Hey, did you hear the latest scoop? Brooke Hogan, the 35-year-old ex-reality star and music artist, went and got hitched on the down-low to Steven Oleksy, the 37-year-old hockey hotshot!

They did the deed all hush-hush in June 2022 right in Orlando, Florida, and get this—no guests were in sight! Seems like these two wanted their love affair to be all about them, no crowd needed.

Brooke Hogan And Steven Oleksy’s Private Wedding

The versatile actress Hogan, known from “Hogan Knows Best” and daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, surprised everyone when she tied the knot with NHL player Steven Oleksy in a hush-hush ceremony down in Orlando, Florida, back on June 8, 2022.

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Steven Oleksy is married to Brooke Hogan. Image Source: Instagram@mizzhogan

Likewise, the love mates kept it under wraps until Brooke spilled the beans on Instagram in January 2024, sharing a cozy snap of the newlyweds.

Similarly, the celebrity pair’s wedding was super intimate, just the two of them doing the whole shebang. But hold up—recently, they threw a big ol’ party up in Michigan, inviting Oleksy’s fam to celebrate their union.

Their love story? Pretty low-key, but these two seem head over heels. Brooke calls Steven “the sweetest badass,” and he’s all hearts, saying she’s taught him the real deal about life and love. They’re all about the sweet words and affection on social media, showing they’re smitten.

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How The Married Duo Brooke Hogan And Steven Oleksy Met?

The pretty lady Brooke and Oleksy became a married couple in June 2022, quietly saying “I do” in a private ceremony in Orlando, Florida. But where did their story start?

However, TMZ spilled the beans that Hogan and her husband Oleksy crossed paths through mutual friends. They chose to keep their relationship away from the spotlight, keeping it hush-hush until their wedding news broke out in January 2024.

Why Are Brooke Hogan And Her Beau Famous?

The Sand Sharks actress Hogan and Steven are one of the hot couples in the show biz industry. Brooke became famous for a reality TV show called “Hogan Knows Best” which aired from 2005 to 2007. She also released her first music album called “Undiscovered” in 2006.

Nowadays, she’s mostly into interior design with her own company called BB Designs by Brooke in Nashville. She’s also still making music and released a new song called “Don’t Know It Yet” in 2021. Similarly, she is working on her upcoming project School of the Dead.

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Steven Oleksy is a professional hockey player. Image Source: Instagram@stevenoleksy

The star husband Steven, on the other hand, is a pro hockey player who played for teams like the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins. He even won the Stanley Cup with the Penguins in 2016! See another athlete Ashley Moyer-Gleich.

Besides playing hockey, the celebrity started a hockey organization called East Side Elite Hockey in 2008. And guess what? He’s recently started his own coffee company, Elite Coffee Co. These two are quite the dynamic duo with their successful careers!

Brooke Hogan Was Previously Engaged To Phil Costa

Back in 2013, the 5 feet 11 inches tall Brooke got engaged to Phil Costa, a Dallas Cowboys player. Their engagement was all glitz and glam in Las Vegas, but sadly, things didn’t stick.

Hulk, Brooke’s dad, wasn’t feeling it from the start. He said Phil “didn’t live up to his words and actions,” throwing shade at the relationship.

What Is The Power Couple’s Net Worth?

Hey, wanna know about Hogan and Oleksy’s net worth? The Falling artist Brooke’s sitting pretty with an estimated $4 million, thanks to her reality TV gigs, music, and interior designing hustle. Meanwhile, Steven’s cruising with around $1 million, raking it in from his hockey career and running East Side Elite Hockey.

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Brooke Hogan is an interior designer. Image Source: Instagram@mizzhogan

As for their crib, this glam couple resides in Florida, but the deets on their real estate ownership there is a bit of a mystery. However, Steven used to own a sweet pad in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, snagging it back in 2014 for $165,000. The place was a neat two-story, three-bedroom, two-bathroom house with a cool two-car garage.

Brooke Hogan Didn’t Attend Her Father’s Third Wedding

The Instagram sensation Hogan, Hogan’s daughter, spilled some family tea on Instagram, revealing why she skipped her dad’s third trip down the aisle with Sky Daily. She spilled about the family changes, saying she’s had to find her way through it all. For her peace, she’s keeping a little space from the family for her healing and happiness.

Back in 2015, when her dad got slammed for using hurtful words, the sizzling lady had his back. She stood up for him, telling everyone that she forgave him, even after he got called out for those rough words about her then-boyfriend. Hulk owned up to it, saying it wasn’t cool.

Their relationship’s been a rollercoaster, but Brooke ended her Insta spill on a good note, sending good vibes to her pops. Her bro Nick Hogan was at the recent wedding, keeping it tight-knit with the fam.

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