Carla Baratta is an Actress from Venezuela who got recognition after playing in the digital series Bleep. She got married to Guillermo Garcia who is a Venezuelan actor who is best known for his job telenovelas La Mujer perfecta and Los hombres también lloran.

The actress was always interested in the acting world so at a very young age she decided to join acting classes at Estudio 7, Alfredo Aparicio, in San Cristobal Venezuela, the New York Flim City, and the New Collective in Los Angeles, as well as the Actors Gym in Caracas.

Net Worth

Carla Baratta is on the emerging stage of her career at a young age she is able to generate a good source of income for herself.

Her total net worth is $1 million which is similar to famous American actress Allison McAtee. Carla earned all this fortune by modeling and acting.

Who are Carla’s parents?

The protagonist of the digital series “Bleep” Carla was born in Sancristo Bal Venezuela. She was a happy kid growing up and shares a great bond with her parents.

Carla Baratta 4
Carla Baratta parents Mr.Dante Baratta and Mrs.Annuziata Sarcinelli.Source:Instagram@ Carlabaratta

Carla is a daughter to Mr.Dante Baratta and Mrs.Annuziata Sarcinelli and was raised under the good parenting of the Baratta family. However, at the moment, she resides with her husband and children. She is very close to her parents and the lovable daughter of the Baratta family.

Early life

Carla was born on July 9, 1990, in the capital city of the Venezuelan state of Táchira, San Cristóbal. She was raised under the supervision of her parents. She was always an extrovert kid who was never afraid to speak her mind and was very inquisitive growing up. The actress pursue her primary education in her own hometown and later flourished in her career as an actress in her own motherland.

When she was a kid she was always used to get fascinated by arts however she couldn’t get along with it because she thought it was not a wise option to choose an artistic career and settle down. Additionally, she kept her interest in art as a hobby and began her career as an actor. She made her first film debut in the Perro/Oc episode of the season of the series.

The love life of Carla

Prueba de Vida (Proof of Life) actress Carla Baratta dated Guillermo Garcia for nearly five years but they keep many of the details of their romance private and later got married on 2016.

The loving duo is still together as well as madly in love with one another. Besides their hectic schedule, both of them spend quality time together.

Carla Baratta 6
Carla Baratta with her husband Guillermo Garcia on their wedding days. Source:Instagram@ Carlabaratta

The star never got paired up with any of her co-stars and never got into any controversy regarding her past or present relationship.

We can say that both of them are so much into one another because they post a lot of adorable pictures of themselves on their social sites.


Carla has temporary and permanent tattoos on her body which are located on her Neck and down below her breast respectively.

She has permanent tattoos of two upside-down and two normal Triangles which symbolize wisdom, Love, and connection. She made it to uplift her appearance and looks. Altogether she has two permanent tattoos

Her temporary tattoos are of two birds holding a chain that has a cross sign. It was the demand of the scriptwriter for her character in the TV show Mayans M.C. She made it to adapt the role of Luisa ‘Adelita’Espina.

How many children does Carla have?

Mayans MC actress Carla has two children with her husband Guillermo Garcia. Her first child is a boy who was born on July 31 and his name is Diego Garcia gold blessed them with their second child as a girl Luna Garcia Baratta. she was born on July 14, with the largest and brightest full moon of the year.

Her husband is very understanding and both of them hold equal responsibilities as a parent and do not compromise anything when it comes to their children.

Carla gave birth to Luna Gracia at her house

The wife of Guillermo, Carla Baratta got blessings and was named a true worrier by her fans because she gave birth to her second child Luna at her own house where she was surrounded by her family member. After going through lots of pains and labor she was finally able to give birth to Luna on the 14 of July.

Carla Baratta 5
Carla Baratta having birth to her second child in her bathtub. Source:Instagram@ Carlabaratta

She got so emotional and shared a gratitude post on mother earth. Furthermore, She express her feelings of happiness through her social media handle and stated that,

How can you not believe in the infinite and perfect force of the universe after experiencing the miracle of life…? Grow a being within us, bring it into the world the way they choose to be born. The perfection of nature and the power of our body, to be a woman. Luna Garcia Baratta was born on July 14, with the largest and brightest full moon of the year. She was born at home, surrounded by her family. You are so loved little one 🤍 Thank you for so many messages of love 🤍


Carla Barata has three siblings altogether, two of them are sisters and one of them is a brother. Her sisters names are Claudia Baratta, Clara Baratta and brother are Paolobs Baratta.

Carla Baratta 3
Carla Baratta along with her siblings having a sister night out. Source:Instagram@ Carlabaratta

She has a great understanding with Clara and Claudia, they are often seen hanging out with one another and going for fun activities like swimming and surfing. The actress says that her sisters are her biggest Strength and she is thankful for the support and love that they shower her with.

Art lover Carla

The actress feels the art deeply and tenderly, She was always into painting ever since she was a child but later on due to her busy schedule, the star could not continue it as a profession.

Carla Baratta 2
Carla Baratta making some paintings.Source:Instagram@ Carlabaratta

Painting and sketching never faded from actress life and as a hobby, she still proceed with it. In her free time, she normally goes swimming or for panting.

Best performance: Mayans MC

Mayans Mc is the popular drama series that was released on September 4, 2018, which was created by Kurt Sutter and Elgin James. The show takes place in the same fictional universe as Sons of Anarchy and deals with the Sons’ rivals-turned-allies, the Mayans Motorcycle Club.

Carla played the role of Lusia Adelita Espina in a spinoff of the Fx original series. Playing the role of an activist against the Galindo Cartel. It has altogether Four seasons and was written by the rumors and imagination of the mind.

The series has a good IMDB rating of 7.5 and made a good box office collection. The series was preceded by the Son of Anarchy.

Is Carla Social Butterfly?

Like many women of her age, Carla is also active on her social media. Carla’s posts include family photos, mirrors selfie, and quite a few times she also seems to promote her movies. She is followed by 68.8k people on her Instagram: Carla Baratta. and plenty of others on Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.

She also has an active presence on her Twitter account: Carla Baratta which she joined in June 2010. She is popular and has a massive audience who loves to know her better through her Social media platforms.

Physical Outlook

Clara has a decent height of 5 feet 6 inches (165) cm. She has an average body weight of 58 kg or 127.87 pounds. Likewise, she has a fitted slim body.

She has an enchanting face with gorgeous long dark grey hair with blue eyes. Similarly, her waist, hip, and dress size is 29 inch, and 4(us) respectively.

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