol, and In Search of the Partridge Family (in which she also performed on-air), Married by America, American Juniors, All American Girl, He’s a Lady, The Sexiest Bachelor in America Pageant, The Swan, and Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? For five years, she coordinated the Miss America Pageant.

Ann made a cameo during the audition phases of the first season of So You Think You Can Dance when she provided choreography for the “choreography round.” Carrie even judged the 2009 USA Dance National DanceSport Championships as an honorary judge.

Carrie Ann Inaba worked as a producer for Burn the Floor at the Longacre Theatre in New York. East-West Players, the country’s oldest Asian Pacific American theatrical group, honored her with the Visionary Award in 2008 for advancing “the visibility of the Asian American community via theater, cinema, and television.”

Carrie Ann Inaba Opened Video Production Company

Aside from her on-screen accomplishments, Carrie Ann has received several accolades off-screen. Aside from Dancing, she formed EnterMediArts, Inc., a computerized video production firm that produced two documentaries to her short film. She is the president and CEO of the firm, and she oversaw and edited numerous of her work.

Carrie Ann enjoys the film business and the convenience of DV (Digital Video). On the other hand, she believes that EnterMediArts, Inc. will soon produce more reality/instruction TV programs, prepare DVDs off-camera, and even finish end-of-film tasks.

Carrie Ann tends to cross boundaries and combine components, as her company’s name implies, resulting in half-breeds, much as she is a mix of cultures herself. EnterMediArts, Inc., her development firm, has changed its name from Music, Media, and The Arts-all to EnterMediArts, Inc.

Ann has appeared in and was featured on the covers of European and Japanese publications. She was the worldwide spokesmodel for an AT&T Asiana campaign and has starred in various advertisements during her career. She was also nominated for Emmy Awards twice.

Carrie Ann Inaba’s Health Issue And Her Animal Foundation

Carrie Ann Inaba indicated in a 2011 interview with Prevention that she was legally blind, with 20/750 vision that may be corrected with eyeglasses and contact lenses. She also discussed her spinal stenosis, which she believes began due to a neck injury while participating in gymnastics when she was eight years old.

Carrie also has Sjögren syndrome, a chronic autoimmune inflammatory illness that destroys moisture-producing glands. As the Sjögren Syndrome Foundation’s National Awareness Ambassador and Spokesperson, she has declared her dedication to raising SS awareness and pushing financing for research, treatment, and a cure.

Carrie Ann Inaba is playing with her pets.
Carrie Ann Inaba is playing with her pets.
Image Source: Carrie Ann Inaba’s Instagram.

On September 17, 2019, she disclosed that she had just been diagnosed with Lupus. Inaba has shown her passion for animals by supporting groups including the Humane Society of the United States and PETA and establishing the Carrie Ann Animal Foundation in 2012. Inaba began a new YouTube series on shelter cats in 2012, inspired by her passion for the animals. She’s had up to seven rescue animals as pets simultaneously.

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